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How to Make a Book in Minecraft

How to Make a Book in Minecraft
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Undoubtedly, Minecraft is one of the best sandbox video games compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux devices. With a 4.6 rating in Google Play and more than 3M downloads, the game is popular worldwide. Depending on your creativity, you can craft a simple home or grandest castles using the unlimited resources in the creative mode or play in the survivor mode using the various crafting weapons and armor. In the creative-mode, you will get chances to craft new items. For example, you can create books in Minecraft.

It is all about crafting, smelting, creating to make something such as books out of something. The books you farm in Minecraft can serve as armor when it contains enchantments, while some may have hidden, particular messages, and the rest could be for decorative trading purposes.

Follow These Steps to Make Books in Minecraft:

Among resources, you will need Leather and Sugarcane to craft books in Minecraft. Therefore, firstly you will have to source the raw materials and then find a crating table and an enchantment table to make books, either for décor or to infuse enchantments in the latter case. After that, you will have to craft leather, followed by preparing papers to farm books in Minecraft. Let us understand in detail.

1. Hunt for Sugarcane

Looking for sugarcane can be challenging, given that they are not readily available. Make sure you avoid the frozen water since Sugarcanes are mostly known to grow in warmer biomes.

2. Farm Sugarcane

You will need vast sugarcane to make a book in Minecraft. Since the raw material is sparsely available, it is prudent to build a sugarcane farm. It would be best if you had proper guidance regarding planting the cane-

  • Plant it on sand, dirt, grass, or podzol.
  • Make sure there is a water block nearby.
  • Once the cane starts growing, break the top block. The cut lowest block will help it grow further.

3. Go to the Crafting Table

Once you have enough sugarcanes at your reach, pile them up in your crafting table. Place each of these in three consecutive blocks in the middle row of the crafting table.

Remember, a book requires three papers, and each of these papers will need one sugarcane. In short, collect three sugarcanes from your crafting table to craft a book in Minecraft. Move the resulting three sets of paper to your inventory.

4. Look for Leather

The following raw material is leather. One book will require a single unit of leather. You can source the same through three different routes:

  • Mining cows: Unlike sugarcane, cows are not difficult to hunt for in Minecraft. Usually, one cow will provide you nil to two units of leather. The easiest way to gather them in an enclosed space is to cultivate wheat. The output will lure cows to your wheat farm. You can always offer them more wheat to let them breed to balance your animal count.
  • Rabbit hides: You can also look for leather by hunting for rabbits, which is an easy option. However, note that it requires four rabbit hides to make one unit of leather.
  • Fishing: This is a rare approach, but you may find leather occasionally.

Once collected, take the hide to the crafting table. Place each of them in the top and middle rows of the first and second columns. Take the resultant leather to your inventory.

5. Craft a Book

Now that you have collected everything you need to make a book in Minecraft, make sure to sort them correctly. You will need paper and leather in the ratio 3:1, i.e., three boxes of paper and one box of leather to make a single book.

6. Enchant a Book

For this, you need the enchanting table along with the crafted book and three units of lapis lazuli. You can hunt for the latter by mining lazuli ore. Take the book and lapis lazuli to the enchanting table, place it in the lest left and right square, respectively. Among the options shown, choose the number similar to your experience level. If you are a new bee, kill some mobs for XP and come back hereafter.

You will have to choose an enchantment to create an enchantment book in Minecraft. Drag the same to your inventory.


How do you make a book farm in Minecraft?

It would help if you looked for sugarcane to craft an equal quantity of paper and source leather from animal hides such as cows, donkeys, or rabbits. Once collected, you gather them all in your crafting table. Use the ration 3:1 for papers and leathers to create a single book in Minecraft

What is the best way to get books in Minecraft?

One of the simplest and easiest ways to get books in Minecraft is to hunt for them in the stronghold, village libraries or loot the stronghold chests, temples, dungeons, mineshafts, and treasures. Alternatively, you can always farm books in Minecraft using a crafting table and craft three pieces of paper along with a bit of leather.

What is the fastest way to get enchanted books in Minecraft?

If you want to enchant multiple books at a time, you can always set up an efficient mob farm to generate XP. It will entail numerous enchanting books in one go. Another way could be by looting dungeon chests and temple treasures. Although not as efficient as the mob farm, this gives you a fair if not the best odds of Minecraft’s enchanting books.

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Now that you know how to create books in Minecraft make sure you use them for the right means. You can either trade some with the villagers or make a book in Minecraft that contains enchantments. The latter, as discussed above, will help you as your personalized weapon in the survivor mode.

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