10 Best Wireless Earbuds under $100 in 2022 (for Working Out and Small Ears)

Best Wireless Earbuds under $100

Wireless earbuds are extremely comfortable and easy to handle. But the problem arises if you have small ears. Then every set you buy seems too large for your ears and nothing fits in. But not anymore. We know how frustrating it is to buy one wireless earbud after another and yet nothing fits. So, we have handpicked the 10 best wireless earbuds for under $100 for your small ears based on price, comfort, battery life, connectivity, and sound.

10 Best Wireless Earbuds under $100 in 2022:

1. EarFun Air Pro

EarFun Air Pro is one of the best wireless earbuds under $100 for small ears. It has an amazingly sleek well-built design and its dense plastic construction is IPX5 rated for water resistance. In a single charge, they give a runtime of almost nine hours with extra two-and-a-half hours in the case.

EarFun Air Pro - Best Wireless Earbuds under $100
Source: Amazon

The earphones are loaded with an ANC system that impressively blocks out a considerable amount of ambient noise, ranging from low rumbles to high-pitched sound along with people chatting nearby. Their sound profile is an extremely well-balanced kick with just a hint of bass adding a bit of extra thump and Kick wherever needed. And it doesn’t overwhelm delicate vocals on instrumentals.

However, they don’t come with features for sound customization and their touch-sensitive control system might take some time to get used to. They are available under $100.

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2. 1More ComfoBuds Pro

1More ComfoBuds Pro - Best Wireless Earbuds under $100
Source: Amazon

ComfoBuds Pro from 1More is the best AirPod alternatives you will find under $100. They come with ear tips in three different sizes with three microphones in each earbud. You will feel a little treble and a good punch of bass mankind its sound profile dynamic. One of its takeaway features is that you can toggle between its two levels of noise cancellation or turn it off. 

There is a  wind noise-reduction and a pass-through transparency mode that you can toggle through using its companion app for iOS and Android. Battery life is a little short here, in a single charge it works for six hours with noise cancellation and eight hours without cancellation. They are splashproof with IPX4 waterproof. You can find these buds under $100.

3. TOZO T6 

TOZO T6 - Best Wireless Earbuds under $100
Source: Amazon

Tozo T6  is an amazing wireless earbud under $100. When it comes to comfort, it has gel-flexible silicone ear caps in three sizes to make sure it fits snuggly into your small ears. And there is no sound leakage. It comes with a playback time of approximately six hours and almost 24 hours of charged storage. 

It uses Bluetooth 5.0 and has no issues in staying connected up to 30 feet. And it has IPX8 waterproofing. Tozo T6 delivers clean and balanced sound however you might find its bass a little lacking and they don’t have a dedicated companion app to adjust their EQ or other controls.

4. JLab JBuds Air

JLab JBuds Air - Best Wireless Earbuds under $100
Source: Amazon

If you are looking for inexpensive wireless earbuds for your small ears, JLab JBuds Air is the best pick. They come in a great combination of minimalistic style, intuitive controls, maximum durability, three-band EQ, class 1 Bluetooth 5 connectivity, and all that at a price you can afford. Apart from slightly heavy bass and a little weaker battery, there is nothing much to fault here. 

Its IP55 dust and water resistance more than makes up for its drawbacks. And when it is paired with industrial-strength plastic, it looks extremely appealing. It comes with three-band EQ that auto connects beautifully. This means you can tune these buds to your liking with a few swipes. And you don’t need any external app for all of this. One thing you should be careful about is that sometimes it might stay connected even after you put it back in the case that can kill the battery.

5. Anker Soundcore Sport Air

Anker Soundcore Sport Air - Best Wireless Earbuds under $100
Source: Amazon

Anker Soundcore Sport Air is one of the best inexpensive wireless earbuds under $100. Its seven different sets of ear tips bring maximum comfort and noise isolation. It is an example of all-time high user customization. They are not much to look at with their secure ear tips, ergonomic oval-shaped design, and driver holders made of high-grade black plastic. The buds magnetically clip together when they are around your neck and that means you can’t lose them easily. 

It comes with IPX7 waterproofing and impressive battery life of approximately 10 hours. Its right driver holder has inbuilt controls and a microphone that works well with calls. You can say they are a little lacking in the sound department and its bass can overpower a little at times.

