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What Are the Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners?

Best Affiliate Networks Program for Beginners

When starting out on the affiliate marketing adventure, the biggest challenge is to choose the top paying affiliate programs, after all, there are thousands. Choosing the wrong program could drain your energy while giving you no significant outcomes while the best ones can help you earn good money before your site is even complete. We have researched and dedicated a lot of time to listing out the best affiliate programs for beginners in this blog. Ready to dive in? So are we!

Here Are the 7 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners in 2021:

1. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program for Beginners

Amazon offers one of the best affiliate programs for beginnersTheir programs are mostly good for people who are beginners and just starting out. Who doesn’t know about Amazon? It’s one of the world’s largest eCommerce service providers. If you want to link with retail and eCommerce products, Amazon is a good option to start out. 

Amazon Associates - Best Affiliate Networks for Beginners

To start, you must get an Amazon account and if you already have an account, you’re halfway through. However, there’s one problem with Amazon’s best affiliate programs for beginners – these are country-specific. If you’re receiving traffic from one part of the world, make sure you have set up your Amazon links for that country. 

2. CJ – Commission Junction Affiliate Program for Beginners

Commission Junction is one of the oldest networks for the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners out there. What makes it best from the rest is that it not only offers programs for experienced and high-quality affiliates but also offers the best affiliate marketing program for beginners.

Here you can find affiliate programs of many companies such as Walgreens, UnderArmor, Zappos, Trip Advisor, and roughly 250+ more companies. Another good thing about CJ is that it supports a wide range of products and brands and their affiliate links are the easiest. Moreover, it also provides a dashboard for metrics to help you understand if a program is beneficial for you or not!

3. ClickBank Affiliate Program for Beginners

ClickBank is another category that falls into the grandparent category of affiliates. You can find many products in the ClickBank marketplace and they also have some physical features these days. 

ClickBank - Best Affiliate Networks for Beginners

If you are looking for a network that offers the best affiliate marketing programs for beginnersClickBank is a good option to go with. They also offer a lot of payment options so it might not be a problem for affiliates working in different parts of the world. 

4. Rakuten Linkshare Affiliate Program for Beginners

Rakuten Linkshare is a huge Japanese affiliate marketing company. They put their foot into this marketplace in 2005 and soon they became the company that offers the top affiliate programs for beginners

LinkShare Rakuten Advertising - Best Affiliate Networks for Beginners

Years ago, it was a small company and later on became an award-winning company. Nowadays, it has become the best affiliate network for beginners  and these are very suitable for starters for some reasons:

  • They support more than 2000+ brands all over the world.
  • Their interface is very simple and useful for the affiliates.
  • They supply everything from electronics, merchants, flowers, etc. 

It’s a very serious and potential player in the affiliate marketplace. In a nutshell, Rakuten Linkshare offers the best affiliate programs and it has huge growth opportunities for beginners. 

5. Impact Affiliate Program for Beginners

The impact is, comparatively, a younger affiliate network that was founded in 2008 by the employees of Leadpoint,, and CJ. Currently, there is a wide array of merchants (more than one thousand) in Impact’s network that fit the most verticals.

Impact Affiliate- Best Affiliate Networks for Beginners

It is a good network if you are looking for the best affiliate programs for beginners. Though you might find it harder to join this network as compared to Commission Junction (CJ) it has so many benefits for the affiliates. They offer more flexible affiliate programs for beginners than the other affiliate programs. If you are looking for a diverse network with multiple best affiliate programs, Impact is what you need to join. 

6. ShareASale Affiliate Program for Beginners

ShareASale is one of the best merchant choices available that is currently working with more than 1000 merchants offering a diverse range of products from physical to software services. This makes it a perfect site for all types of affiliate programs for beginnersFor affiliates who want to join, don’t worry about the joining procedure because their application program is relevantly easier. 

ShareASale - Best Affiliate Networks for Beginners

Why I like ShareASale is because it gives insights related to the effectiveness of the merchant you are working with. With this affiliate network, you can get details about the average sale, earning per click, and conversion rate, etc. 

7. FlexOffers Affiliate Program for Beginners

FlexOffers is the next best affiliate program for beginners on the list. It is a comparatively larger network with more than 12,000 merchants available in the system. Perhaps, it is one of the largest affiliate networks. It is also known as a sub-affiliate platform because it joins a merchant’s program as an affiliate and allows other affiliates and bloggers to use the links rather than applying to the merchant directly. 

FlexOffers - Best Affiliate Networks for Beginners

In the end, the commission will be split for each affiliate sign-up with the FlexOffers. This network can also work as a middleman by enabling beginners to get into a particular affiliate program. However, you need to be efficient in joining this affiliate network because it’s a sub-affiliate because and it is highly choosy when it comes to selecting affiliates. To join the program, make sure you have a ready and presentable website. 

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And there you have it. We have provided you with the list of the best affiliate programs for beginners in 2021, which is a great opportunity for beginners who want to earn passive income. 

Remember: the success of an affiliate program depends on two things: the niche or product that you choose or the type of traffic that you attract towards your website. Hopefully, this list of the best affiliate programs for beginners will help you find the right niche to earn good commissions.

The good thing is that if you already have existing traffic, chances are that you start earning money from tomorrow. 

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