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16 SauceNAO Alternatives & Similar Websites

SauceNAO Alternatives list

SauceNAO is a popular search engine platform that caters to reverse image search. It is frequently used on sites like image-boards. SauceNAO’s Firefox and Google Chrome extension is available in the web store. It was launched in 2008 by Xamayonis in association with PieSpy from the IQDB project. This reverse image search engine allows you to search with graphics instead of keywords and helps you identify the source of photographs, images, screenshots and more. Strict anonymity of images is maintained at the time of their online hosting to prevent discovery by other users. However, if you’re looking for advanced alternatives to SauceNAO, your search ends here.

Here is a list of 16 best SauceNAO alternatives and similar websites:


IQDB features an excellent reverse image search functionality which makes it a hot SauceNAO alternative. This feature helps users to retrieve information about any image. It offers a list of platforms on its website, including Haruhi doujins, Konachan (anime wallpapers) Moe.imouto.org (high-res scans), and more. Users can search for an image by uploading the image file or URL and then choosing the relevant search platform. It focuses mainly on images from anime.

2. NooBox

NooBox is a free and open-source tool and a great alternative to SauceNAO that can help you carry out a reverse image search to identify the source of any image. It combines search findings from Google, Bing, Baidu IQDB, Tineye, Yandex, SauceNao into a single tab. Noobox features a photo extraction tool to extract images from any page, a snapshot tool to generate a snapshot of your screen and submit it as a source of your inquiry. Additional features of Noobox include support for DataURI and local images.

3. DriverLayer Image Search Engine

DriverLayer Image Search Engine is the alternative to SauceNAO. It became one of the most popular search engines in a very short time, since its inception in 2014. DriverLayer Image Search Engine has a clean look and futuristic design and provides instant and most relevant search results. It also includes features such as parental control, functionality to search images of any size, and faster image loading in cases of slow internet or PC. 

4. Yandex

The reverse photo search tool of Yandex is very impressive and is a great alternative to SauceNAO. It is the largest search engine of Russia which was developed to track duplicate images. You can input the image via URL or by uploading the file directly from the computer and start your search. Yandex also provides the option to filter search results according to file size. This simple reverse image search is free to use and works smoothly. 

5. TinEye

If you are looking for a SauceNAO alternative with a highly efficient image search and recognition engine, try TinEye. It can accurately detect the source as well as the usage pattern of any image. The reverse image search mechanism of TinEye helps to find matches by creating unique digital signatures for individual images and comparing them with different indexed images. Tineye provides accurate search results, including modified images. Instead of searching for similar images, TinEye usually looks up images with sections copied from other images.

6. Google Images

When we consider the best alternatives to SauceNAO, you can’t miss Google Images which is the most comprehensive image search engine, widely used to find images on the World Wide Web. Google added the reverse image search tool in 2011. This tool is completely free for all users and does not restrict file size or file type. The reverse image search can index the largest number of images which increases the possibility of finding a match. Google Chrome users can perform an instant search by selecting the ‘search Google for this image’ option after right-clicking on the selected image. 

7. Google Lens

Google Lens is another fantastic app on this list of SauceNAO alternatives. It allows smartphone users to make use of Google’s vast image database and research anything on the internet with just taking a photo of them. The service is surprisingly efficient and also presents a couple of cool features to improve the overall experience of users. When you perform an image search for an item, Google Lens not only provides you with product insights but also offers you useful purchasing links for the same. Google Lens allows you to find about a host of things including text, similar products, books and media, plants and animals, and scan codes simply by targeting your camera towards the object. 

8. PicsLikeThat

SauceNAO alternative, PicsLikeThat is mainly a prototype image search system that combines keyword search along with visual similarity examination and semi-automatically identified inter-image relationships. With its visual sorting feature, PicsLikeThat can display multiple images that allow effortless inspection. This often provides a good opportunity for users to get a proper overview of the whole search result set. Tracking user interaction helps PicsLikeThat to determine the semantic relationships of the images.

