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Visartech: Brand Story by Slava Podmurnyi (Founder & CEO)

Visartech: Brand Story by Slava Podmurnyi (Founder & CEO)
Images Source: Slava Podmurnyi

I’m Slava Podmurnyi, CEO of Visartech Inc., which helps businesses to create advanced solutions by blending innovative technologies and art enhanced by solid engineering. Since the foundation of the company, we have gained considerable experience in applying technologies to diverse business niches.

As a team leader, I am deeply involved in strategy and business development processes. Working on a strategy part, I am in charge of achieving the vision introduced together with my partner and managing the heads of departments.

My key focus is customers. Their success is of paramount importance therefore I take charge of sales and customer support teams. Constant communication and interaction with both clients and the team help to get accurate and holistic information from all sources. Thereby it ends up delivering the best possible service to the customers.

Yet, today I am sharing how we launched Visartech and turn it into a company that creates digital masterpieces for all-sized businesses.

The Idea Behind Visartech

Back in 2010, watching other companies provide their services, my partner and I decided that we have our uncommon vision of delivering efficient solutions. That’s the way we started running our company. We aimed at doing things we’re passionate about and at the same time provide full-scale services to our clients.

We knew that approaches and technologies other companies used weren’t up-to-date that’s why we were willing to implement innovations through both technologies and art. Thus we started our game development path.

Co-founder & CEO of Visartech, Slava Podmurnyi
Slava Podmurnyi, Co-founder & CEO of Visartech

Shortly afterward, the business clients were asking for a mixture of games and apps. So our focus was shifted to 3D interactive application development tailored to the particular needs of businesses. We also started providing end-to-end solutions by delivering software product development services to companies with previously established products.

Consequently, we’ve become a software development agency that introduces new technologies and assists customers in implementing them. Our team consists of professionals who love technology and are eager to evolve fast to stay ahead of the innovations frontier.

Interactive solutions employ new forms of generating users’ interest in the digital world. We tend toward the opinion that the rapid spread of groundbreaking technologies holds in attractive and user-friendly experiences. This approach allows us to work efficiently in all possible directions. Namely, fintech, education, entertainment. By dint of developing more immersive frontend and fast decentralized backend systems, we get such achievements.

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Impressive Achievements Yet Tough Challenges

Over the years, Visartech has a proven record of 170+ delivered games & business solutions. Though it’s hard to highlight the best one, it’s important to note that lots of them helped our clients to dominate their business niche market and hold top positions for years. For example, one of our customers, a golf simulation software company, has received the yearly “Best in Golf” Editors’ Choice Award since 2017, for the best indoor golf simulator.

Yet, the greatest thing we’re proud of is the way we help our clients to understand how technology works and how it can transform their business. Most of our clients are fantastic visionaries therefore we make a point of helping them understand the world of technologies and guide them through the best solutions.

Any successful path always entails some difficulties. During a certain period, there were lots of unexpected events, fires. However, it made me feel stronger and react to an issue without any nervous emotions involved. When you work more than 12-15 hours a day, you consider issues as regular tasks. Adopting such an approach helps to stay still and come up with sensible decisions.

The most important lesson I’ve taken is that sometimes it’s important to stop for a while and reboot. I happened to get burned out a few times and I saw my team feel the same way, but it urged me to change operations and review the whole business concept. Thus we made it through this difficulty together which brought me confidence in a supportive team you can keep going with.

Thing That Makes Us Stand Out

I’m convinced that there is nothing more valuable than people who make all customers’ ideas successfully implemented. Any well-planned structures or business concepts can’t make such a big difference in the market as a team of professionals who enthusiastically embrace any challenge.

Besides, transparent partnerships with customers are one of our core values. That’s why we keep them informed about all the stages of the work process. Our approach involves finely tuned communication with both the team and the customer. The company allocates a manager for communication with a personality similar to the customer’s temper so that there’s no uncomfortable distance feeling.

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Getting Just There Where We’re Now

Even though Visartech has been on the market for more than a decade, I still assume we are at the beginning of our journey. Our mission and values make us constantly grow and find better ways to assist customers. We believe that the right usage of technologies brings peace and equality to the world.

Our strong team passionate about the aforesaid idea helps customers see it. So we keep moving forward together. Constant investment in educating our experts assists us to deliver better ways of how technologies can serve our customers.

Visartech Team Meeting
Visartech Team Meeting

Keeping Ahead of the Market Competition

The pandemic has considerably changed the way we approach creating any solution. The transformation surely shaped our industry and showed that the user-centric approach along with interactive features prevails in the market.

For example, EdTech is in huge demand now. However, gaining a competitive edge in the market requires up-to-date ways of implementing projects. For that reason, we take interactive and immersive approaches to developing online education products.

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The same goes for the Fintech industry. Online shopping is really taking off therefore the demand for customized financial ecosystems has arisen. That’s why we create a convenient fintech solution so that the end-users can easily access their goods and services.

We must stay competitive and keep abreast of the latest technological trends. Moreover, we make a point of doing internal research a lot. That allows us to understand the industry and bring true value to the world.

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