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How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft [Ultimate Guide]

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular game known among the gaming community for its ease of control and game-play. Despite the free reign it offers to each of its individual players, the crisscrossing of dependency makes the game even more complex. If you need a particular material such as making a saddle in Minecraft, you can’t simply build it using the crafting table. You will have to look for the materials required, gather them, and then arrange for your requirements.

The game is one of the best-known sandbox games where gamers like you get the chance to build your own 3D fantasy world. To accomplish the same, one needs tools, blocks, and other items. These may be available in the game’s crafting table or furnace.

To be clear, there is no possible way to make a saddle but you can find one with a little help from this article. For some particular reason, the developer, Mojang, doesn’t qualify the saddle as a craft item. 

What is a Saddle in Minecraft?

A saddle is a rare artifact in Minecraft from a bygone age to ride a horse, mule, or pig. No one knows how to make new saddles. So, there are limited numbers of saddles in the world, and you don’t want to miss collecting it.

what is a saddle in minecraft

You may have tamed the village beast, but you need to control it. For that, you need a saddle to help you mount. In this article, you will explore the various ways to get saddles for riding horses or pigs!

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Where to Find a Saddle in Minecraft?

Let us be clear on one thing, you cannot craft a saddle in Minecraft, unlike the rest. Instead, you will have to find one. Look around you. If you are loaded with loot, you can find in the chests located in the dungeons or temples. If you are well stocked, maybe you can trade a saddle with the villagers for something in return. Even a few fishers have a rough chance of getting you a saddle. If none of the old tricks work, there is always the window of cheats action.

Find a Saddle in Creative Mode

Java EditionPocket Edition
Find Transportation. Look for a saddle in the Creative Inventory menu. If you are lucky, you will find one. Usually, Minecraft stocks all its offered items in here.Check Tools/ Equipment
Xbox One, PS4, Windows 10, Mobile- Equipment

Find a Saddle in Survival Mode

The Survival tactic involves exploration and hard work. It may not be easy to find the saddle the moment you seek. Sometimes you may need to hunt. The various hacks involve trading, exploring chests in dungeons, killing a ravager, and fishing. Let us find out in detail.

#Trade among the villagers to get a saddle

Go to leatherworker in the village to get saddles

One of the simplest solutions to finding a saddle is to trade with the Leatherworker villagers. You can offer them six emeralds or leather, rabbit hide, flint, etc. and see if they have any saddle to exchange. The challenge here involves that it is impossible to find a saddle in the surrounding villages until a certain level. A Level 3 gives you a good chance; however, a Level 5 (Masters) increases the probability of acquiring a saddle to 50%. Reign and shine!

#Explore multiple options to find a saddle

If you think leveling up a Leatherworker is too fussy, here is your chance to explore – look around for chests. The twist here is not every chest may have a saddle for you. There is a twist of permutations and combinations whenever you crack one open. Luckily, there is more than a single place to hunt for those.

Check out these places to get saddles in Minecraft:

1. Nether Fortress
Check Nether Fortress to get saddles

One of the popular excavations is the Nether Fortress, which gives you a rough 35.30% chance of finding your saddle. To do so, you need to build a Nether Portal that helps you in teleporting to the Fortress. The building will require obsidian blocks, some flints, and steel. Once you reach, begin your quest. Remember for each block you cover in the Nether realms; you cross eight blocks in the Overworld.

2. Dungeons

The next best location is Dungeons, which gives you a 28.3% chance to find saddles. They are mostly located underground in the caves made of cobblestone and mossy stone bricks. Surrounded by guarding monster spawn points and maybe fire pits, your only way is to loot the chest(s).

3. Desert Temples

The location is highly underrated among the users despite an impressive probability of 23.50%. There is a hole in the center of the temple’s floor. All you have to do is locate it and travel through the chamber it leads to. You will find four chests containing rotten flesh, string, horse armor, and more. Try your luck.

4. End City

This is a tricky route, nonetheless potential. They are castle structures found on the outskirts of the End. You have first to kill the Ender Dragon guarding the End. Once defeated, you use your Ender Pearl to pass through a portal to reach the End City. Once there, you will find the End Ship alongside the city. There is a chance you will come across some goodies and, hopefully, a saddle too.