6. Skullcandy Dime

Skullcandy Dime - Best Wireless Earbuds under $100
Source: Amazon

Skullcandy Dime is not very comfortable and doesn’t have features like EQ presets but its overall performance is praiseworthy for its price. It has a sturdy build and has a bass-heavy sound profile that adds a little boom. Rumble, and thump to the sound. It has a very neutral mid-range and hence usually the audio content sounds good on it. 

Although it doesn’t have active noise canceling feature, it still blocks a decent amount of ambient noise. The drawback is that their battery life isn’t very long. They only run for 3.5 hours in a single charge and its case offers a mere 2.5 hours of extra charge. The plus point, you can use a single bud while the other one charges. It is a praiseworthy inexpensive wireless earbud that you can get under $100.

7. Beats Flex Wireless

Beats Flex Wireless - Best Wireless Earbuds under $100
Source: Amazon

If you are looking for the best wireless earbuds for small ears, Beats Flex Wireless earphones are a good pick. They have a simple but well-built design and its flexible, lightweight silicon fits snuggly into your small ears. They stay in your ears even when you move your head around. It’s easy to reach in-line remote puts most essential functions in easy grasp. 

Their bass is on a little heavier side and goes well with hip hop and EDM without overwhelming tender sounds and vocals. They pair easily with Apple devices due to the W1 chip and their latency on iOS devices is quite low. Beats Flex Wireless blocks out the ambient noise decently despite not having an ANC system. They offer around 11 hours of runtime in one charge but they don’t have any power-saving feature. Its companion app is extremely basic that you can’t use for customizing EQ presets or graphic EQ. At the price range, it delivers sturdy construction and a comfortable fit.

8. Creative Outlier Air V2

Creative Outlier Air V2 - Best Wireless Earbuds under $100
Source: Amazon

If you are looking for the best wireless earbuds for small ears, Creative Outlier Air V2 is a good choice. They come with a companion app with graphic EQ that allows you to fine-tune your listening experience. It also has a virtual soundstage feature that head-maps to tailor the audio according to the shape of your ear. 

Creative Outlier Air V2 can run for almost 10 hours on a single charge and the case holds little power as well. They have little latency on Android and iOS devices, making them a great option for watching videos on your phone. They are available to buy under $100.

9. FIIL T1X 

FIIL T1X  - Best Wireless Earbuds under $100
Source: Amazon

FIIL T1X is of the top wireless earbuds under $100 as they come with a companion app where you get over 15 EQ presets that allow you to customize your sound experience. Although they have high latency, you can use the app to reduce the lag with its low latency mode. 

FIIL T1X fits snuggly to small ears and is stable for moderate physical activities. Also, they are IP65 rated for water and dust resistance. It has a bass-based audio profile and seven hours of run time in a single charge and three hours of in-case charge. These are available for approximately $45. 

10. Shure SE215-K (Wired but Affordable)

Shure SE215-K - Best Wireless Earbuds under $100
Source: Amazon

But the Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones are an awesome set of earphones for small ears. These Single Dynamic MicroDriver were primarily marketed as activewear but they have proved to be extremely versatile. They are designed to fit deep enough in your ears for excellent noise isolation but rich sound performance. 

We consider it the best wireless earbuds under $100 for 2022 because it offers sound quality and comfort that’s unrivaled.  Like all the earbuds, it also comes with a Fitkit in three sizes to offer comfort for ears of all sizes. It has a battery life of 10 hours but has no extra life in the case. It has a detachable cable system so you can use it both ways. And all of this is available for approximately $99.

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Finding the best wireless earbuds under $100 for small ears is not as difficult as it sounds. But we are determined to make things as easy for you as we can. Each of the ten buds we have mentioned above is unique and has certain pros and cons. Go through them carefully and pick the ones that suit your needs.


How Much Should I Spend on Wireless Earbuds?

You will find many good options for wireless earbuds ranging between $30-$40. In some rare cases, you can find a good pick for even less. Try to set your spending under $40 for wireless earbuds.

What Are the Best Inexpensive Wireless Earbuds?

Many inexpensive wireless earbuds are available like Tozo T6, Lab Audio JBuds Air, 1More ComfoBuds Pro, etc. You can find many more if you search online.

What Are the Best Wireless Earbuds for the Money?

Beats Powerbeats Pro is considered the best wireless earbuds for money for its features, especially, for its ear-hook design. Go through the reviews of the earbuds you like to see which one will deliver the value for your money.

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