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How Do I Start Web Development with Python?

How Do I Start Web Development with Python
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Choosing a language for web development is a significant challenge, and it’s a big decision, no doubt! However, there are plenty of programming languages to complete your goals.

“I have an idea for a website, but I don’t know which programming language I should use to make it work better.”

Inevitably, you have searched the whole internet if this is the case for you, haven’t you? And if you have seen Google trends, you must know that Python is the most searched programming language this year.

After looking at the Google trend, no one wants to miss knowing Python. Rest assured. We have created this for you to guide you about python web development.

Why Does Python Fit for Web Development and Your Website Project?

As you know website development is all about building, creating, and maintaining websites. Generally, web development includes a frontend, which interacts with clients, and a backend, which contains business logic and interacts with the database.

And Python beat all the odds as Frontend and Backend. Python is the most searched programming language, even knocking out java, PHP, and many more.

These are some interesting facts and figures from famous sites to prove that Python is suitable for your goals!

  • As of February 2021, Python was the most popular programming language based on how often its tutorials were searched on Google, with a 30.06% market share. (Source: PYPL index)
  • Python has maintained its stronghold as the top popular language of 2020, edging out Java and C. (Source: IEEE Spectrum)
  • As of early 2020, Python was the fourth most popular programming language worldwide. JavaScript topped HTML/CSS, SQL and SQL to take the top spot. (Source: Statista)
  • Python was the most popular language on GitHub in Q4 2020. Python surpassed JavaScript in 2020. (Source: GitHub)
  • Python ranks second in the list of languages. It has the most significant contributors to GitHub’s public, private and open-source repositories. (Source: Octoverse)

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After reading and seeing statics about the python programming language, you must have a question: 

What Are the Benefits of Python If I Pursue This Field?

Well, worry not! Python is unique and good to use, even as a beginner or as an expert.

1. Easy to learn

Python is the most preferred language for beginners for a reason. Python relies on whitespace and common expressions, which allows you to write much less code than languages such as Java or C++.

It’s also easier to understand because it’s more like your everyday language.

2. Libraries and rich ecosystems

Python has a wide range of libraries and packages that allow you to access pre-written code. As a result, Python will simplify your application development process.

You have, for example, Numpy and Pandas to perform mathematical analysis, Pygal to chart, and SLQALchemy to composable questions. You can also find fantastic web frameworks in Python like Django and Flask.

3. Fast prototyping

Python is much faster than other programming languages to create your projects, which allows you to get feedback and iterate more quickly.

Startups that can hit the market earlier and gain an advantage through Python’s quick development times will be able to take advantage of this speedy feature.

4. Widespread popularity

Python is a popular language worldwide, with many communities around the globe. They keep updating Python with new features and libraries and excellent documentation and support for the community.

Python is an excellent platform for developers starting, especially for those who are new to the field.

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Web Frameworks and Their Importance – Web Development

Think like a toolbox. A web framework is just like a toolbox and modules of pre-written, standardized code that supports web applications by making development faster and easier, and your website will be more reliable and scalable. 

We can describe frameworks as built-in components that “set up” your project. This means you don’t have to do much grunt work.

Similarly, the Python programming language also has remarkable frameworks for your website to make it outstanding. You can use these frameworks for 

  • Server-side tech
  • Aiding URL routing
  • HTTP request and responses
  • accessing database
  • Web Security

We extremely recommend it if you don’t want grunt work and develop a complex application in less time.

Python Amazing frameworks for your projects

Django and Flask are, far by, the most popular frameworks for website development.

1. Django

It is a python web framework with open source, high-level frameworks that “encourages speed development and clean,

Pragmatic design.” It is fast, secure, and scalable. Moreover, Django has very strong community support and detailed documentation. 

A fantastic and reasonable point of having a Django framework is that it is incredibly flexible to work with MVPs for large companies.

Did you know?

Some of the largest and most famous companies are using the Django framework

  • Instagram
  • Dropbox
  • Pinterest
  • Spotify

Isn’t that amazing!

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2. Flask

Let’s talk about Flask too. Flask is considered a micro-framework, which is minimalistic. It has fewer features than Django, like a web template engine, account authorization, and authentication.

But here is the catch, Flask is minimalistic and lightweight, meaning that you can add extensions and libraries that you need to this framework.

Important Note:

The philosophy behind Flask is to give control and flexibility by building a component-wise app for your project.

Famous apps are using Flask

  • Netflix
  • Linkedin 
  • Uber

There are other notable frameworks for you if you want more of Python 

  • Pyramid
  • Web2Py
  • Turbogears

Which should you use? Which one is the best?

So now the question that came to our mind is, what should you choose for your web projects?

Like we said before.

 I have an idea for a website, but I don’t know which programming language I should use to make it work better.

Now you know pretty much about Python and its benefits and type of frameworks. But to select a framework, you need to be wise and loyal to yourself. If you think you are a pro, you can choose any of their web frameworks, but if you believe you are a beginner, you need more than the support that Django gives! With code base and many others.

In the end, Both Django and Flask can achieve the same functionality, and it is more important to start coding rather than fretting over which framework is better.

If you want to know more about what exactly you can do with Python, you can also read this fantastic blog which tells about remarkable technologies that Python can develop.

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How Do I Start Web Development with Python?


If you are starting with web development, It is crucial that you first learn HTML and CSS. These two are fundamental to building websites.

And it would be fantastic if you could learn to create static pages for your website.

Tip: learn the concepts of;

  • the internet
  • HTTP
  • Browser
  • DNS
  • Hosting


A great next step is to master vanilla JavaScript. But, first, you should understand the basic concepts.

  • Data types
  • Variables
  • General conventions
  • Strings manipulation
  • arithmetic and operators
  • control statements
  • loops

Learning JavaScript, including all these concepts, will make it easier for you to apply JS to the client-side code.

DOM & jQuery

After learning JavaScript fundamentals, learn how to use DOM and JQuery. These are libraries that make JavaScript extraordinary. Now it is to create outstanding dynamic pages.

Frontend Framework (optional)

This step is optional for you; you skip this step too if you want. But the reason for this step is to make a fantastic website. So this option will help to create Beautiful SPAs, and if you learn it well, you can be a front-end or full-stack developer.


Now the most critical and essential point is the backend! You should cover the basic concept of Python just like you did for JS before learning their libraries.

Learning the fundamentals will prepare you for the Django framework, so you don’t have stress or headache jumping right in. However, learning Python is easy. Some concepts are like Javascript.

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Django + Database

With Django, you will be able to set up your backend environment and develop the business logic. You will also have to learn about the database, such as:

  • SQLite
  • How to make queries
  • The CRUD function

With all this, you can make a full-stack application.

So are you ready to make your first website? We are sure if you learn all this, you can build an excellent website and make yourself proud. However, if you’re facing any issues, check out the best websites to learn coding.

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