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GMR Transcription: Brand Story by Beth Worthy (President)

GMR Transcription: Brand Story by Beth Worthy (President)
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I’m Beth Worthy, President of GMR Transcription, and this is the story of how we built a successful transcription and translation services business. Our organization is known for providing 99% accurate transcription and translation services within a quick turnaround time at affordable prices. Here’s a look into our journey so far.

GMR Transcription’s journey started in 2004. Our goal was to provide high-quality transcripts, and we realized early on that all transcription work needed to be done by typists based in the US as there was no point in delivering a product with poor quality.

We discovered that no overseas transcriptionists could match the quality which a US-based typist could offer. We decided to get all our work in the US, though it meant not being as competitive regarding pricing.

Overcoming the Major Challenges

Even with a transcription platform and a team of top-notch typists to deliver quality work, we needed to work hard on digital marketing and SEO to reach our customers. Without implementing the right digital marketing plans, it would not have been possible to gain a high ranking in search engines for highly competitive keywords like Transcription Services, Translation Services, and so on.

Another major challenge was and continues to be the pricing of our services. With our dependence entirely on a US-based team of typists, it was difficult for us to match the prices that any company using overseas transcriptionists or machine technology. We had to demonstrate to the potential customer that our services were far more accurate, and the higher rates were justified.

We overcame this through referrals as our customers would recommend our services to potential clients. Our policy of not compromising with quality eventually paid off. In addition, we provide a high level of customer service and support. Clients always knew we were there for them and could provide personalized solutions.

Our US-based typist team is the most valuable asset that GMRT has. It enables us to deliver high-quality transcripts with even difficult audio and gives us an advantage over AI-based competitors or outsourced transcriptionists. We evaluate each of our transcriptionists carefully during the hiring process to ensure we are hiring the best of the best.

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Improving the Services of GMR Transcription

Our service offering has evolved because we analyze interactions between the three stakeholders: the customers, the typists, and the management. Based on what the customers want, the skillset of our typists, and what they can accomplish, we have continuously evolved and fine-tuned our services. This has helped us to improve the experience for all our customers, which includes a better client registration and dashboard.

Using the Top-Notch Security System

Many of our clients work with confidential audio, video, and text materials to GMR transcription, so security has become a major concern for our customers. We take care to keep our online transcription platform as secure as possible.

We developed a proprietary application for secure file management and use secured services with the highest level of encryption. Every employee, translator, and transcriptionist working for GMR Transcription also signs a comprehensive non-disclosure and privacy declaration.

GMR Transcription Team

Achievements of GMR Transcription

By offering consistently high-quality service, GMR Transcription has been able to carve out a prominent place in the transcription business in the country. Transcription service is a crowded marketplace, yet we have been able to earn a place for ourselves. Another proud achievement for us has been to keep US jobs in the US. We have not adopted the easier (and cheaper) option of outsourcing.

Also, we believe we have assisted our customers by offering them consistently high-quality transcripts and translation. We have also been ranked as one of the best transcription services in the US by some renowned publications, including Techradar and the New York Times.

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Our Mission and Vision at GMR Transcription

The ultimate mission for GMR Transcription is customer satisfaction. A customer should be able to use our offering conveniently and easily to obtain first-rate outcomes for the services they requested at reasonable prices. The process should be secure, maintaining full privacy and confidentiality.

GMR Transcription’s vision is to use an optimum balance between technology and human inputs for the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders (most importantly our customers) in terms of ease of use, quality of the outputs, and prices of our services.

Another major aspect of our vision is the continuous improvement in the quality of our services to our clients. This is the outcome of a normal learning process. We seek to learn from our customers and other stakeholders to bring about continued incremental improvements in our services by implementing innovative ideas.

It is the combination of human intervention along with a solid technology platform that gives GMR Transcription an edge over others.

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