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Social Champ: Why & How I Launched It – Brand Story by Sameer A. Khan

Social Champ Brand Story by Sameer Ahmed Khan

It all started with a need and a wish, which turned into a birthday gift!

I was never a social media enthusiast, and I rarely existed on Twitter. I used to tweet after the midnights, and there wasn’t any engagement on any single tweet. Time flew and my mind developed a new strategy. I started inspecting my Twitter timeline, deleted all my previous tweets or posts, and came up with some new ideas and tweets so that every particular person would look through my tweets, and this worked out.

The Inspiration

Apart from my tweeting schedule, I was keen to learn something new, and on the top of my list were Guy Kawasaki’s and Peg Fitzpatrick’s “The Art of Social Media.” My mind quickly captured that “The Art of Repeating” is a proven strategy. My eyes just caught that, and I rushed to Google to check if any platform allowed republishing or posting rapidly within a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, the results weren’t satisfactory. Instead, they were highly disappointing, but the idea was then stuck in my mind.

One random day, I asked my friends to help me with bulk posting and advance scheduling on all my social media profiles.

Zohaib and Shakir promised me that he would work on something similar and present it to me as a birthday present. I was pretty excited about my birthday that year.

Before launching Social Champ in the market some five years ago, we thoroughly tested the tool on our social profiles. Honestly, all this testing was for our benefit and not for the audience. We didn’t even realize that there is a need in the market.

However, when we started talking to the community, we realized that they all need this tool.

After spending countless days creating and testing, we presented the idea as “Social Champ.” I shared it with an e-magazine, “Tech Juice,” and received overwhelmingly positive responses, reviews, and so many recommendations. From that point onwards, the three of us realized that there is no going back. Social Champ is now a reality.

And that’s how “Social Champ” came into existence.

Social Champ Today

After some five years of launching our product and thousands of signups, we are still growing.

Social Champ is a journey, which we quite honestly love staying on. Our team has grown from three to twenty-three highly skilled individuals who work each day to bring forward a better product.

We work on the bugs and fixtures, develop new features, help clients solve their queries, and improve the experience each day. We are lucky to have a community that motivates us to do better and reports bugs as soon as they identify them.

It’s challenging to stay up to date with modern world technology, but somehow, we manage it all. Today, Social Champ caters to thousands of clients worldwide and posts uncountable posts on all social profiles!

Social Champ in The Future

We are excited to see what the future holds for us. We know it would be challenging, but that’s something we are good at. We love ourselves a challenge; it helps us grow and bring forward an even better product than before.

We aim to scale our business to new lengths to provide a better quality product experience.

We have numerous new features waiting for you all in the pipeline, some of which are the features that our customers have asked for in the past.

From here, we only plan on going upwards and onwards!

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Perks of Using Social Champ

  • The most straightforward and easy-to-use social media management tool.
  • An easy-to-navigate interface that provides a streamlined experience.
  • Multiple platform support, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, and Twitter.
  • Next level smart automation features, including Auto RSS feed and Bulk Upload.
  • Create posts once and post them to multiple social networks simultaneously.
  • Track your social media posts’ progress by comparing weekly and monthly reports and analytics based on platform-centric metrics.
  • Repeat features to make sure that your content does not go to waste.
  • Social Inbox allows you to reply to all PM/DM, reviews, and comments on paid/organic posts from one tab.
  • Calendar view of all scheduled and published posts.
  • Four excellent pricing plans starting from only $10 per month only.
  • 10% discount on all annual packages.

Additionally, if you subscribe for the annual plan, you receive a flat 20% OFF on all pricing options using the coupon code: SOLUTIONSUGGEST

P.S: This offer is exclusively for Solution Suggest visitors. Normally, we offer 10% OFF on yearly purchases.

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