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Kardia: Brand Story by Christan Hiscock (Co-founder and CEO)

Kardia Brand Story by Christan Hiscock Co-founder CEO
Images Source: Christan Hiscock

I’m Christan Hiscock, the Co-founder, and CEO of Kardia and leader of 14 thriving companies. I wanted to share the story of what inspired me to launch Kardia, a business with a mission to bring more heart into the business world. While I started out in the financial industry, my vision expanded so much further.

Back in 2007, I was just beginning my career in financial services. While training for a position in the field, my love for the industry grew massively after I discovered just how much a finance professional could help families and individuals better their living situations and overall life experience with sound, caring advice.

The financial industry tends to be very transactional, but I realized we can do so much more for people when we focus on educating them and helping them improve their lives in the bigger picture.

Born from a Desire to Help Clients Achieve Financial Fulfillment

Through my research, I discovered that statistically, over 90% of the people who reside in Canada and the United States don’t have financial security. Most are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to pay their rent and bills or buy groceries.

Seeing this made me want to do something to help all of these people who were financially insecure and not able to live their lives to their fullest. That helped spark the idea for Kardia, which was initially a financial services company that focused on helping people achieve financial fulfillment.

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Kardia CEO Christan Hiscock and Team
Kardia Team

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Kardia (which means “heart” in Greek) is now all about filling the business and finance arenas with more heart, kindness, altruism, and care for others. Our top priority is to help educate our clients with sound financial advising, passive real estate investing opportunities, accounting expertise, real estate advice, guidance on credit solutions, community-building, and so much more.

In doing this, we hope that our clients will get the knowledge and insight needed to break any cycle of financial struggle they may be facing and ultimately create their own financial freedom.

Leading the Forefront of Heart-Centered Business Practices

I wanted my company to lead the forefront of heart-centered business practices, where the primary focus is on helping to make a true, positive impact on the lives of others, not just on making profits. That’s why Kardia’s main goal is to help people live much happier, healthier, and fulfilled lives.

Part of that comes from relieving the financial stress they feel. With that removed, our clients are able to spend more time with their family and loved ones doing the hobbies they enjoy. In other words, they’re able to live the lifestyles they truly want.

It’s our hope that other companies will follow our lead and infuse their business practices with a heart that inspires and guides them to do what is right for their employees, customers, and their local communities. It’s my belief that any company in any industry can make a positive, life-changing impact on others and in the world as a whole if they make it a priority to always focus on what’s right.

We also believe that any business can make a massive difference in the lives of those that they serve, and also have a highly profitable bottom line while doing it.

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The Current Situation

The Kardia umbrella encompasses an array of companies that all lead with heart. One company is Kardia Communities, an international real estate investment firm that offers acquisition services, rent to own, short-term rentals, and developments. Working hand in hand with Kardia Communities is Oniero Capital Management, which offers a variety of ways for people to invest in real estate passively and make great returns.

Kardia Financial Advisors works directly with clients who want investment consulting, financial planning, legacy planning, and more. Each advisor’s goal is to help bring clients peace of mind and the assurance needed to be certain that every financial decision they make is truly in their best interest.

Other businesses under the Kardia brand are Kardia Capital Partners (which makes private investments and professional portfolio management connections hassle-free and easy to comprehend), and Ploutos Financial, which offers sophisticated, heart-centered strategies to help clients build the best financial future.

We at Kardia are proud to have such a diverse team of experts who all share the same passion for making a true, positive difference in the world. Kardia’s network of impact-driven, heart-centered business leaders all prove that anyone in any industry can create good in the world, as long as they conduct their business with care, integrity, and compassion for others. 

The Future of Kardia

We have big future plans for our company! Right when I launched Kardia back in 2016, I had devised a 9-year plan that would outline where the enterprise would go. The first three years were focused on generating brand awareness of what we are all about and our mission.

Kardia Team Photo

The main goal of the following three years was to build business systems and internal processes that would allow our entire business to scale. This meant optimizing our hiring practices, financial processes, marketing strategies, and other processes that are vital to the progression of our company. We are now in the final year of that second stage. 

Over the next three years, I will focus on breaking the systems we put in place so that we can scale. In order to do this, we’ll make it a priority to hire many different people to join our company and provide their unique perspectives on how Kardia can progress.

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On top of this, we’ll focus on expanding much quicker by switching up our systems to accommodate rapid growth. Then when we finish that we’ll break it all again to continue building and building — my top goal is to have 1000 employees and 10,000 contractors who are all proud to be a part of the Kardia team!

I’m so excited for what the future holds for Kardia and will continue to look for more ways to revolutionize the way people think about corporate businesses for years to come.

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