5. Jungle Temples

The difference between the desert and jungle temples is the mass of trees and vines in the latter. This is why the task gets more tedious and time-consuming. You can locate the temple by looking for a structure made of mossy cobblestone surrounded by vines. Once there, walk down the stairs. Be careful of the set traps. Strategize your moves and find the temple treasures.

6. Strongholds

Similar to jungle temples, Strongholds are difficult to locate too. Instead of vines, the structures are built deep underground with no entrance or exit. There, you can find several things such as libraries, jails, and an End Portal taking you to the End Dragon battle. Among the res, locate your chests.

7. Mineshafts

There is a low chance of fulfilling your Mineshaft mission, but it is harmless to search through the place. Usually, these are located either underground, covered in cobwebs, or on the land in Badlands biomes. Use your shears to deal with the cobwebs, giant spiders, skeletons, and more.

8.  Villages

There is a good chance the Blacksmiths, the Tanners; also the Savanna houses in the Savanna biomes may be having a few chests. You may locate the Savanna biomes by looking for greenish-brown grasses and orange rooftops.

#Go to Fishing to find a saddle

Go to fishing to find a sadle

There is a low chance, almost as good as 0.80%, of finding a saddle in Minecraft through fishing. You will have to equip yourself with fishing tools such as the fishing rod. Make one using resources from the crafting table. Take the rod and cast your line using:

  • the Right-click button in case of PC,
  • the left trigger in case you are using a console,
  • and the Fish button on mobile phones.

Watch the bobber so that you know exactly when to reel in. To increase your chances to 1.77%, use your Lure enchantment to use your luck.

#Kill a Ravager (aka village beast) to get saddles

Kill a Ravager to get sadles in minecraft

This is the most challenging way to make a saddle in Minecraft. To kill one, first, you have to look for them. They are found either with Pillagers on their back in packs of five or else without Pillagers, in mobs of three to seven, usually near villages or in the Pillager Outposts. Use your weapons and shields to attack them. Bring in iron golems and wield a diamond sword and armor, just in case.

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If you want to make a saddle in Minecraft right this instant, you will have to enable cheats at first. There are two outlooks here:

1. Either you are about to create a new world, or you already have one. In the former case, you enable cheats from the Create World menu. In the latter case, open the Pause menu, select Open to LAN and switch on the Allow Cheats toggle.

If you are using mobile, Console, or Windows 10 OS, go to Settings>> Games>> Activate Cheats.

Once enabled, switch to Creative game mode. This is possible by the following:

  • Open Chat Window(T)
  • Type /gamemode c
  • Select the saddle among the available items on the list.
  • Switch back to Survival mode by typing /gamemode s
  • Pick the saddle from the world and use it. Voila!

Also, you can use console commands to spawn a saddle in your inventory. This is possible by pressing T and typing-

/give playername saddle 1

2. Another classy hack is to spawn a horse that comes with a saddle of its own instead of finding a saddle and a horse to tame. Open the chat window by pressing T. Type the following command

/summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Tame:1,SaddleItem:{id:329,Count:1}}

How to Use Your Saddle in Minecraft

Now that you have a saddle in your inventory, it is time to ride your horse. Climb on one and settle. If he keeps bucking you off, it may take a few attempts until he gets used to you. You can notice it from the heart animations. Once mounted, use the saddle and place it on its slot- a gray saddle icon. Once you are done, the horse icon changes. Use the same movement-controls to steer and control the movements. If it is a pig, hold on to the saddle while you use the pig. Once selected, the pig automatically wears the saddle. Remember, you cannot remove a pig’s saddle unless you kill it.

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It would be best if you had a saddle to not only tame a horse or a pig but also control it. Crafting a saddle in Minecraft is a myth. We have already established that it is only possible to find a saddle through trade, looting the dungeons and hunting the chests, cheating, or even fishing or killing a Ravager. Once found, you now know how to put a saddle on a horse in Minecraft. So what are you waiting for? Crack your whip and giddy-up!

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