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Five STEPS a Day: Brand Story by Dr. Len Lopez (Author)

Five STEPS a Day Brand Story by Dr. Len Lopez (Author)

I am Dr. Len Lopez, author of Five STEPS a Day (which is centered on personal growth and development). This book is a unique to-do list and journal to help readers track their STEPS (Sleep, Think, Eat, Physical, Spirit) — a.k.a how they feed their body and mind – so they can live their best life.

Five STEPS a Day acts as an accountability program that helps users stay on top of their daily habits and attitudes by taking to-do lists and journaling to the next level.

I wanted to share the backstory of my book with the hopes of helping others improve their lives so they can be much healthier, happier, and more fulfilled.

What Five STEPS a Day Is All About

Every single person has unique habits that are all on auto-pilot — there are good habits like flossing teeth regularly, working out, and drinking a lot of water each day, as well as bad habits like staying up super late and scrolling for hours on social media.

Five STEPS a Day helps you take a deep dive into your own habits and attitudes to help you decide if they are really helping you or hindering you. Through tracking these habits, Five STEPS a Day helps readers make changes to their daily lifestyles so they can be healthier, happier, and more fulfilled.

This book is for anyone who is looking to improve their overall health and fitness, strengthen their personal and professional relationships, and build a stronger spiritual connection. The book taps into the readers’ visual and Kinesthetic learning centers. Every day, readers consider their own STEPS:

  • SLEEP – Did you fall asleep thinking about how good tomorrow is going to be? Or did you fall asleep letting your subconscious focus on worry, fear, and doubt? If you slept with a smile, shade in the first S!
  • THINK – Did you feed your mind positive thoughts? If you did, shade in the T. If you let negative talk dominate your day, leave it blank and then plan to do better tomorrow.
  • EAT – Did you eat healthy, wholesome meals today? Did you make a concerted effort to not snack on any junk food? If you did, shade in the E!
  • PHYSICAL – Did you go for a run, take a fun kickboxing class, or get some other physical activity in your day? If you did, shade in the P.
  • SPIRIT – Did you work your spiritual muscles today? For example, did you spend half an hour meditating and re-centering yourself after a long workday? If you did, shade in the last S!

Shading in the STEPS they did well on helps readers plan out their next day’s activities. This ultimately helps them change up their daily habits and be much more aware of their attitudes to improve the STEPS they need to improve on.

Five STEPS a Day Book Page

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The Book’s Backstory

I started out as a chiropractic sports physician, with a passion for natural health and fitness. I later became a Clinical Nutritionist and Strength and Conditioning Coach. Just like any other new doctor, I went out speaking on the importance of health and fitness, and things just started happening. Who would have thought all that speaking would open so many other doors?

I got invited to do radio and television interviews, and then I wrote a couple of books and started formulating and manufacturing nutritional products. I got to the point where I invented BrewMins (a natural & zero-calorie way to improve the taste of coffee) and the My Pullup Bar Work Horse Fitness Trainer (which allows users to get a great upper-body workout anywhere).

Although my professional career was focused on diet and exercise, as I kept on learning I realized that you can provide the best diet and exercise program for someone, but still not get the results you want — this is because there is also an emotional or mental side to health and fitness for a lot of people. Not everyone wants to lose weight and get healthy, and this mental component holds some people back and kind of sabotages their efforts.

Learning that there truly is also a mental component to health and fitness only got me thinking deeper. I started realizing there is also a spiritual component as well. After all, we are Body, Mind, and Spirit. Five STEPS a Day is my first effort to talk about all of those well-being elements and personal growth and development, instead of only health and fitness. This takes me a little out of my comfort zone, although in the book, I speak about the whole Body, Mind, and Spirit connection.

I realized that if you’re only working on your physical body and not paying attention to the Mind and Spirit, you could be missing out. Some people spend a ton of time working on their spiritual growth but don’t balance it out with the physical or mental aspects. Finding that balance is the key to a healthy and fulfilling life, and Five STEPS a Day is something I’ve been working on for years to help others accomplish just that.

In less than 2 minutes a day, Five STEPS a Day helps you track how well you feed your body, mind, and spirit. This ultimately gives you that much-needed daily and weekly feedback to help you in your pursuit of whatever goal you are after. It’s the only program that taps into your Visual and Kinesthetic learning centers to help anchor those all-important habits and attitudes that carry us throughout our day and life.

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My Own Definition of Success

I’ve heard it said that people spend their health to regain their wealth, and years later spend their wealth to regain their health. I’ve also heard that people sacrifice their marriage and family to gain success. So, you have to look at what is really important and has value for you.

Having a million bucks in your pocket is nice, but if your health is poor and you can’t go and enjoy it, what have you gained? This also applies to having a million bucks in your pocket but no one to enjoy it with. It all comes back to balance and not forgetting what is truly important in your life, in pursuit of your success.

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