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Landing Page Best Practices for 2024

Landing Page Best Practices for 2022
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It is necessary to be aware of the most effective current trends if you want to ensure your landing page does its job well and efficiently. With the changes in audiences’ mindsets over the last few years, it is essential to account for the shift unless you want your website to start lagging in performance. To help you deal with that, we have prepared landing page best practices that you should explore.

Top 8 Landing Page Best Practices for 2024:

1. Use a Clean Design

The first of our advice for the landing page best practices you can subscribe to is to keep its design clean. If you take the time to learn more about running a website, you will gradually find out that crisper and more efficient designs do better at attracting readers’ attention. This is because they present what the website has to offer in a friendly, easily accessible way.

Cluttered options and a thousand submenus that open when you hover over them might seem impressive for a few minutes. Then, it will just become hard to navigate. And, when you can’t find what you need quickly, you are more likely to leave in disgust than persist.

2. Make Sure Your Landing Page Is Optimized for All Platforms

The second good landing page practice we can recommend is testing and ensuring your optimization is up to snuff. This, of course, includes things such as mobile PPC that needs to be able to adjust to all devices. Most website visitors nowadays use their phones to visit different websites, which is why mobile optimization is essential.

Your landing page can be the best, prettiest, most efficient website page in the world. And it will not matter a single bit if the only browser you can open it on is Chrome, and it only works on a PC. Your landing page needs to be accessible through every possible device, browser, and platform.

3. Feature Reviews on Your Landing Page

When discussing the best practices regarding landing pages, it is impossible to skip mentioning the use of reviews. No matter what the marketing goal of your landing page is, learning how to embed Google reviews into it will make it much more persuasive.

Of course, you need genuine and good reviews for this strategy to work. It is fine and even more persuasive if you include a few ‘mild’ reviews. This enhances your image as an honest and upright business.

4. Do Not Try to Fit In Too Many Features

Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that a landing page needs to show off a ton of features. It takes up a ton of space and even makes browsing the page more difficult.

Add to that the option to search areas for nearby company headquarters, and you have an irredeemable mess of a page only a professional could maybe navigate. Keeping things simple is preferable, with maybe one special page feature tastefully incorporated subtly.

5. Always Feature Your Main Selling Point at the Top of the Page

Many people do not bother to scroll down the page to check out the latter parts of it. If it is not visible at the top, they assume it is less important. This is why you need to present the main points about your business at the very start. And prominently, at that. Have tasteful icons representing your various services or product groups and list them out.

Have a nice little array of what you are offering. In other words, catch the eye without having to shout HIRE ME FOR MY SERVICES blatantly. If you list out the options like that and provide links to learn more, landing page visitors will feel more inclined to visit those links. And they will feel like they were not forced into the decision, making them more receptive.

6. Do Not Have an Overly Long Landing Page

Long landing pages can work if the space is taken up by appealing images or videos featuring your services and products. But it is still an undue risk. Since it also presents one of the things we’ve already recommended you avoid: clutter.

The landing page best practices we’ve gone over already should make one thing abundantly clear. People do not like to be bombarded with too much at once since it can get overwhelming. Again, here, you want to avoid falling into this trap.

7. Each of Your Marketing Campaigns Demands Its Own Landing Page

Each of your initiatives and marketing campaigns demands its own landing page. If you are routing everything to your website’s front page, you are missing out on a ton of options you have to show off the service or product your website’s visitors had clicked on an ad or followed a link to see in the first place.

Instead of giving them what they want, you are bombarding them with the full scope of what you have to offer. If you track some of the most important landing page metrics and keep track of the numbers, you will quickly learn that such targeted landing pages do much better than the alternatives.

8. Have a Singular Focus On Your Landing Page

Finally, if you want to follow some of the best practices when it comes to landing pages, it is advised that each landing page follows a singular conversion goal. You can use any number of Google Analytics alternatives, or Google’s data itself, to confirm this claim.

But it is only when your efforts are concentrated on achieving one particular conversion tactic that you succeed the most. If you want to get people to sign up for your newsletter, then feature the benefits of doing so and the subscribe button. Do not throw in a side advertisement for your other website features!


As you can tell from browsing through the eight landing page best practices for 2024, this year hates inefficiently and clutter. It may be a consequence of all the chaos we have gone through in the last couple of years. But, internet users now want clear-cut access to information, products, and services.

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