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Top 5 Premium Shopify Themes of 2024

Top 5 Premium Shopify Themes
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So, you recently had a “Eureka!” moment and decided to set up your own online business? Or maybe you already owned one and decided to take it online. Either way, it comes down to creating a website that perfectly presents your brand personality and grabs the attention of the audience. Scroll down to learn about the five best Shopify themes trending in 2024.

Research states that 38% of website visitors will abandon a website page if its appearance is unappealing. When choosing a theme for a website, businesses always opt for dazzling designs that can improve user experience. Fortunately, Shopify offers a broad spectrum of themes and design templates you can use.

Shopify themes can make a huge difference in how your website looks and feels while spiking conversions. It has the potential to create a lasting impression on website visitors with its design appeal and accessible navigation functionalities.

5 Best Premium Shopify Themes in 2024

1. Ella

Ella - Premium Shopify Themes

One of the bestselling themes of Shopify in 2024 is Ella. Its good reputation is because it is a Drag-and-drop Shopify theme with incredible UX/UI and a mobile-optimized layout. This Shopify theme offers the users well-designed, responsive, and eye-catching templates.

Ella comes at two different prices:

  • Regular license cost: $89
  • Extended license cost: $2,800

Moreover, for extending support for 12 months, the prices for regular and extended licenses are $27.75 and $375, respectively.

Some main features of Ella are:

  • New monthly themes: Besides regular updates of the current themes, Ella releases state-of-the-art Shopify themes monthly to keep your online store looking fresh with new features.
  • Child themes: the child theme is used to increase the reusability of the theme without losing the customization. It inherits all the functionalities of the parent theme. This means whenever there is a new update and features for the parent theme, it will be reflected in the child theme, but the customization done prior will not be lost upon updating.
  • Shopping cart drop-down lists: this feature displays the shopping cart to the consumers without redirecting to the cart page. This increases the flexibility of the store for the customers.
  • Lazy loading: is a technique used to optimize the storefront. Here, the content can be loaded quickly upon the user’s request. It helps in reducing memory usage, making the store interactive and fast.

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2. District

District - Premium Shopify Themes

The second on the list of best Shopify themes is District. So, if you want to present your online store’s featured collection and products, this theme is the best option for your store. District theme comes with several critical functions to help customers look at the fine details of the displayed products.

You can purchase the District theme for $180.

Some shining features of the District theme are:

  • Dedicated support for the theme: Appealing user interface is not the only quality of a good theme – but having a responsive support theme is also one of the greatest assets you can get with District.
  • Email and marketing popups: this feature refers to the display of advertisements in a window on the same page as the Shopify page. This helps the shop owners to display the feature products of the store quickly to the shoppers.
  • Several color swatches: this distinct feature of the theme allows shoppers to view products in different colors available in the store. Easily visualizing the outcome makes it convenient for the customer to purchase.

3. Responsive

Responsive - Premium Shopify Themes

Responsive is the perfect option for anyone searching for the best Shopify themes. This website is excellent for showing how your products fit the shoppers’ house space. As the name describes, responsive is a robust and flexible theme that looks sharp across all devices. That is not even the best part! It is highly customizable and allows the users to change the layout, typography, and featured promotions.

You can purchase the Responsive theme by paying $220.

Some shining features of the Responsive Shopify theme are:

  • A versatile sidebar: the theme displays menus, search bars, and other content in a switchable sidebar.
  • Wide layout: Responsive allows the users to display full-width slideshows and centered focus on navigating menus.
  • Currency conversion: It enables the shoppers to easily convert the money according to the country’s geographical location and prices.
  • Instagram feed: It enables the users to link their Instagram account with the Shopify account. It showcases the latest posts in the newsfeed and helps increase social proof of the website.

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4. Icon

Icon - Premium Shopify Themes

Icon holds awards to prove its visually striking features. Its outstanding features in the key to its enviable reputation. It allows the store owners to create a conclusive and particular experience with ease.

You can purchase the Icon Shopify theme for $240.

Some shining features of the Icon Shopify theme are:

  • Parallax Scrolling: this technique creates an animated depth in the website. The illusion is created by the background images that move slower than the foreground images when the shoppers scroll down the webpage. Today, parallax scrolling has become a trend among business owners as it is excellent to improve the experience of the shoppers.
  • Google Web Font: Icon offers huge fonts for the best user experience. The users can easily choose a font suitable for designing a creative and unique store.

5. Wokiee

Wokiee - Premium Shopify Themes

Wokiee is an ideal solution to create a professional website that displays creativity and attractiveness. It allows the users to create arrangements to meet the customers’ unique needs.

Like Ella, Wokiee Shopify theme offers two different prices:

  • Regular: $89
  • Extended: $1,750

With a regular license, you can use the theme to create a single website, and the website content can be accessed for free.

On the contrary, an Extended license offers you to create websites for personal use and clients. In addition, you can also charge the people for accessing content.

However, the price includes 6 months of support. If you want extended support for 12 months, you need to pay $27.75 for a Regular license and $375 for the Extended license.

Some shining features of Wokiee are:

  • Multiple homepage layouts: Wokiee currently offers up to 70 attention-grabbing homepage layouts to choose from. It also uses motion graphics to showcase a quick demo of all 70 homepage layouts.
  • Header options: Currently, there are 8 different header options of navigation designs that are beautifully designed and easy to use.
  • Robust eCommerce features: you can find numerous valuable features to help users satisfy their customers.

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That wraps up our list of five unique Shopify themes to create a robust, visually attractive, conversion-friendly website with the potential to hoover in sales.

A friendly tip: clearly understanding your goals and the features you need to cut through the market noise can exceed the customers’ experience, making them return to your website.

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