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10 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Customer Retention Rate

10 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Customer Retention Rate
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Is your eCommerce company having some trouble making loyal customers? Or are you having a hard time keeping your old ones? Whatever the case, we’ll show you the 10 ways to improve your eCommerce customer retention rate.

You will see that keeping your old and attracting future customers isn’t such a hard thing to do when you’re equipped with the correct information. That’s also the reason why only data-driven marketing strategies actually work. Stay tuned for some valuable tips!

What Is the Customer Retention Rate?

Before we delve deeper into the subject matter this article has proposed, let’s briefly define what exactly this so-called customer retention rate is? In simplest terms: the so-called customer retention rate is the percentage of your company’s existing customers that will still classify as such after a given period.

This rate will assist you in having a better understanding of what’s the solution to keeping your customers satisfied. In other words: you’ll be able to see some weak spots in your company’s customer service and, hopefully, resolve them to your advantage.

Speaking of customer service, here are the five highest-paying customer service companies in 2022. Okay, now that we’ve defined the most important term for today, let’s see those 10 tips!

10 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Customer Retention Rate

1. Loyalty Programs

This might be too obvious of an answer, but running loyalty programs will certainly improve your customer retention rate, make no doubt about it. That’s right, a personalized discount based on the customer’s history with your company goes a long way.

Not only will you bring your consumers back to your e-store, but you’ll also make them feel “special” for getting a discount that no one else got. Imagine you haven’t shopped somewhere for a little while, and you open your email inbox, and there’s a personalized code you use to get a discount at the very store you’ve ignored for some time.

There’s a good chance you’ll think about paying the store another visit.

2. Social Media to the Rescue

There’s no need to emphasize that social media is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your target market and audience daily without feeling you’re being a bit pushy. A customer that has just bought something from your e-store is much more likely to follow you on various social media platforms.

We don’t have to name them all, you’ll want to use LinkedIn content marketing. You’ll want to utilize these platforms to promote your company’s services and products but also track what folks are talking about.

You’ll find a lot of useful info on social media, like what your customers want from your website if they are happy with the things they’ve purchased, and how you can enhance their experience with your firm.

3. Survey Your Audience (Improve Business With Customer Feedback)

We’ll try to be short here. Why should you assume what your audience thinks when you can find out their thoughts more directly? By surveying your audience, you’ll receive helpful information to enhance the user experience.

So, how do you do this? Well, you can simply ask your users a single pop-up question once they log into their account. All in all, you have to listen to your audience to improve business with customer feedback. Customer feedback (even in the form of a simple survey) always goes a long way.

4. Post-sale Care

Okay, we know that this title sounds unusual, but still, the topic is pretty serious. You’ll have to show your clients that you care for them even after they’ve purchased something from your e-store. You’ll do this by sending a feedback email once the sale is through.

For instance, once an item has been delivered, sending an email in the next 24 hours to ensure everything was alright with the procedure and the product itself will guarantee you a new happy client. 

5. Personalize Emails

Ah, the old gold topic of email marketing. Simply put, without a personalized email strategy, there’s a good chance no one will want to read what you send. Today, many CRM tools automate this process and personalize the email content you’ll send out to your past/future customers.

Using CRM for eCommerce personalization, you’ll want to address every customer in their own way to get the best results. Coupled with exclusive offers and loyalty discounts, this could turn out to be a great thing for your eCommerce customer retention rate.

6. Try Subscription Models

Nowadays, this method’s pretty common among eCommerce companies. Online users are scouting for subscription boxes since certain products or services need to be “refreshed” on a weekly or monthly basis.

Now, keep in mind that this method won’t work for everyone. However, you’ll need to check your store’s product categories and subcategories. Feel free to test out subscription programs that are based on recurring purchases made by your clients. 

7. Reward Your Users

You’ll want to reward your clients for each purchase with a little something that will help you win their hearts over. You can come up with a system in which a client earns some points after each purchase.

However, they can only be redeemed on their next purchase. There’s a good chance this will push some of the most strong-willed clients back to your online store.

8. Be Reachable

We’ll also try to be very short here since this one basically goes with saying. By providing top-quality customer support, you’ll most definitely improve your eCommerce customer retention rate.

Make sure that your company’s customer service is reachable 24/7 in this way or another, whether we’re talking about live or email communication. 

9. Always Say Thank You

Being nice is almost never hard. That’s why you should find a way to say thank you to your loyal customers. In other words, show your clients that you appreciate them by saying thank you: 

  • In a note inside the package, you send 
  • By making a “thank you” phone call for folks who’ve purchased some higher-priced products
  • On the order confirmation page after checkout

10. Ask Your Customers for Reviews and Testimonials

Last but not least, on this list of ways you can improve your eCommerce customer retention rate is by sending out emails to your clients every once in a while to see if you can get any good public feedback. To make things easier for your loyal clients, simply provide them with links to the review websites that are relevant to your niche.


Improving your eCommerce customer retention rate is easier than you might think. All it takes is a focus on providing an excellent experience and addressing the needs of your customers. By using the tips we’ve shared, you can start seeing positive results in no time. Do you have any suggestions to add? Leave them in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you!

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