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Tomedes: Brand Story by Ofer Tirosh (Founder and CEO)

Tomedes - Brand Story by Ofer Tirosh (Founder and CEO)

I’m Ofer Tirosh, the founder and CEO of Tomedes, an international remote-first translation company that provides language solutions to SMEs and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. My journey in the translation industry started when I was a child, as I have always been fascinated with language and culture. This childhood fascination became a lifelong passion, which led to the founding of Tomedes.

Tomedes Means “Take Initiative”

The word Tomedes came from a dead language that translates to “take initiative” or “to get.” I chose this word to be the name of my company because I envisioned my translation company to be a company that takes the initiative in the translation industry and international market.

I believe that globalization is the future of all business markets and economies. Even before I founded my company, I observed that companies seeking to reach levels of influence and success in their given niche and industry would need to globally expand their brand through connecting to their international audience. When I founded Tomedes in 2007, I had this in mind.

Since then, we have been a long-time advocate in the development and use of translation technology in language solutions, even though the technology wasn’t as sophisticated at that time.

Tomedes Team
Tomedes Team

In a time when 23% of the US population were still using dial-up internet, we were one of the few remote-first companies who took advantage of the flexible work model and tapped into the global talent pool. In doing so, we were able to get the expertise of translators and other specialists from different fields, such as marketing, medicine, and law.

Over the years, we have taken this concept of “Tomedeness” in our work culture because taking the initiative isn’t only about large-scale actions within and outside our translation company. But it also comes down to the everyday activities that each of our employees does. This includes taking the initiative to accommodate our international clients’ concerns and needs.

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A Customer-Centric Translation Company

One of the reasons I chose the remote work model for my translation company is the “follow-the-sun” model. As a remote company, we have employees from across the world, and so, it ensures that no matter what timezone our clients are from when they call us, there will always be some from our company who will respond to their inquiries or requests.

Personally, I believe that as a professional translation company, the language solution you’re providing represents your client. What we do directly and indirectly affects how their audience perceives their message. Because of this, we work closely with our clients to get their message across effectively and minimize any “lost in translation” situations.

During the first couple of years, we experienced problems in some of our projects. This occurred due to miscommunication and lack of coordination with our clients. Over time, Tomedes established our work culture under the remote work model. We developed a system in how we will correspond and work with them, regardless of the industry they’re coming from.

Ofer Tirosh CEO at Tomedes
Ofer Tirosh, CEO at Tomedes

Putting “Meaning” in Every Translation

I have seen translation in a new light over a decade since I founded this translation company. It’s not just a simple process of replacing one word for another in a different language. But rather, it’s about taking the meaning of the message and making it relatable to your target audience, regardless of the purpose of the translation.

As a professional translation company, the concept of “Meaning” is always a part of our daily activities. For us at Tomedes, meaning can make a lasting impression and inspire those to take action.

Besides communicating with our clients, getting down to their business, and branding core values, we also ask them about their goals for translating their message. That way, we know about their expectations, and we can accommodate them or provide insights on how to best bring out their message in the international market.

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A Professional Translation Company Dedicated to Smart “Human” Translations

To achieve fast delivery of translation and language solutions to our international clients, Tomedes uses state-of-the-art translation technology in our translation process for all our projects. As mentioned, we have long supported the advancement of machine translation and other forms of translation technology. Most of our services use one form of technology or another.

But technology is just part of our translation process because true to our slogan: “Smart ‘Human’ Translations,” our translation process wouldn’t be complete without our 20,000 international remote translators. They bring the “human aspect” to it.

Because even though the technology for translation greatly improved over the years, it’s still not a hundred percent accurate, as it relies on algorithms from previous encounters in translating from one language to another.

For example, if a machine translation isn’t familiar with the language pair Vietnamese to English, there’s a high possibility of inaccuracy in the translations. Because of this, our translators oversee all translation processes made by these technologies. They ensure that our translations and language solutions are culturally and grammatically correct and easy to understand.

Often, you will hear in the media that translators’ jobs are going to be replaced by machines. However, I don’t think that’s the case because technology and human expertise should go hand-in-hand. In Tomedes, we strive to achieve that perfect balance of man and machine in all our services.

And through this system, our professional translation company is able to provide fast and accurate translation and language services in over 120+ languages and 950+ language pairs across different continents.

Ofer Tirosh with Team

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Broadening the Horizons of Thousands Worldwide

We are more than just a translation company. Since Tomedes’ inception, our main focus has always been to broaden the horizons of our clients through our knowledge and experience in dealing with the global market.

We provide insights into their target customers’ cultural and linguistic preferences to give them the edge in entering any market. This is made possible through our global remote team, whose members are made up of a wide range of experts from different fields and regions.

Currently, we have over 95,000 business clients from around the world with a 98% satisfaction rate across various customer review sites. However, we will not stop there.

Our vision for Tomedes in the coming years is to further support our clients’ global path and create a way to gain a more meaningful connection and growth with their customers.

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