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Types of Web Applications That Can Be Built with Laravel

Types of Web Applications That Can Be Built with Laravel
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There are millions of websites running today. With the advancement of technologies, businesses have been able to excel in the competitive market and also grab the attention of users. There has been no industry left out who have not opted for web applications or web development.

Where each company wants to be unique, what makes them stand out is their features and functions that are created for the ease and convenience of the users. For years, PHP has been the most popular choice for website development among developers.

As we all know, without a backend framework nothing is possible. And when it comes to PHP, Laravel has proved to be the best fit for simple to complex projects. Hire dedicated Laravel developers well versed with the framework and its cutting-edge features to speed up the development.

Let us check in brief why Laravel is important to develop web applications.

Why Choose Laravel Framework?

Laravel development has hosted more than 20 million websites. It’s the first choice of developers due to the various advantages and features it has in store. Laravel provides outstanding benefits like speed, security, elegant syntax, and robust features.

However, the importance of the Laravel framework in the developer’s mind does not limit to these points, there’s more to it.

Let us now learn the reason for writing this article.

6 Types of Web Applications Build Using Laravel

There are various industries that are in need of a web application to boost their revenue and make a strong online presence in the market. Let us check a few of them who use Laravel to build web apps.

1. Patient Portal

One of the important web apps used by Laravel is the patient portal. The healthcare industry has multiple operations on a daily routine and managing the patients becomes difficult to manage with their treatment, medicines, checkup details, and history.

Patient portals are online registrations that help through payment and facilities where patients do not have to visit the doctor personally or stand in the waiting area for long hours to pay the bills. The healthcare industry provides a portal where patients can register their information and pay outstanding bills. However, the portal has been integrated with security features to secure sensitive data and records of the patient’s health.

With the seamless user experience and low maintenance benefit, the healthcare industry has all managed well with the best Laravel framework development.

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2. Education Portal

The Laravel development has infinite possibilities to manage school operations and tasks. Laravel is well suited for educational websites as it provides flexibility and scalability to manage the constant flow of databases. Laravel framework creates and deploys functions such as sharing content, registration, newsletter, etc. It also offers tools to manage databases on websites from simple to complex.

  • Student enrolment
  • Faculty lists and details
  • Class Schedule
  • Attendance management
  • Add study material content
  • Hostel management
  • Access to parents for required information
  • Student performance report
  • Cultural and extracurricular activities

3. EHR Application

EHR systems- electronic health records are the digital version of healthcare reports that keeps all the patient’s history on one platform. Previously it was always difficult to manage manually or on paper, now with the help of the Laravel framework, you can create a website or healthcare solution that keeps the data in one place.

The EHR system contains the medical history of the patient used by healthcare professionals to identify any medical records in the past and the treatment given to the patient. It helps the doctor to treat better and also the patients do not have to remember their history or the medicines prescribed.

Laravel helped the industry by integrating EHR systems with load management and debugging capabilities to manage tons of patient data. Ever since EHR systems have been a game changer in this healthcare industry.

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4. ERP Management

With the help of the Laravel framework, businesses can easily create ERP systems and increase the productivity of their employees. It helps in managing the employees by providing multiple functions.

  • Streamline multiple tasks at a time
  • Generate activity or enterprise planning reports
  • Helps in decision making
  • HR module to manage employee information
  • Track employee records
  • Inventory module to keep track of stocks
  • Finance and accounts tracking
  • Check balance sheets, bank statements, tax management, etc.
  • Manage customer details
  • Production module to track, plan and schedule BOM
  • Manage supply chain and sales returns
  • Shipping and transportation process
  • Track vendor details and update stocks

5. CRM Management

Laravel development can be used to create a customer relationship management system to help manage the customers and enhance their experience.

  • User-friendly interface and appealing designs
  • Access rights management and user management
  • Setup subscription-based invoices
  • CRM dashboard
  • Manage invoices with project management
  • Manage notes, tasks, and files all in one place and manage the leads
  • Increase customer retention rates
  • Great quotes and invoices that build clients
  • Time tracking and task billing systems
  • Online payment options

6. Online Marketplace

Web development with Laravel has proved the best fit for many B2B companies and websites. It is easy and convenient for customers to outsource services and manage tasks. This web development service is highly secured as it involves a huge chunk of data.

  • Online marketplace for business-to-business and customers
  • Businesses to sell and customers to purchase portal
  • Separate seller interface to check stock, pictures, price, and update
  • Vendor account dashboard and settings
  • Business and customer tracking details
  • Customer view products and shop names to buy
  • Innovative landing page category and filters with easy navigation
  • Product detail page and ratings
  • Price comparison
  • Coupon code management
  • Printing, shopping cart, checkout, payment gateway support integration
  • Order tracking
  • Refund status check
  • Customer panel

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What Apps & Websites Are Built with Laravel?

Here are 10 famous websites and apps that are built using Laravel:

  1. Invoice Ninja
  2. Alison
  3. Barchart
  4. MyRank
  5. AlphaCoders
  6. CheckPeople
  7. Laracasts
  8. October CMS
  9. Orchestra Platform
  10. Contentoo

What Is the Future of Laravel?

No one can predict the future, but there are some indications of what the future may hold for Laravel. For one thing, Laravel is gaining popularity as a PHP framework. This means that more and more developers are aware of its existence and are using it for their projects. In addition, the Laracasts website has been acquired by JetBrains, which is a well-known company in the software development world.

This indicates that JetBrains sees potential in Laravel and is investing in its future. Finally, Laravel 5.8, the latest version of the framework, includes several new features that make it even more powerful and easy to use. Taken together, these factors suggest that Laravel has a bright future ahead of it.

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If you have a web app idea and want to build it for your website, Laravel is the best framework to manage the backend process of development. Search for the best Laravel development companies having years of experience in developing web apps using Laravel. Check their portfolio and gauge the Laravel developers well before hiring them.

As mentioned above, Laravel is flexible and robust in developing websites and web apps for all industries. Don’t wait and get started with your customized web application.

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