6 Best Clothes Dryers of 2022

Best Clothes Dryers - Gas and Electric

A washer is incomplete without a dryer, but you must always look for one compatible with it. But, before buying a clothes dryer, there are certain factors that everyone should take into consideration. You might have liked the dryer’s design or find its price reasonable, but that’s not enough. So, here we have compiled a list of clothes dryers that are worth buying in 2022.

Nowadays, the latest clothes dryers come with advanced technologies like heat pumps. Some of the dryers contain high-end features which can remove the odor from the clothes. Moreover, some clothes dryers can be connected to Wi-Fi, which has made the device accessibility easier. If you are thinking about buying a new dryer, decide if you want it to be gas or electric-driven.

Determining the device’s size and load capacity is important. Don’t forget to check the amount of energy the dryer consumes to dry the clothes or laundry. These days, most clothes dryers are energy-efficient, last long, and provide incredible performance. But choosing the right one among them can be a time-consuming and daunting process.

List of the 6 Best Clothes Dryers of 2022:

1. LG Electronics DLE7300WE — Energy Efficient & Wi-Fi-Enabled Dryer

You might find plenty of electric dryers in the market, but nothing can beat LG Electronics DLE7300WE. Moreover, this eye-catching dryer has a dual-opening door and a 7.3-cubic-foot. According to the experts, its hamper-style door is designed to prevent the clothes from falling to the ground. This sort of convertible door effectively places the small loads quickly inside the dryer’s inner drum. LG has added FlowSense Duct clogging and Lint Filter indicators in this smart dryer. 

Source: BestBuy

Want to know how many drying cycles there are in LG Electronics DLE7300WE? Well, this LG dryer has eight cycles and other different options that are easy to access. With the introduction of ThinQ technology, LG has elevated the user’s satisfaction level. You can remotely control this dryer by connecting the ThinQ app and the device with the same wireless network. 

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2. Samsung’s 7.4-Cubic-Foot Gas Dryer — Get All in One Device

Gas dryers are the clear winner when it comes to saving a considerable amount of money on utility bills. Though, the gas dryer installation process might be hectic for an individual. But, when experienced professionals intervene in the installation part, it can be performed easily. Moreover, gas dryers take less time to soak wet clothes compared to electric ones. So, if you are one of those who prefer gas dryers, then consider buying this Samsung’s dryer. This powerhouse dries heavy clothing like towels within 40 minutes. Moreover, you won’t see any wrinkles after taking out the loads from the drum. 

Source: BestBuy

Samsung has incorporated an Eco-Dry cycle, easy-to-use control knobs, and buttons in this dryer. There is also a sensor that lets the user know whenever the duct gets blocked with dust-dirt-grime buildup. Additionally, by installing Samsung’s product app, diagnose the dryer-related glitches easily. Are you worried about the size of this Samsung dryer? Well, it can be placed anywhere, as it comes with slightly smaller footprints. 

3. GE’s 7.8-Cubic-Foot Front-Loading Dryer — Rated as the Best Gas Dryer

Many household owners prefer buying GE’s appliances, as it offers durable and well-designed devices. And, this GE dryer has drawn attention with its sturdy and sleek design. It also provides power-pack performance for years without causing any issues. According to the experts, it has impressive drying power that is ideal for heavy-delicate items. GE has included different cycles for removing wrinkles and for sanitizing clothes at a high temperature. 

Source: BestBuy

Do you know that it takes only 23 minutes to dry the small loads? Yes! Additionally, this dryer has become an endless choice for homeowners owing to its smart features. You can connect this dryer with any washer without any hesitation. After connecting these devices, the dryer will automatically select the right cycle perfect for the load type. Consider checking the dryer’s function from the smartphones by using its mobile-friendly application. 

4. Amana NED4655EW — Designed for Drying Average-Sized Clothes

Are you looking for a clothes dryer that has a 6.5 cubic-foot drum and comes with high-end features? Then, go with this Amana product; it is one of the most budget-friendly dryers with 11 drying cycles. Additionally, it has an auto-dry sensor that ensures the cycle will last for a longer time until the clothes get completely dry. Amana NED4655EW has three heat settings — low, high, and no heat, in this device. This clothes dryer also has a few basic control knobs and an optional wrinkle prevention setting. Though this dryer’s lint filter is comparatively large, it’s pretty easy to clean.

Source: BestBuy

But, there are certain features consumers didn’t like about Amana NED4655EW. This average-sized drum can’t hold substantial-sized loads. Further, this device consumes a large amount of energy to perform its functions. Also, this electric dryer doesn’t come with any smart technology and doesn’t have steam facilities. So, if you want to get the other benefits, go for it.

5. Miele’s T1 Heat-Pump — Can Be Placed Anywhere

Miele’s T1 Heat-Pump Best Clothes Dryers
Source: Miele

If you are looking for a small-sized dryer for the laundry room, go with this Miele’s product. Despite its compact footprint, it can hold a considerable amount of loads in its 4.03-cubic-foot inner drum. Moreover, the users won’t have to further install an additional vent with these clothes dyers.  Miele’s T1 heat pump comes with exclusive wrinkle-fighting steam technology. This dryer is energy-efficient and comes with different cloth-drying settings for enhancing the users’ convenience. 

Starting from soaking woolen clothes to table lines to drapes — Miele’s T1 pump is ideal for every cloth type. Do you know this dryer’s drum has reverse tumbling directions throughout the cycle? Yes! Miele has incorporated this technology into the device for safeguarding the clothes from tangling and creasing. Connect this device with the wireless network and make sure to download their dedicated app. It will help you to control the device when you are outside the house. You will get instant notifications when the dryer completes its cycle. And, if you experience any issues while using this affordable dryer, contact the dryer repair services experts. 

6. Maytag’s 8.8-Cubic-Foot Dryer — Ideal for the Large Families

Maytag has made unparalleled contributions by offering high-quality electric dryers. And, this clothes dryer is not an exception among them. It comes with a super-responsive control panel and other exemplary features, including automatic temperature control. Though it doesn’t have a chick lock but contains features like a moisture sensor. You can also check the time that the device will take to complete the cycle from its display. And, this Maytag dryer has ten drying cycles, including a wrinkle control and rapid dry option. Along with that, there are different drying options for delicate fabrics, denim, and bedsheets. 

Source: BestBuy

Do you want to sanitize a cloth? There’s also a cycle for sanitation in this Maytag dryer. With the help of this dryer’s 8.8-cubic-foot inner drum, you can dry both bulky and small loads. You can remotely access this clothes dryer. Download Mytag’s Wi-Fi-enabled application and choose a preferable subscription plan. After that, you can start and turn off the device anytime and anywhere. 

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Other Dryers That Are Worth Buying

Yes! The renowned appliance manufacturer companies like LG, Samsung, or GE offer a few more best-budget dryers. Those are Maytag’s MED5630HW and LG’s Electronics DLGX4001W. You can also consider buying Electrolux’s EFME627UTT, Samsung’s DVE45R6100P, and Whirlpool’s WED8120HW. So, take time, do proper research, and then buy the best one!

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