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4 Tips to Showcase and Sell Your Artwork with NFT

Tips to Showcase and Sell Your Artwork with NFT
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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have opened up a whole new world for artists looking for innovative ways to capture the attention of art collectors.

In fact, within the last year alone, investors across the world have purchased more than millions of dollars of digital artwork, making it a lucrative avenue for serious artists looking to get sold.

Digital art, however, is only as valuable as it is perceived to be by buyers. Therefore, some ways to successfully showcase and sell your artwork with NFT include:

1. Strike While the Market Is Hot

The number of artists in the NFT market is increasing every day. This means, and so is the competition.

Therefore, if you plan to sell your artwork via NFT, you need to begin with a plan of action that allows you to get your work online today, even if you fear it won’t fit with any subsequent work you showcase online. It’s still your work, and that’s all that matters.

2. Make Sure Your Digital Artwork Stands Out

Unless you are a well-known celebrity, chances are it will be difficult to generate high demand for your work right out the gate.

Therefore, you want to aim to create work that is more trailblazing than the average NFT so that it stands out and gets noticed in an already saturated market.

It is also important to start by building a client base. This way, you will already have a market for your work once you place it online.

Make Sure Your Digital Artwork Stands Out

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3. Sell Both NFTs and Physical Artwork

You might also consider creating two different versions of your artwork, one in physical form and one in NFT form, so you can cater to both markets and increase your audience, as well as your sales.

However, if you’d like, you could also sell the physical art as an edition to the NFT but still keep them separately.

4. Be Prepared to Pay Seller Fees

Just like many other platforms that allow individuals to sell online, artists will also need to pay a transaction fee, also called a gas fee, if they want to sell their NFTs online.

And some platforms also charge a fee for the work it takes to add your NFT to their blockchain.

So keep this in mind when listing your work on NFT platforms so that you can budget accordingly.

In the meantime, if you are a new artist who can’t yet afford to showcase your work on major NFT platforms, you may consider listing it on an alternative platform instead.

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So there you have it, NFTs are not only for high-profile celebrities and the like to sell their prized digital assets online for big bucks, but with the right know-how, lesser-known artists can also capitalize off this growing market to get noticed and sell their work.

And the best part is the NFT exists in a blockchain, so it can’t be replaced. Thus, it also offers another level of protection for your work compared to physical art.

However, since there is a lucrative market for both digital and physical artwork, you may consider creating and selling the two for greater success.

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