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USBoNET Review: USB Over Ethernet Software

USBoNET Review - USB Over Ethernet Software

USBoNET is a perfect solution powered by HighFigure that comes in handy when you need to quickly access a printer, scanner, web camera, or any other device connected via USB over Ethernet.

Due to the ease of use and low resource consumption, it can be a great helper for employees of large multinational companies and small offices where they can use Local Area Networks or Wi-Fi.

Curious to know how to control a device or share a USB dongle over network? Then, scroll down and learn about the USBoNET’s useful features, installation steps, and application spheres.

This is Where USBoNET Can Help You

Sharing USB over IP gives you remote access to configuration changes and error fixing, mass distribution of digital materials, control over the integrity of the work process, and so on. Below, you can learn more about how you can use USBoNET.

Share USB Over the Network

Since USBoNET is a cross-platform solution, it works perfectly with most operating systems: Linux, Windows, Android, macOS, etc. Another advantage is that large groups of 50 or more individuals can access a device connected through USB over Ethernet.

Access the Remote USB Device

Do you need to connect to a printer located in the office at the other end of the city or even across the ocean? No problem, because this solution allows you to access a phone, mass storage device, or any other gadget as if it were connected to your computer via the Internet or TCP/IP network.

All you need to share USB over network is to install the software on both local machines, click to share, and connect devices in a few seconds.

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Share USB Devices Over RDP

If you have already tried Remote Desktop Connection, you know its main drawback — you can not access USB devices using this approach. However, with port virtualization, USBoNET may fix it using MS-RDPEUSB and Citrix ICA protocols.

Access USB Devices in Virtual Machines

In addition to sharing a USB over network, you may access the device on a virtual machine and vice versa. Just install USBoNET on your host and a virtual machine and connect them during a session.

A Lot of Useful Features

USBoNET is more than just a solution for a seamless connection to remote devices. Below, you can learn about two more features that may come in handy when you need to take control of a device connected through USB over Ethernet and change security settings remotely.


You can easily connect, disconnect, and configure any device via a smartphone, PC, tablet, or laptop. The best thing is that you do not need to install any extra software — simply use any browser you want.

Gate Mode

The gate mode is a more advanced feature that lets you manage the security settings and share devices connected via USB 3.0 over Ethernet. With its help, you can change firewall settings by activating the “Can be relayed” option. This will allow you to bypass NAT and access devices outside your local network.

Advanced USB Device Isolation

if you use Windows, you cannot manage all connected devices effectively because they automatically become available to all users. However, with USB device isolation, you can bypass this limitation when sharing USB over Ethernet.

Local User Isolation

This option allows you to isolate the device directly from other Windows users. This solution helps tie a particular device to only one of many accounts.

Remote User Isolation (RDP)

You can assign the device to a specific user who is connected to the remote desktop session. After that, the device becomes invisible and inaccessible to other RDP sessions.

Step-by-step Instructions for Using USBoNET

Here is how to share USB devices over network with USBoNET:

  1. Download and install the USBoNET software on local (or virtual) machines.
  2. Launch the program.
  3. In the “Device” tab, locate a particular device and activate the “Allow access” option.
  4. Click “Remote Ports” on the PC or laptop you use.
  5. Find a device from the list and click to connect.

That’s all! Enjoy all the perks of the USB Internet functionality.

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What Are the Spheres of Application for USB Over Ethernet Technology?

USBoNET may be used in multiple spheres, including the following:

  • IT application sphere: for remote troubleshooting, managing updates and allowing access to configurations;
  • Exchange of data in the educational process: for instant distribution of learning materials;
  • Development: for debugging software using USB over IP extender;

Finally, it may be used in any business process to help your team collaborate effectively and seamlessly manage the workflow.

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