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AiTrillion Review: Better than Klaviyo, Loyalty Lion, and

AiTrillion Review - Better than Klaviyo, Loyalty Lion, and

In the increased competition between e-commerce stores, reaching out to potential customers and building a healthy business-customer relation has become necessary. There are various platforms providing Software as a Service for store development like Shopify, Magento, and WordPress. These platforms have pulled various businesses up by building e-commerce stores at ease. However, all of these platforms lack in providing automated marketing tactics which are a proven necessity of any store. This includes gathering the traffic and pulling out the sale. 

There are various applications and plugins present which critically help in reaching out to potential customers and converting them. There are several credible marketing applications and plugins available on the platforms for various uses i.e Email Marketing, Affiliate Program, Loyalty Rewards, Pop-ups and Push Notifications, ChatBot, etc. These marketing tactics ensure that stores reach the customers in the best way possible and showcase the store’s best offers. This eventually helps in sales so that they convert. 

Start-up Enterprises Smartening the Available Features with Intelligent Integrations

There are lots of applications and plugins available for each marketing tactic you want for your business. However, there are some which provide all-in-one automated marketing tactics under one umbrella. For this, you don’t have to install numerous applications for numerous activities. These ideas can be seen in the start-ups working to uplift the e-commerce community with Shopify and Magento. 

One of the examples seen is the 2018 founded start-up AiTrillion which has extensively worked for providing all marketing modules under one. With 4.9/5 in G2 ratings, 4.9/5 ratings in Capterra, and 4.4/5 ratings in Shopify, AiTrillion has marked an overnight success. It has stated itself as Super App for the Shopify stores for providing 11+ marketing modules under a single dashboard. Its expertise in providing email marketing, product reviews, smart pop-ups, push notifications, affiliate marketing, loyalty rewards, workflow automation, chatbot, product recommendations, reports and analytics, personalized segmentation, Ai Box, etc. 

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AiTrillion has proved to be the best alternative to the traditional single marketing module players in the market. With AiTrillion’s integration among the modules and detailed workflow automation, it has benefitted various e-commerce platforms. 

How Shopify E-commerce Owners Are Benefiting from These Powerful Integrations?

Founded at the center of India, the 2018 founded start-up provides integration between its various modules stated above. Examples can be seen as email marketing is integrated with pop-ups, reviews, and loyalty programs. Suppose, once the visitor comes to the store, it automatically sends a pop-up to register the email address for an upcoming sale and offer. This will lead to the addition of the email address in the email marketing module of the AiTrillion dashboard. Through this, AiTrillion will automatically conduct its email marketing campaigns as set upon by the user. 

Similarly, it will be conducted for the loyalty rewards program of the store. When a customer makes a purchase, the pop-up will be sent to the customer for reviewing the product. This can also be used for collecting loyalty rewards. This way reviews are also integrated with email marketing, loyalty rewards, and pop-ups. Another integration is with the web push notifications with loyalty rewards, email marketing, reviews, and pop-ups. The best part of this is that the user would not have to jump from one application to another. It will also liberate users from searching google multiple times if a certain application can be integrated with another. 

Other Benefits of Using AiTrillion

Another benefit users from AiTrillion have marked is that it provides actionable data analytics. Google Analytics can be said as a conglomerate among the analytics data platforms however, users of AiTrillion have different opinions. This is that the AiTrillion provides action buttons to the analytical data. Suppose, a user can send a dedicated mail to the customer from the analytics if they see a significant trend. 

According to GTMetrix, AiTrillion decreases the page load speed by 11% and 35.95% decrease in average server response time. This study has been conducted in comparison to installing other and multiple applications on the same store. 

Through this, AiTrillion has taken over various single marketing module players in the market like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Loyalty Lion, etc. In its 3 years of life, it has considerably overtaken in the form of the number of modules and integrations. It has considerably overtaken Klaviyo, Loyalty Lion, etc by increasing store speed and saving huge on Shopify apps billing. 

The businesses have witnessed a 68% uplift in revenue with an 85% boost in consumer engagements. Apart from this, e-commerce businesses have witnessed an 87% increase in conversion rate. 

Which Automated Marketing Platforms Should Small, Medium and Large E-commerce Businesses Choose?

There can be various considerations for different sizes of e-commerce enterprises. It can be based on the number of customers, target audience, e-commerce industry, customer behavior, budget, and frequency of approaching. However, there are few considerations that every small, medium and large e-commerce business should focus on.

1. Small Businesses

It’s important to analyze your business and target customers however some of the aspects that should be given attention are: 

  • The number of customers: It is the foremost need of small businesses to ascertain the number of customers and choose a particular platform. It is because most of the automated marketing platforms’ billing is based on the same. There are also certain free versions of the platforms which allow access to the overall application up to a particular number of customers. It is advised to have A/B testing with the free versions of the platforms first. This will significantly help in concluding with the one that suits one the best.
  • Areas of offering: As a small business, it is important to consider the areas of the offering of a particular platform. In the changing trend of doing e-commerce business, the trend to gather visitors and convert them has also changed. This has led to increased competition among the businesses, it would be reliable to approach customers in every way possible. Therefore, it would be better to acknowledge each platform’s area offerings aligning to their budgets.
  • Budget: It’s important to consider budget as the most contributing factor in the purchase of any platform based on areas of offering. There are several platforms available that charge high and have a limited scope of offerings. Whereas, there are only limited platforms that have a high scope of offerings and charge less. This overall analysis should be done before purchasing any platform. Also, it is advised to review these platforms from authentic sources like G2, Capterra, and the platform’s official sites.

2. Medium Businesses

In this stage, when individuals have marked their presence among the customers, it becomes a necessity to retain those customers. Some of the aspects that should be considered for the same are:

  • Powerful customer retains approach: There are lots of businesses ready to step upon you and want to grab the customer base you have. It becomes a need of the hour to stress upon retaining the customer. The focus should be on analyzing customer behavior frequently and developing a process for different marketing tactics. It can be introducing different marketing strategies for losing customers or lost customers, etc.
  • Integration among the marketing modules: A lot of burdens will be shouldered off when a completely automated and integrated marketing platform will take care of. An automated and integrated marketing platform within the application would automatically send mail, pop-ups, reminders, loyalty rewards, etc. 

3. Large Businesses

It will be essential for any large business to optimize its performance while reaching this level. Some of the aspects that will be necessary to consider are:

  • Average server response time and page load speed: Increase in the number of customers will also lead to an increase in the server response time of the store. It will also lay an effect on the page load speed thus, it is advised to integrate only essential platforms. It also includes integrating only one or two platforms into your store.
  • Emphasis on building a larger customer base and retention: Another important aspect is the improvement in retention upon analyzing customer behavior and developing differentiated marketing strategies segment-wise. Similarly, as medium businesses, every business needs to adopt a differentiated approach for different customers.

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Thus, the rise in the competition demands an increase in automated marketing platforms like AiTrillion. AiTrillion has proved to be the most significant among its competitors as stated by its users. It has considerably focused on each side and size of the e-commerce industry’s needs and provided services hence required.

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