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10 Best Recruiting Software for Small Businesses in 2024

Best Recruiting Software for Small Businesses and Agencies
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Today, most recruiters and hiring managers know that the best recruitment software will supercharge their hiring process, and make their job easier. From applicant sourcing and recruitment marketing to resume parsing and interview scheduling, the right recruitment tools can get you the best talent in your pipeline and more streamlined recruiting cycles.

Top 10 Recruiting Software for Small Businesses and Agencies in 2024:

1. Fetcher

Fetcher is the best recruitment software for agencies in 2024. It uses a unique methodology of “source, email, and track” to get substantial results. Data gathered is put to good use by Fetcher’s AI and a team of experts to ensure you have a constant stream of qualified candidates.

Fetcher - Best Recruiting Software for Small Businesses and Agencies

Working with Fetcher is like most recruiting automation platforms; constant, top-of-funnel tasks are programmed, so hiring teams get more time to concentrate on candidate engagement. But, Fetcher does this with a different approach where AI is connected with a team of specialists that train and monitor your data to ensure a steady flow of qualified candidates from their various talent pools. 

Once a candidate pipeline is going, Fetcher works principally with email automation and social recruiting. Hiring staff can produce personalized email sequences and outreach campaigns that can be automated based on candidate performance. Sorting of the applicant is also powered by AI, automatically identifying the best applicants for a job posting based on the information and key qualifications. 

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2. Gem

Another top-rated recruiting software on our list is Gem which concentrates on tracking every touchpoint, enabling greater visibility into which processes are functioning well and which aren’t. As one of the most preferable candidate sourcing tools available in the market, Gem concentrates on tracking each touchpoint your company has with a candidate. This strengthens the sense of visibility that leads to fuller analytics and a deeper understanding of what’s serving and what isn’t.

Gem - Best Recruiting Software for Small Businesses

Usually, this means that Gem isn’t just sourcing but a Candidate Relationship Management system as well. This enables other employees, not just the HR department, to get associated with the hiring process without stepping on each other’s segment.

They also allow some automation capabilities when it comes to accompanying passive candidates. Gem is employed to streamline talent management and more in Slack, Robinhood, Dropbox, and Coinbase.

3. VidCruiter

VidCruiter is a popular online hiring platform that offers a smooth, user-friendly program for hiring talented people anywhere on Earth.  It goes beyond introductory video interviewing to provide a web-based, end-to-end recruitment solution.

It is customizable hiring software that includes applicant tracking, interview scheduling, online skills testing, digital interviewing (live and pre-recorded options), and automated reference checking. You can use any product independently or as part of an all-in-one recruitment platform.

VidCruiter - Best Recruiting Software for Small Agencies

Their recruiting suite can be customized for any hiring process and includes video, voice, text, automation, weighted logic, built-in structured interview questions, and standardized rating rubrics. This feature-packed platform supports hiring teams worldwide to find and hire quality employees in the most effective, cost-effective way.

4. Freshteam

Freshteam by Freshworks is a trusted recruiting software for small businesses and it has excellent AI and automation features, a free-forever plan, and a long 21-day free trial of its paid offerings. While Freshteam is famously known as an all-encompassing HR software, it is used as a CRM for recruitment and a recruitment management system worth mentioning here.

Most of the tools we’ve reviewed still focus just on the recruitment side of things, while Freshteam can do most of an ATS task where all the other HR action arises.

Freshteam - Best Recruiting Software for Small Businesses

If that wasn’t sufficient, their software also utilizes AI and automation to cut time from the everyday routines of talent management pros. Some automated tasks are declining candidates with specific test scores, candidates based on their interests, and sourcing from job boards like Glassdoor, Adzuna, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and LinkedIn.

5. XOR

We recommend XOR because it has loads of great AI recruiting features, from Chatbots to virtual career fairs, that automates many otherwise manual recruitment tasks. This software company stands at the convergence between the HR Chatbots and AI recruiting spaces.

XOR employs candidates via SMS, chat, email, phone calls, and video at its core. Recruiters can then choose which parts are automated, such as candidate screening, interview scheduling, candidate scoring, and even employee onboarding.

XOR - AI Recruiting Software for Small Business

Although XOR can be utilized as a stand-alone recruiting tool, they also allow their product to be an extension for single purposes such as screening, re-engagement, scheduling, and more.

