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How to Promote an Online Store: 5 Best Tips

How to Promote an Online Store

Technology is causing the whole world to go digital and the covid-19 pandemic has hastened up the pace. Education is one phenomenon that has been digitalized with online classes springing up in different schools and teachers redefining their teaching methods; online shopping is another.

People now prefer to buy things online. Those that preferred the traditional means find it difficult to do so presently due to the pandemic which means there are more online shoppers. In 2016 alone, the world recorded a whooping 1.6 billion online shoppers the number has been growing ever since with the forecast for online shoppers in 2021 being 2.14 billion.

Everyone has tried to adapt to technology. In the shopping industry, almost everyone has an online shop. Having an online shop is not the same as having an online presence. Having a presence involves strategy. The good thing is, it is an art that can be taught and it is going to be discussed in this article. 

We understand your burning desire to be the best; to be at the very top, and compete with the numerous online shops. Not to worry, by the time you are done reading this, you would be ready to dominate and control a larger sphere of the digital market.

Here Are the 5 Best Tips to Promote Your Online Store:

1. Advertisement

This looks cliché but advertisement is one of the ways you can promote your online shops. When we say advertisement, we are thinking outside the frontiers of TV ads. TV ads are great but they can be awfully limiting because they are localized. To be that world-renowned brand, you want to use international TV ads. The downside to this is that advertising on international television can be way outside your budget. This is why we are recommending using any of the search engines for your ad purposes. 

Using search engine ads is a superb way it helps you gain exposure and you do not need a flashy design or an impressive voice actor. What you need is a snazzy keyword, an interesting descriptive text, and a properly written URL. Contrary to what you might think, using search engine ads is not like writing a difficult college paper. Even getting dissertation help has been made easier, thanks to technology. 

Using a search engine ad is as simple as crafting a keyword that will match people’s search words and you can do this using a 

keyword tool. To further improve your chances, craft impactful descriptive texts for your products that will prompt buyers to click. If you favor using the Google search engine, you could put your products on the Merchant Centre which would have your store’s information for further clicks. Having your products on Google’s Merchant Centre can help you create a campaign without the need to even create keywords.

2. Live Social Media

Increase your time on social media and if you don’t, hire a social media handler. Bring attention to your social media account by interacting with people, posting resonating content, and holding contests on your accounts. Contests are a good way to have an awesome online following as you could obtain much-needed customer data from there.

When you have the traffic, post your products on your accounts frequently with links to the purchase page in your online shop. Announce discounts for the first few people to repost, comment, like, and share. In utilizing social media, you could also pay for the ad or promotion of your product on the social media platform you are using, so you can reach more people. The best part is that even if you don’t know how to place impactful ads on social media, it’s easy to learn how

Apart from running ads on social media, you cap into the power of social media influencers. These guys have the power to amplify the reach of your products with their large audience. Some influencers have influences that even rival the placing of ads section of social media platforms. You could approach an influencer to use your products and review. Be sure the influencer understands the nuances of your products and can appreciate them very well. Once, you have an influencer talking great about your product, you will enjoy the patronage of their audience. 

3. Explore Blogposts

Blog posts offer much more for you as an online store owner. You have a higher probability of reaching out to a lot of people via blogs. Blogs allow you to write informative content. You could write about the benefits of your products and provide a link to buy them or you could write anything. Just keep your content lively, relatable, and of high quality. 

You don’t need to own a blog if you think you can’t devote the time to running one. You could just become a guest blog writer for top bloggers. You can contact a top blogger for the opportunity, leveraging your product. You can give this top blogger, free samples of what you sell and you have access to their audience. 

If you don’t have enough time to write blogs, you can use already popular bloggers to amplify the public’s notice of your product. Here, you can also provide free samples of what you sell for the blogger to use and talk about it. Their using your product and positive reviews will tilt their audience to try your products. 

4. Don’t Forget E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing as the name suggests involves sending commercial themed mails to a selected number of people on your mailing lists. It doesn’t matter that some of these people are not yet your customers as it could be that your mail that will convince them to be. This form of digitized marketing is very effective and it can fetch you the traffic you need in your online shop if you can use it effectively. Remember, more traffic equals more profit to be made. 

To use e-mail marketing effectively, then you must do the following. 

  • Update Your Mailing List: Your mailing list is your access to your customers. Without it, all the information you have about your customers is not useful. To make sure you still have access to your customers or would-be customers, regularly update it.
  • Personalize Your Mail: Send mails to your customer as if they were your buddies. Make it about them and you would see them referring you to other persons.
  • Devise Proper Mail Frequency: Be careful not to send too many emails to your customers; spamming is very unattractive. 
  • Send Mail Promos: Don’t forget to send promos and discounts to your customers and prospective customers. Your promos can go a long to convince customers and prospective customers to buy your products. 

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5. Go Offline

Relax. We don’t mean disconnect from the internet. What we mean, however, is that you should explore offline means of reaching out to your customers. Make it that when customers are not seeing you on the web, they are seeing you around them. Print cards with your store’s URL, use billboards and window clings. You can also make T-Shirts bearing your store’s URL and give them to people to wear. You can start by giving your friends, family, your employees then your customers. You can add the T-Shirt as a bonus to your most loyal customers. 

Apart from the shirts, you can also brand your vehicle, if you have, with your store’s URL. You make even match this with a snazzy phrase. Brand your shopping bags with your store’s URL. Do this and you have nonstop advertising going on for you.

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