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10 OrcPub Alternatives / Replacement Apps in 2024

OrcPub Alternatives and Replacement Apps

In this article, we will talk about the best alternatives to OrcPub and help you choose the one that fits your unique requirements. Spending some quality time with friends and family is no more a common scenario these days. It could be over a cup of tea or playing indoor games. However, technology has definitely helped us to stay connected and thrive in difficult times. Recently, online tabletop games have become a rage as more and more people love playing with their family and friends. Tabletop games have made this possible even when we are not physically together. 

What Is OrcPub?

OrcPub.com was a suite for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition that consists of tools. It was designed for tabletop gameplay and preparation. It was used to make the game seamless and easily accessible to more players and DMs. Applications like these allow gamers to explore new horizons in the world of gaming. Some of the features that OrcPub.com offered were a character builder, homebrew content tools, a spell, a rule, monster references, and a combat tracker. Additionally, one can add more features to it.

What Happened to Orcpub2?

Although Orcpub2 was a great application, the recent announcement by Larry Christensen, the creator, about the discontinuation of the platform due to legal issues was disheartening for many. OrcPub.com and Orcpub2.com are no longer active. Consequently, people have started looking for alternatives to OrcPub.com and its replacement apps in 2024. We are here to list down the top-rated OrcPub alternatives to ensure that you don’t have a hard time looking for them elsewhere.

Top 10 OrcPub Alternatives and Replacement Apps in 2024:

1. Roll20

Roll20 logo - Orcpub alternatives

One of the best alternatives to OrcPub in 2024, Roll20 is very easy to use and is even more convenient for gamers as it comes free of cost. Similar to OrcPub, Roll20 is a famous app for “Dungeons and Dragons”. This tabletop video gaming platform also includes games such as pen-and-paper RPGs online along with others. It can run directly into the web browser and is entirely a web-based game. Also, video clips and even voice chat, background songs, character sheets, a substantial art library, etc., are found in this game. Roll20’s digital tabletop, compendium, and character-building devices are powered by HTML5, making it easy to use. You are free from downloads and installations or any kind of setup for game masters/players. These tabletop games tool offers unique methods to boost your storytelling games with drawing tools, etc. 

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2. MapTool 

Maptool logo - Orcpub alternatives

A flagship product of the RP Tools software suite, MapTool, is another best alternative to OrcPub. A Java application, it can run on any operating system and is loaded with features that are similar to OrcPub. Loading maps, importing custom tokens, tracking initiative order health, and saving campaigns are some of the features that MapTool has to offer. This app, just like OrcPub allows you to play games on a real-time basis and comes free of cost.

3. Rolisteam

Rolisteam logo - best Orcpub alternatives

A virtual tabletop software, Rolisteam is an OrcPub alternative app that helps you in managing tabletop role-playing games with your gamer friends and other players. It offers a plethora of features like sharing maps, images, tools to communicate with your other players, etc. The creators aim to make Rolisteam a managed RPG game that can be as good as other available RPG games like OrcPub.

4. Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds logo - Orcpub Replacement App

Another OrcPub replacement app is Fantasy Grounds which provides a unique experience for each game. Intelligent Automation offers easy preparation, seamless executions, along with immersive gaming. It is a virtual tabletop application that comprises features similar to that of OrcPub. Virtual dice rolling, character sheets, and maps with a grid system are to name a few. Additionally, this was designed especially for “Dungeons and Dragons” but you can buy content that is pre-loaded and ready to play.

5. Mipui

Mipui logo - Best Orcpub Alternatives

Mipui, one of the popular OrcPub replacement apps of 2024, offers a real-time collaboration between multiple authors. An online, grid-based map editor, Mipui, allows you to view the edits on a real-time basis. Mipui supports features like undo/redo, resizing the grid without deleting existing content, zoom and pan tools, copy and paste, etc. All these features and more make Mipui a very user-friendly application. Additionally, this app is famous for playing “D&D” and other games that were available on OtrcPub. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are some of the supported browsers for Mipui. 

6. Beyond Tabletop

Beyond Tabletop logo -  Top Orcpub Alternatives

One such trending alternative to OrcPub is Beyond Tabletop. It comes with a group of tools for RPG players to reinforce their in-person gaming sessions with precisely designed, easy-to-use online character sheets and maps. However, It is a free real-time OrcPub2 replacement app that is compatible with all devices. Character sheets, maps, and other files are easily available in a real-time-accessible database, a feature that OrcPub was famous for. Thus, Beyond Tabletop offers D&D 5e and Pathfinder character sheets with integrated classes (core, base, alternative, NPC, and CRB prestige), feats, spells, conditions, customizable fields, and more. 

7. Epic Table

Epic Table logo - Orcpub Alternatives Replacement

Epic Table, one of the trusted alternatives to OrcPub, is a virtual Tabletop game. Easy to use, it is similar to an RPG. It offers hassle-free networking and allows you to share files very easily. Therefore, it makes your gaming experience worthwhile as it will enable you to effectively play D and D with friends that are available remotely. With the help of this app, you can play any game on your physical tabletop. 

8. GM Forge

GM Forge logo - Orcpub Alternative app

A standalone Virtual Tabletop, GM Forge is one of the most trending alternatives to OrcPub in 2024 with similar features. Unlike OrcPub, it requires $30 for access. However, it is an affordable alternative as it requires only one person in a group to purchase the application. Some of GM Forge’s exclusive features are Dynamic Lightning, Combat Tracker, Voice/Video Chat, Full System Builder, Online/Offline/Local Network Support, World Maps / Map connecting, and many more. 

9. Astral TableTop

Astral Tabletop logo - Orcpub Alternative

Astral Tabletop, another alternative to OrcPub, offers the easiest way to create, host, and play tabletop roleplaying games online or in person. It was launched in 2017, offering a brand new experience, and was originally called “Power VTT”. It is a free app and offers features similar to OrcPub. Thus, you can easily create and seamlessly run games without any hassles faced during a set-up. Additionally, it allows you to build maps and characters from very scratch or use any of the ready-to-play templates available with them. 

10. DiceCloud

DiceCloud logo - Orcpub Alternative

DiceCloud, is the best alternative to OrcPub, offering a real-time D&D 5e Character Tracker. Thus, it aims to help people spend less time shuffling paper, and rather it wants to maximize their playtime. Additionally, Dicecloud allows you to involve yourself actively and discuss new features and get direct help using DiceCloud. Additionally, you can vote on feature ideas and determine what features should be prioritized. With DiceClub, you can have complete access to it and enjoy each and every element.

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Further, to help you narrow down the perfect match for your game we suggest you get your hands on free software like Roll20, Astral Tabletop, MapTool, Beyond Tabletop, and Epic Table. Those who have a pre-defined group of players can invest in GM Forge as it requires only one player to purchase the app. Therefore, now that you have a customized list of the best OrcPub alternatives in 2024, nothing should be holding you back. Go ahead and make your tabletop gaming strong.

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