9. RevIMG

RevIMG reverse image search engine developed by GETCOO, is one of the best  alternatives to SauceNAO because it performs image search using categories. You can select categories to conduct your search on RevImg by providing the sample image from a computer or URL. You may opt to ignore color selection when searching for images. Through an intelligent combination of computer vision, photo processing, and analysis, RevIMG instantly determines the content of your inquired image and delivers you all the relevant information. The search results provided by RevIMG are sorted according to the similarity percentage and helps you to recognize and access useful information.

10. Picsearch

Picsearch helps users to connect to the abundant visual resources of the internet. Picsearch’s unique technology allowed it to crawl the web to build a searchable index of images. When you input a query to Picsearch, it displays the result as a sorted set of thumbnail images to make sure they are most relevant. Once you click on a thumbnail, you are redirected to the original website of that image. The image search technology of Picsearch boasts of three main features that make it unique. These features include its patent-pending indexing algorithms, family-friendly advanced filtering systems, and user-friendly interface. Simple design, fast and accurate search make Picsearch a goodl SauceNAO alternative for school, business, and families!

11. Reversee

Reversee is a wonderful alternative to SauceNAO that helps to connect reverse image search engines with your pictures to make it easier for you to search by images. You can choose Reversee to locate webpages displaying a picture, upgraded resolution of a picture, others’ social network profiles, and more. Reversee uses third-party engines like Google Images (default), Bing and Yandex for the reverse image search on its platform. Users can include the search functionality of Reversee inside other apps including Safari, Chrome, Photos, and other apps that provide options to export images or URLs.

12. CamFind

Being a popular alternative to SauceNAO, CamFind is loaded with multiple features for image identification. It allows its users to photograph, identify, and procure highly accurate information on just about anything they wish to learn about. With mobile visual search technology, CamFind not only allows you to click a picture of things around you but also helps to retrieve relevant information about them. This information can include buying options and other relevant search results. After a user takes a picture and it gets identified by CamFind. The user is further prompted to select a suitable option among Internet Search Results, Price Comparisons, and Online Shopping, Related Similar Images, Related Places, and Address Finder, and more. You should try CamFind if you need an alternative to SauceNAO.

13. Qwant

Qwant is another excellent alternative to SauceNAO. It is the leading EU-based search engine that is committed to protecting your data as well as respecting your privacy. Headquartered in Paris, the French search engine was launched in the year 2013. Qwant comes across as an efficient and ethical search engine that strives to ensure unbiased and neutral search results to users. Qwant.com features a responsive interface and its own indexing engine. The web search engine delivers the entire search result on a single web page so that you can access websites, pictures, videos, social networks, shopping, music through a single search.

14. Trace.moe

Trace.moe search engine is a suitable SauceNAO alternative that is designed as a test-of-concept prototype that can track the source of the anime through a screenshot query. The search engine shows the best match after scanning more than 22300 hours of anime. Since it may be difficult to get accurate search results, Trace.moe displays a mini-preview for user verification. Also, you are encouraged to acknowledge original creators/owners before sharing their creations online. Trace.moe lacks pro/premium features. However, Trace.moe’s server is very efficient in prohibiting original video access by users beyond the preview limit.

15. Picsbuffet

Next on our list of SauceNAO alternatives is Picsbuffet which was developed by HTW Berlin in collaboration with Pixabay. Picsbuffet provides both 2D and 3D views of images and promises to improve your Pixabay image exploration with a visual image search system. Picsbuffet allows you to enter your search keywords to look up and discover millions of images on the visually arranged “image map”. You can see the ‘image map’ photos closely by dragging and zooming your mouse and also discover the source of a photo. Searching for a specific Pixabay image with Picsbuffet.easy for people who know how to work with Google Maps.

16. Image Search Options

One of the best alternatives to SauceNAO is Image Search Options. It is a highly efficient browser extension tool by Xamayon for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers that offers several customization options to streamline reverse image searching. You can simply right-click on any online image to retrieve a context menu consisting of a list of search providers. You can also modify the list according to your needs or set your preference to automatic for searching across multiple image search engines at once. Image Search Options empowers its users through several out of the box tools that are simple and fully functional.


You can use these reverse search engines as alternatives to SauceNAO. Some of them have become highly popular due to their prominently useful features. Try these SauceNAO alternatives listed above to know which one of them is suitable for you.

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