Their extension can combine with your current ATS, HCM, or job board in that modality, indicating that you can add an AI spin to a part of your recruitment workflows without necessarily switching vendors. Their extension can also be combined with the calendar and video software. 

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6. Turing

The best developers recruiting software Turing hosts the most skilled developer talent globally at all different career levels. Turing allows companies big and small to hire the most qualified software engineers globally through one simple-to-use platform.

They search the globe to pull and vet the very best developer talent overall at different career levels. They can assist companies with more than 100 different technologies, from data science to mobile development.

Turing - Best Developers Recruiting Software for Agencies

Expanding your team with high-quality remote developers is an excellent way to scale your engineering organization cost-effectively. Turing is sure that you will love their offering to have a two-week money-back guarantee if your fresh talent doesn’t work out.

7. Pinpoint

From a branded career site to sourcing tools to video interviewing and everything that the recruiting team needs, Pinpoint does it all. While usually praised for its visually pleasant design and ease of use, Pinpoint is also exceptional because of its philosophy.

They aim to go beyond making excellent and functional software and help you with their profound wisdom in recruitment. Their support, which is endless with any of their plans, doesn’t just concentrate on solving technical issues but optimizing your recruitment purposes wherever they may be needed.

Pinpoint - Best Recruiting Software for Small Businesses

As to features, Pinpoint recruiting software has something for each step of the hiring process, including some novel features that aren’t too prevalent in other ATS vendors. Their tools list is worth looking into, from automated recruitment advertisements to multilingual candidate experience. 

8. SeekOut

SeekOut is one of the best recruitment tools in 2024. It has a strong candidate search engine, allowing recruiters to reach a vast talent pool from multiple channels. While it can undoubtedly integrate with an ATS, SeekOut is an AI-powered talent search engine whose primary function is to source and support you to recruit candidates from various channels like GitHub and LinkedIn.

Their filtering skills are pretty refined, allowing you to browse talent based on work history, keywords, education, location, and skills from a growing database of over 500 million candidate profiles. 

SeekOut - AI Powered Recruiting Software

The SeekOut platform also extends a blind hiring module that hides the candidate’s gender, race, or ethnicity details, which is why they’re usually praised as an invaluable tool for diversity hiring. They are also excellent in getting talent in the tech sector thanks to their novel Github sourcing feature.

Their AI capabilities enable them to match a candidate’s Github profiles to a job’s necessary coding skills, for instance. 

9. Recruiterbox

We recommend Recruiterbox because it is a scalable recruitment platform that makes it easy and quick to set up. It is also an excellent fit for remote teams. A key feature of Recruiterbox is that it can expand with your company.

Small companies can fix it up in as little as 90 minutes, and many keep utilizing it even as their hiring demands skyrocket. The reason for that is that they have a robust feature list that also covers workflows, letting hiring managers automate specific tasks.

Recruiterbox - Best Recruiting Software for Small Business

Recruiterbox is also very watchful of remote teams, so they make collaboration through their platform much more comfortable by having notes and insights about candidates available in the same place. It also allows you to organize your team into hiring teams or fewer profiles as needed. 

Recruiterbox is used by companies like Olark, Lonely Planet, Couchsurfing, and Untappd.

10. MyInterview

MyInterview is one of the best recruitment software in 2024 as it is super easy to execute and even has a free-forever alternative for growing companies. One of the perks of using MyInterview is that it’s video interview software that’s extremely simple and quick to execute. Some Recruitment Managers state that they could have their applicants complete video interviews within 30 minutes of signing up at their website.

MyInterview - Intelligent Candidate Video Screening Recruiting Software

Mainly, MyInterview encourages candidates to record and send their interviews via any medium (without the need to download a mobile app) to facilitate a part of the recruitment process. Their most advanced module utilizes machine learning to evaluate candidate answers and add to your hiring analytics when it syncs with an ATS or similar software. 

Some of the companies that use MyInterview are Axxon, Hudson Recruitment, Pandora, and Biffa.

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After reading this blog, you may get an idea of the best recruitment software available in the market. You can read this article carefully and decide which recruiting platform to choose that fits your unique requirements.

These recruiting tools will help you automate your talent acquisition process and save time. Moreover, you can also use marketing automation services to complete repetitive tasks and increase productivity during the pandemic. Have any suggestions or questions? Please leave your comments below.

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