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Top 10 Ukrainian NFT Projects in 2024

Top 10 Ukrainian NFT Projects
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The war showed how creative people can be when they want to help. Many ways have been invented to promote the victory, from applications and websites to Telegram channels to help refugees. Crypto-enthusiasts didn’t stand aside, and NFT charity platforms were added to the possible way to help. We collected a list of the 10 most exciting projects for 2024 and tried to find out why precisely during the war, NFT became so popular.

The main feature of NFT is its uniqueness: a one-of-a-kind token. It allows you to get ownership of a specific type of art, and no other such token will exist. The technology enables you to sell pictures, songs, and video clips. Each token is unique and cannot be lost because it will live in the digital world forever.

Come back to the phenomenon of NFT and charity in Ukraine. First of all, remember that the first charitable NFT marketplace ArtBay was launched in Ukraine in 2021. So it was common for Ukraine to raise money that way. At the beginning of the war, volunteers took advantage of this trend and launched projects to sell art for donations.

On the one hand, NFT is a convenient form for receiving money from all over the world; on the other hand, the entire financial history is stored, so everything can be tracked and seen, which is a definite plus for any charitable initiative.

Top 10 Ukrainian NFT Projects in 2024

1. MetaHistory Museum of War

It is a real NFT museum of the war of Russia against Ukraine, and it keeps a timeline of the blockchain war. The project gained international publicity and received support in the crypto community, and in particular, it was supported by crypto activist Brittany Kaiser.

Many artists contributed to the creation of works for the virtual museum. The project created a Telegram channel where artists could find a task for NFT creation. In other words, they receive a tweet based on which they should make NFT. That’s why the speed of NFT creation is high. Monetization and social context ensured the popularity of the project.

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2. Isobar

The creative agency with the same name released a series of NFT postcards intended for Ukrainian cities affected by the war. It’s a significant pain that the reason for the project is the city’s destruction, not its beauty. The project aims to collect money (tokens) and use them for the city’s reconstruction after the war. 

3. ArtUnited

Art United is a digital charity platform created by MobiDev, an international software engineering company with headquarters in the US and UK and R&D centers in Poland and Ukraine. The platform aims to support the Ukrainian war effort by creating and selling exclusive collectible NFTs, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to verified charity organizations, military funds, and volunteers on the frontline in Ukraine.

The digital art is created by MobiDev’s own in-house Ukrainian designers and can be kept or resold by collectors. The platform brings together NFT enthusiasts that want to support the Ukrainian people and rewards them for doing good.

4.  Ikonia

On the one hand, it’s an incubator; on the other hand, it’s an NFT platform with a colossal NFT collection of 43,302,531 NFTs. The attractive numbers are determined by the number of citizens of Ukraine and mean that each citizen has their own NFT image. The main feature of Ikonia’s collection is one price: only $10 for each NFT. Also, you can buy it in any way (a crypto wallet isn’t necessary).

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5. CryptoART Ukraine

Community, which helps Ukrainian creative people use the ecosystem and NFT to develop their careers. To become part of the community, everyone should join the Telegram group. It used to be open, but Russian bots attracted them. The project’s objective is Ukrainian crypto-artist education so the community provides financial, psychological, technical, and marketing support. It sounds like an excellent opportunity for beginner crypto-artists.

6. Birds of Hope

Volodymyr Khmur, with other Ukrainian artists, created Bird of Hope and launched it on the Binance NFT crypto platform. The collection’s theme is birds, which symbolize the peaceful sky over Ukraine, and aims to raise funds and thereby show that art will win the war.

7. NFT ART Ukraine 

The platform that brought together artists to help Ukraine. A website is a place for sellers, buyers, and investors. Project’s purpose is to build a creative environment for the development and growth of Ukraine. 50-100% of sales revenue goes to help the country.

8. Avatars of Ukraine

War has many faces, some reflected in the Avatars of Ukraine NFT collection. This project was created by leading artists and sponsored by the authors of cult video games Rainbow Six, Warframe, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and Asphalt. The Avatars of Ukraine project was hosted on the MetaHistory NFT and raised 260 ETH to support Ukraine. According to the project’s website, more than $25 million was raised in the first charity auction. On the official page, you can download illustrations and use them as avatars without buying NFT.

9. HolyWater

The Ukrainian gaming startup has launched the sale of NFT-arts to help the Ukrainian army. As a result, the project united more than 500 artists. The startup transfers all received funds to the crypto wallet of Ukraine, and anyone can purchase work from 0.08 ETH.

10. Vandalz for Ukraine 

The Ukrainian boxer and two-time world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko has launched an NFT collection to support Ukraine. Everyone can see its name «Vandalz for Ukraine: WhIsBe x Wladimir Klitschko” in the Opensea marketplace. The collection has a tiered pricing model – $100, $1000, and $10 000. According to the founder’s words, all raised money will proceed to the Ukrainian Red Cross and UNICEF.

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How to Buy Ukraine NFT

To buy Ukraine NFT, you can follow the below steps:

  • Choose a marketplace: There are many online marketplaces where you can buy and sell NFTs, including OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare. You can choose any marketplace that supports Ukraine NFT.
  • Create a wallet: To buy NFTs, you’ll need to create a cryptocurrency wallet that supports the same blockchain that the NFT is on. For example, if the Ukraine NFT is on the Ethereum blockchain, you’ll need an Ethereum wallet. Some popular wallets include Metamask, MyEtherWallet, and Trust Wallet.
  • Buy Cryptocurrency: You’ll need to buy cryptocurrency to purchase the NFT. You can do this on an exchange like Coinbase or Binance or a peer-to-peer marketplace like LocalBitcoins.
  • Connect your wallet: Connect your wallet to the marketplace where you plan to buy the NFT. This will allow you to make purchases directly from your wallet.
  • Find Ukraine NFT: Search for Ukraine NFT on the marketplace and find the one you want to purchase. Make sure to read the description and check the authenticity before buying.
  • Place your bid: Once you have found the NFT you want to purchase, you can place your bid. Some NFTs are sold through auctions, while others have a fixed price. Follow the instructions provided by the marketplace to place your bid or purchase the NFT.
  • Confirm the transaction: Once you have placed your bid or purchased the NFT, you’ll need to confirm the transaction through your wallet. Make sure to double-check the details of the transaction before confirming it.
  • Receive your NFT: After the transaction is confirmed, the NFT will be transferred to your wallet. You can then view and manage your NFT through your wallet or the marketplace where you bought it.

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So, we considered NFT projects that are aimed at the charity in Ukraine during the war with Russia. The uniqueness of NFTs and their ability to preserve financial history have made them a convenient way to raise money around the world for charitable causes.

All of the projects described offer creative ways to raise funds for Ukraine’s post-war recovery, from creating NFT war museums and virtual postcards to selling NFT art and non-public news content. NFTs are used as an effective tool for charitable initiatives during wartime, offering unique and transparent ways to support the cause.

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