Chromebook Tips and Tricks for Students in 2022

Chromebook Tips and Tricks for Students

As a student or a regular user, you need a Chromebook to keep up with your daily computing operations, but you are worried about…

Is Chromebook the best for me or not? What can I do with this Chromebook, or how to configure it?

That’s true. I can understand you are using Chromebook for the first time. But Chromebook is very easy to use, one of the easiest to learn an operating system with few learning curves.

Don’t worry! Today’s article is only for new Chromebook users. This article shares some tips about Chromebooks that will help you understand Chromebooks better and get the most out of them.

So before learning about tips, you must know about Chromebooks.

What Is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop that is used for online tasks mostly. You can do word processing, spreadsheet-editing, note-taking, etc., from the web through the Google Chrome browser. Everything you work on is saved in its cloud storage. Chromebooks run the google chrome operating system, and it has a Linux-based operating system centered around the Chrome browser. 

An increasing number of apps that work offline are available in Chromebooks. Chromebooks have a mobile processor do not have much power and storage. So, Chromebook is cheaper than other computers and laptops, and the most advantageous thing is that it is available at a reasonable price.

Now that you know what a Chromebook is, as you are a new Chromebook user, you need to know how to use a Chromebook, so let us give you some tips on using a Chromebook for the new users.

Best Chromebook Tips and Tricks for Students:

1. Take Easy Screenshots

When it comes to taking screenshots on Chromebooks, taking screenshots on it is very easy. By the way, Chromebooks have a Print Screen button through which you can take screenshots, but even if your Chromebook does not have a print screen button, you can easily capture screenshots.

All you have to do is press the Ctrl + Switch Window key to get a screenshot. The screenshots you capture are saved in your downloader folder. Similarly, taking a screenshot on Chromebook is very easy. With Ctrl + Shift, you can save your screenshot in any folder.

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2. Snap Windows to the Left and Right

If you have a Chromebook with a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels or higher, you do not need to add more apps to your Chromebook. For better output, you can open your Chromebook windows side by side.

To do this, drag the window left and right to the Chrome operating system to take a side drink and fill the screen halfway automatically. So, we can easily snap the window from right to left on Chromebook.

3. Use Guest Mode for Guests

Chromebooks have guest mode, and you should know this guest mode. The advantage of guest mode is that Chromebooks are of use to anyone because no one can steal Chromebook data due to guest mode or you have access to apps. Guest mode keeps your data safe. No one can access your files or apps. 

If someone uses your Chromebook, the data of all their activities will be erased due to guest mode. Although the guest mode is similar to Incognito Mode in Chromebook, in fact, Incognito Mode and guest mode are two different things. That’s why you should use guest mode for a guest so that your data is as secure as possible.

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4. Preview Files before Opening

One of the great things about finder on macOS is that you can highlight any of your files, and you can read any file just by pressing the spacebar. You can view files without launching apps. All you have to do is open an app to read any file, and you just have to press the spacebar. 

This is the way to access any file, and you need to be aware of it. On Chromebooks, you can overlay any file with specific detail, so this is a very nice and cool thing in any Chromebook.

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Chromebooks are amazingly great for those who use their laptops for regular computing. If you don’t have to handle high-end apps or program handling and use your laptop mostly for browsing or docs handling, buy a Chromebook. They are cheaper, accessible, and simple to use.

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