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How Do I Find and Recruit iOS Developers?

How Do I Recruit iOS Developers

Given the disruptions of the past year, finding and hiring iOS developers could prove to be an uphill task. When pitted against Android, Apple mobile devices have a market share of only 20.38%.  But there’s good news. iPhone users possess higher spending power than their android counterparts making the iOS development scene equally appealing. 

IOS is the dominant platform in the First World, so if you are targeting wealthier users, then opting for iOS development is the smarter choice. 

There are a couple of pros to iOS development that not many speak about. Given that the platform is more standardized than Android, building an app for iOS requires less time and a smaller budget. Given the small number of iOS device types, developers can focus on creating appealing UI/UX elements that further enhance the appeal of iOS. 

So now that we have discussed how awesome iOS development can be, let’s get down to brass tacks. How does one find and hire iOS developers? Fret not; we have your back. Here are some tips, tricks, and workarounds to finding and hiring the perfect iOS development team.  

How to Do before Recruiting iOS Developers?

  • The first step to building an efficient iOS development team is to have perfect clarity in project needs. Plan all aspects of the project, inclusive of budgets, deadlines, and team roles.  
  • The second step is all about setting business and project goals associated with your project. Draw up a feature list and set development priorities.   
  • The third step is the project planning stage, where stakeholders decide and analyze the profitability of developing an iOS app instead of an Android app. So if you are on team iOS, remember to state your facts and lobby hard.  

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What to Check Before Hiring an iOS Developer

Now that you’ve taken the foundational steps to create an iOS app, it’s time to begin hiring. Let’s look at the 3 essential criteria you need to check for before hiring an iOS developer. 

1. Experience and Expertise  

Hiring someone with vetted experience and hands-on expertise is a must-have. Fun though learning on the job may sound, you wish to develop an application and not coach newbies. 

Check for candidates who have prior experience working on a project similar to the desired output and market segment and scope. 

2. Portfolio 

Make it a point to carefully review every candidate’s portfolio, as this will give you insight into their skill levels, knowledge, and capabilities. Remember to ask potential developers about at least three of their past projects and ask them to detail their duties and responsibilities. Ask them to talk about their preferred work style and if they have any personal tech-based achievements.  

Remember that you can check apps developed by them on an iOS device for an added levels of assurance and even peruse through reviews for a real-world perspective. 

3. Soft Skills  

Soft skills are as important as hard skills. Hire candidates with values in congruence with your company ethos and culture. This eliminates or at the very least reduces management issues and speeds up the development process. Being respectful, proactive and a zeal to overcome issues are soft skills that are highly desirable when hiring an iOS developer. 

Approachability, critical thinking, respect for deadlines, the ability to work in a team, persistence, and diligence are also must-have soft skills.  

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What Hard Skills iOS Developers Should Have

There are pre-defined skill sets that are integral to a good iOS developer. Here is a list of must-have skills you need to keep an eye out for a while hiring iOS developers. 

  • Objective-C and (or) Swift iOS  
  • UI / UX  
  • Apple Human Interface Guidelines  
  • Code versioning instruments  
  • Xcode IDE  
  • Metal and OpenGL  
  • Core Data framework 
  • API integration  

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iOS Developer Hiring Options

Option 1: Freelance iOS Developer 

Recruiting a freelance iOS developer is possibly the fastest and easiest way of getting developers on board. In the freelancing model, your in-house project manager interacts directly with the freelancer who could work either at your premises or from a location that suits his convenience. In most cases, freelancers work remotely. They become a part of your normal team and participate in meetings online. 

Option 2: Recruit In-House Development Team

A full-time, in-house hire is the traditional method of bringing an iOS developer on board. In such cases, the developer gets a full-time salary and benefits, a space in your physical office, and the required infrastructure. Progress tracking and management become very easy in the case of this hiring model. Hiring a full-time developer is perfect for a company that is in constant need of an iOS developer.  

Option 3: When to Hire Outsourcing Company 

One of the most popular and effective methods of bringing an entire team of iOS developers onboard is by partnering up with an outsourcing firm. The firm takes care of the entire project from development to project management and even testing and maintenance. 

Time-consuming tasks such as delegation, efficiency tracking, and meetings can be circumvented. All you need to do is give the outsourcing partner requirement documents and discuss your expectations, deadlines, final objective, and viola, your iOS app is ready.   

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If you are looking to hire iOS developers, then there’s good news for you. Now you no longer have to limit your search to the confines of your area or even country. Outsourcing offers you access to a global talent pool that you can preen for the best of the best. 

Today’s market space is inundated with worthy software development partners with development capabilities that befit an SME and an international conglomerate. From consulting to requirement gathering and on to actual development, you have the option of hiring an outsourcing company that can match all your iOS development requirements

A lot cheaper than hiring an in-house team and overall faster development, an outsourcing partner is soon becoming the go-to choice for all enterprises requiring iOS development teams for their projects. 

With a capable IOS development partner, you can now build custom iOS applications and enjoy on-point post-deployment maintenance and service. All you need is the right iOS development company. 

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