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7 Ways to Start Writing without Mistakes

Ways to Start Writing without Mistakes
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Writing accompanies us during our lives. We tend to write daily. Whether it is a simple message, a review, or a paper, we have to type or write it. Students know that writing is an essential skill that needs to be polished. Writing plays a pivotal role in academic life, and the vast majority of assignments students get are writing ones. This is why it is crucial to have robust abilities to complete and submit papers on time.

Indeed, writing only papers is not enough to boost your skills. Many people use the ultimate writing guide and strive to find more similar to this one. This article covers all the most useful tips you should know to make your writing abilities skyrocket.

Here Are 7 Ways to Start Writing without Mistakes:

1. Read More

Indeed, this statement may sound dull and trivial. We all remember how our parents used to force us to read literature to improve our imagination. But there was a grain of truth in their intentions. The thing is, when you read, you enlarge your vocabulary unconsciously. Moreover, you tend to remember different structures that you can use when writing papers.

Make reading your healthy habit. You don’t have to read hundreds of books. Just make sure to walk through a couple of pages daily. Besides, you are free to diversify the literature you read. That is, you can read some articles with specific terminology in one day and some science fiction in another.

2. Start Writing On Schedule

The best way to make you self-disciplined and organized is to write systematically. You don’t have to spawn dozens of pages and wait till your writing is developed. Remember that you focus on making your texts correct and peerless. For that reason, create some challenging tasks. Try writing strictly academic articles, personal statements, informal texts, and semi-formal documents. By that, you will be able to adapt your writing to different situations.

3. Use Simple Language

Many students want their written discourses to stand out and use unusual words, which are incorrect. These errors are usually related to improper language use. Trying to show off, they are prone to getting the lowest grades. To avoid that, use straightforward and plain English. There is no need to look for archaic and unnecessary words aiming to make your piece eloquent. Remember to follow the KISS rule. Keep It Simple, Sunflower!

4. Be Slow And Careful When Writing

When you start writing, you will observe how slow you might be. It can be a real pain in the neck, indeed. However, you don’t have to try accelerating your writing process, as it will make you worse-off if you need a couple of hours to complete a two-page essay, fine. One hour to write an email? No problem. One might ask, “Why does it take so long? I want to type quickly and complete my assignments on time.”

First, you have to read your written sentences repeatedly to make sure they are straight to the point. Secondly, you have to double-check words analyzing whether they fit the context. Besides, it can take some time to construct a sentence in your head before including it in the paper.

5. Look For Model Papers

As we already know, if you want to write excellent papers, you have to read lots of literature. Many academic writing web pages specialize in completing college and university assignments. Even though many are scammers that deceive students, there are still credible ones who have been operating for years. Such reliable companies usually have templates where you can see how a top-notch essay should look. You are free to go to EssayShark review and find there a decent number of model papers with testimonials that confirm writers’ competence.

6. Utilize Handy Tools

Thanks to the fast-paced environment, we can use cutting-edge technologies to satisfy our needs. English is a universal language, and many tools can help you polish your writing to shine. Among them are many free apps. But the most noteworthy are Grammarly, Thesaurus Dictionary, and Hemingway App.


Even though the app is not a pioneer in the spell checking world, it has surpassed all its competitors right after launching. The website’s primary aim is to spot your grammatical and punctuation errors and make your writing error-free. It has two versions, free and paid. However, it is more than enough to have a free version if you’re a student. Grammarly is continuously developing, and there are new features introduced regularly. For instance, if you are a keen user of Google Docs, employing Grammarly is a no-brainer, as it is already embedded into Docs. You can write and review your text at the same time! Sounds superb, doesn’t it?

Thesaurus Dictionary of Synonyms

No one loves repetitions. They decrease your level of excitement even if you read something that thrills you to bits. To avoid such an aftertaste, you are highly encouraged to vary your paper with appealing and suitable synonyms. Thesaurus is a great app for that purpose; English gurus knew what to create. Typing a word, you will see dozens of synonyms sorted out by relevance. This helps you choose the most appropriate words. The web page has a mobile application available for Android users. Its most prominent advantage is that you can run it offline. Aside from synonyms, you can see antonyms and brief explanations of the word you are looking for. Also, you can hear the word’s pronunciation, which is an A-level feature for ESL speakers.

Hemingway App

This web page is widely known among old hands. Hemingway focuses on increasing your text’s entire readability. It is called Hemingway on purpose. Ernest Hemingway followed a simple style; his sentences were short but accurate and straight to the point. That is why his books remain outstanding examples of how one should write. The app underlines sentences or words that are hard to follow. It recommends you to change or even erase them. Of course, the app is free for everyone.

7. Proofread The Paper

Proofreading is an essential part of completing every essay. In no way do you have to submit your work right after you finish it. Proofreading is very simple. All you need to do is put the piece away for some time and change your focus doing something different. Then go back to the text and reread it. You will see that some words may seem unnatural and redundant, and you may want to delete them.

It is always a great idea to have someone who can check your paper. A fresh set of eyes can spot concealed, minor, yet critical mistakes in no time. Ask your family members, friends, or peers to analyze the essay objectively and point out everything that looks wrong.


Writing flawless papers doesn’t seem fully attainable. Even the most reputable academicians and writers commit errors when writing articles and books. However, you can perfect your writing and decrease the chances of making plenty of mistakes by following this guide. All you need to have is a serious approach, and the desire to write unparalleled essays. Remember that practice makes perfect. By writing systematically, you will make every assignment doable in the long run.

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