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Manta Sleep: Brand Story by Mark Zhang (CEO & Founder)

Manta Sleep: Brand Story by Mark Zhang (CEO & Founder)
Images Source: Mark Zhang

I am Mark Zhang, CEO, and Founder of Manta Sleep (which provides 100% blackout and the utmost comfort to help users maximize their sleep hygiene). A major part of Manta Sleep’s mission is our Pro-Nap Movement which promotes the many wonderful health benefits of taking a nap during each workday and rejects the idea that napping is “lazy” or something that should be frowned upon.

I wanted to share my brand story with the hopes of inspiring other entrepreneurs to follow their dreams — and encourage them to take a daily nap to boost their vitality!

Searching for a Solution to My Own Sleep Issues

Mark Zhang CEO at Manta Sleep
Mark Zhang

My business journey with Manta Sleep began because I was desperate to find a solution to my own sleep problems. I had been a really light sleeper since I was a teenager and even started wearing a sleep mask when I was just fifteen years old. However, I struggled to find a sleep mask that was of the quality I really needed — so many generic sleep masks I tried out lacked comfort, didn’t fully prevent light from seeping in, or they quickly fell apart through repeated use.

I always got so frustrated at my inability to sleep well, as it caused me to wake up tired and then be unable to put forth the energy and focus needed to go full force after my life goals. I always thought to myself, wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone finally created a sleep mask that was effective, über comfortable, high quality, and durable enough to last for many years? I knew that having a mask like this would help me sleep so much better so I could really live my best life.

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The Catalyst for Change

Before founding Manta Sleep, I was an accountant and later worked with several e-commerce enterprises. In school, I had planned to pursue a career in the accounting field, working in the corporate world. However, all of that changed when one of my early childhood friends passed away from cancer when I was in my twenties.

My friend’s passing shook me up and made me realize that life was way too short and precious to hold off on pursuing the life path I really wanted to be on. So I left my career to launch the business of my dreams.

Crowdfunding Success for Manta Sleep

To raise the capital needed to bring the Manta Sleep mask to market, my business partner and I turned to crowdfund. We ended up raising over $700,000 on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, and I had only expected to raise around $200,000!

This was absolutely thrilling, as it showed me that so many others believed in our product and what we were trying to accomplish. One reason the crowdfunding campaign was so successful was that we spent $50,000 on Facebook advertising in order to boost interest in our product and drive contributions.

Helping People Sleep Better than Ever

Manta Sleep Mask

Now, the Manta Sleep mask is the only mask designed and constructed to help ensure users get deep, uninterrupted sleep wherever they are. A must-have for daily power naps, it perfectly conforms to the eyes in order to provide 100% blackout.

Even a tiny pinprick of light can disrupt deep sleep and REM (both of which are essential for overall health), and it keeps all light out — even in broad daylight! Anyone can use the mask to take an invigorating nap at work or to sleep soundly throughout the night. Manta Sleep mask is also a must-have for shift workers who need to sleep during the day.

On top of this, the Manta Sleep mask offers a truly personalized fit for anyone; the strap tightness and eye covers’ position and angle can all be infinitely adjusted to ensure a personalized, comfortable fit for each user. Manta Sleep mask is also made with soft, breathable materials that won’t add any pressure to the eyelids or lashes.

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Our Company’s Pro-Nap, Anti-hustle Culture

At Manta Sleep, we believe that great sleep hygiene is the non-negotiable, pivotal ingredient for living the healthiest, most fulfilling life possible. We also don’t think it’s possible to maximize your true potential if you forgo an afternoon nap each day.

Therefore, our company’s culture is all about living your best life through daily naps and deep, healthy sleep. We encourage all of our employees to take a 30-minute power nap after lunch each day, rather than trudge over to the coffee pot to try to get more energy. We have seen how naps provide a big boost in clarity, focus, and energy, which in turn helps to amplify productivity and work output.

That said, we celebrate workday naps, not condemn them! We think that all companies should join our Pro-Napping Movement to help ensure their employees are living their best lives. Companies that allow their staff members to nap each afternoon will likely see a major boost in productivity, work output, and morale, which will amplify overall business success.

Manta Sleep - Plans for the Future

Manta Sleep – Plans for the Future

Our product line has grown to also include other sleep mask varieties that all provide 100% blackout, such as the Manta SILK Mask which is made with skin-protecting and anti-aging silk. We also now offer the Manta WEIGHTED Mask, which provides a gentle, soothing pressure to help relieve anxiety, stress, insomnia, and headaches.

On top of this, we have the Manta AROMA Mask, which features the soothing, relaxation-boosting power of lavender aromatherapy. This mask’s lavender scent lasts 15 – 30x longer than other sleep masks on the market!

We also just launched the Manta Sleep Mask Pro, which is THE most advanced sleep mask in the world. Its C-shaped eyecups don’t add any pressure on the eyelids or eyelashes when users sleep on their side — the mask’s eyecups sit flat against their temples without sacrificing space around the eyes. This mask ensures unsurpassable comfort for side sleepers!

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Looking to the future, we will continue focusing on providing immense value to our vast customer base. We have other exciting products in the works and will continue striving to be the first brand people think of when it comes to improving their sleep hygiene.

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