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10 Textsheet Alternatives 2022 (Free Sites Like Textsheet)

Textsheet alternatives

Textsheet was a very useful tool for students and they used it to find the answers for various questions, homework, assignments, projects, etc. It was a go-to source for both parents and teachers. But now that it is no longer active and people are looking for Textsheet alternatives.

What Happened to Textsheet

The Textsheet website is not working because it was taken down due to the Copyright infringement appeal submitted by Chegg. Nevertheless, Chegg is yet another learning platform on the internet. It later came to light that Textsheet copied answers from other paid sites, including Chegg, for free.

Top 10 Textsheet alternative sites in 2022:

1. Chegg

Chegg is one of the best alternatives to Textsheet in 2022. It has the highest number of users and users can get answers to almost anything. It provides students with expert Q&A, textbook answers, video explanations, practice problems, etc. You can also get scholarships and online book rentals here.

Chegg - best textsheet alternative

Chegg, as a Textsheet alternative in 2022, offers various services and is extremely helpful to students, especially college students. If you don’t get the answer to your question, you can consult a professor for answers.

You can try Chegg for free for a week and then buy its subscription for $14.95 per month. Under subscription, you get to take advantage of many premium features of this academic website.

2. Course Hero

Course Hero is the Textsheet alternatives with over 30 million student resources for its students in the form of study notes, research, guides, videos, etc. It covers all major subjects including, literature, advanced math, biology, and much more. You can self-test your preparation of exams with its guides and sample test papers.

Course Hero - popular alternative to textsheet

The best part about this Textsheet alternative is that it offers 24/7 Homework Help along with personalized coaching with the help of professional teachers and college professors. Although it comes with a premium of $9.95 per month, you can earn free access by uploading your own material to the website, like a tradeoff. 

3. Slader

Slader is the alternative to Textsheet for those college students who are looking for a platform for online homework assistance. For just a $2 subscription, you can get many textbook solutions along with the step-by-step guide for most questions of your course. You can scan the barcode of your textbook or use the search bar to search for their textbook titles.

Slader - Textsheet replacement

Even though Slader mainly specializes in English literature, high school math, upper-level math, social science, science, etc. with a few foreign languages, it has a huge collection of a database comprising many subjects. Since Textsheet is not working, Slander is one of the best go-to platforms.

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4. SparkNotes

SparkNotes is yet another premium Textsheet alternative that costs $4.99 yearly but it offers its users a free trial for a month. It is one of the best platforms for English Literature, Arts, and Creative Writing. Although they offer academic helo for various subjects, it specializes in writing guides and its database is dedicated to arts and literature.

SparkNotes - Textsheet alternative

The notes come with brief summaries that allow you to understand the topics easily. To replace websites like Textsheet and create a unique place, SparkNotes also provides books and materials for many competitive exams. And you can use it both on Android and iOS devices.

5. Coursera

Coursera is the free alternative to Textsheet and a wonderful one especially if you need research papers. Today, it offers more than 4000 online courses to more than 40 million active users. This is one of the best platforms for research as it gives you access to a huge database for resources along with learning material.

Coursera - website like Textsheet

If you are a Ph.D. student who wants to collect research or study materials, this Textsheet alternative is ideal for you in 2022. You might even get overwhelmed with all that material. Coursera is available for both iOS and Android and just for a small fee, you get a full suite of services.

6. StudyLib

Another free alternative to Textsheet is Studylib. It has a wonderful database full of study materials and studying resources for students. Although comparatively, it is not as much student-friendly as other alternatives. But it is equally efficient in answering the questions and helping you complete the assignments.

Studylib - better than Textsheet

Similar to websites like Textsheet, StudyLib allows the user to share their notes and study materials through its share option.  However, to take advantage of this feature, you must be a registered user. You can browse different categories of subjects using its flashcard explorer. And you also get grammar and spell checking feature.

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7. Quizlet

Along with having a monstrous database of courseware and study material, Quizlet, a Textsheet alternative, is specially designed to help you prepare for your upcoming exam. All over the world, Quizlet has over 50 million users and has a wide variety of question papers from more than 150 countries. And it has many tutors who guide the students in everyday learning.

Quizlet - free alternative to Textsheet

You can also avail of its essay writing and research writing service here. Although these services cost you, they’re worth it. The writers are experts in their field and well acquainted with research writing. Quizlet offers a 15 days trial period where you can access its resources and study materials for free but after that, you will have to pay the premium for the subscription.

8. College Board

The Textsheet alternative College Board is ideal for those students who are preparing for SATs. It has course guides and lesson notes from many top management schools. It also has many quizzes specifically designed for SATs to help you prepare for the exams.

College Board - Textsheet alternative for college students

Unlike other websites like Textsheet, College Board allows you to purchase books at a discounted price and you can also exchange them at a great price. You can also get help with other subjects like history, math, physiology, etc. You can use it on Android and iOS both. 

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9. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is different from Textsheet alternatives in the way it works. It offers custom papers on a wide variety of subjects and the website is designed especially for Ph.D. students. If writing papers isn’t your cup of tea, this is the best place for you.

PaperHelp - alternative to textsheet

At a cost, you can get help with long essays and other writing services as per your specific requirement. You just have to enter your requirements and it will calculate the cost, time, and other things. And in case of issues, Paper Help also offers moneyback. The best part of this Textsheet alternative is that it has 24/7 customer support.

10. Skooli

Skooli offers online tutoring and that makes it one of the best websites like Textsheet. You can connect from anywhere and can also access it from your smartphone, computer, or tablet. This alternative to Textsheet works to boost the grade level of its users.

Skooli - best textsheet alternative

The best part is you don’t have to subscribe or make prepayments. You can pay when you need to at $0.82 per minute. Register yourself with free signup and use the answer keys and you also get to chat with your tutor and enter the online classroom on the Skooli website. 


These are the 10 best Textsheet alternatives and you can use them according to your need. They all have something different to offer. And that makes it easy for you to choose the best one. However, you can try different websites like Textsheet from this list.

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