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8 Popular Games like Dungeons and Dragons

Popular Games Like Dungeons and Dragons

We’re sure that even if you’ve never played it, you’ve certainly heard of the all-time classic RPG, Dungeons and Dragons. It’s a game beloved by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, and has been the inspiration for thousands of video games. The idea of heroes fighting evil in a fantasy world was essentially made famous by D&D.

If you have never played tabletop roleplay games before – and maybe it’s just not your thing – you may still be interested in the game’s mechanics and storytelling. If you’re a fan of the RPG genre, you may find it fun to see its history and origins. Or, if you do enjoy playing tabletop RPGs but you’ve never spread your wings into other games, this list will help you find one you’re sure to love. 

Here Are the 8 Popular Games like Dungeons and Dragons in 2021:

1. Eternity TTRPG

Eternity TTRPG (stands for tabletop roleplay game) is a popular game like Dungeons and Dragons with 22 playable classes, 9 races, and a host of customizable options for your character. Unlike many tabletop RPGs, Eternity focuses heavily on Player vs. Player combat – the game’s creators even host a tournament every year or so. It’s first on our list because it’s the tabletop RPG most like video games. Especially if you enjoy tactical combat and character-building.

The game is also great if you like worldbuilding and story creation, as everyone who plays the game gets to contribute to the roles and responsibilities of the “game master,” as opposed to just one player doing so. Eternity is an indie game but is quickly growing in its fan base.

2. Pathfinder

Pathfinder is a top-rated game developed when Dungeons and Dragons was about to launch its 4th Edition of the game. Previous to that, “DnD 3.5” was very popular and widely played. But when DnD 4th edition came out and was not very well-liked by hardcore, old-school roleplay gamers, Pathfinder filled that void. It’s a game very similar to the more “classic” game system styles of Dungeons and Dragons.

Pathfinder, created by Paizo, is now one of the world’s most popular tabletop RPGs out there. It is also one of the newest games, having launched in 2008. Pathfinder has 11 core classes, 7 core races, and a near unlimited number of character customization options. The game functions best when played in a fantasy setting.

3. Shadowrun

Another popular game like D&D, Shadowrun is substantially different than other tabletop RPGs that focus on traditional fantasy elements – which is most of them. The world of Shadowrun is essentially controlled by large corporations who own so many resources, hold so much power, and have so much political sway, that the world is theirs.

Additionally, the game is set in the distant future. Think of cyberpunk or Sci-Fi world that still has elements of magic. The genres of mystery, horror, and technology all get blended into a story revolving deeply around conspiracy. It’s a game with a devoted following. People love not just the game system, but the rich world of lore provided with purchase.

4. Cypher System

Cypher System, a popular game like D&D, is one of the brilliant products of Monte Cook, Bruce Cordell, and Shanna Germain – some of the largest names in roleplay game design. One of the unique parts of Cypher System is that it is designed to be played in any genre. Before its creation, gamers had been looking for years for a tabletop RPG that could be played in various settings, so it fills an important gap.

There are four basic character types in Cypher System: warrior, adept, explorer, and speaker. But, due to the game’s incredible depth on abilities, items, skills, character “descriptors,” foci (important character elements), and more, virtually any kind of character can be created.

5. Outbreak Undead

Who doesn’t love a good old zombie game? Another game like Dungeons and Dragons, Outbreak Undead is perfect for a one-shot gaming session that can start and finish in a single night of play. Alternatively, it’s also great for an entire campaign centered around surviving a zombie apocalypse. Imagine playing a game based on your favorite zombie movie, or show.

Outbreak Undead focuses on realism in gaming. There are rules provided that allow players to create characters modeled after themselves, including their own strengths and weaknesses. Players can also choose instead to create fictional characters, like in other games. Ultimately, the game’s goal is to make players feel like they are really in the terrifying reality of a zombie nightmare. Regardless of how it’s played, Outbreak Undead makes for a great night of horror.

6. Star Wars by Fantasy Flight Games

Of course, you know all about Star Wars. Whether you’ve watched the original trilogy, the prequels, the Mandalorian, or any of the other movies, it’s one of the most famous stories of our time. Over the decades, there have been many tabletop RPGs made after the legendary Star Wars franchise. Of all these versions, Stars Wars by Fantasy Flight Games is the most recommended like Dungeons and Dragons. It brings the right feel of a universe loved by all to tabletop gaming.

Players get to create their own character in the Star Wars universe. They can be bounty hunters, engineers, commanders, clone soldiers, and even jedi – or sith. The game is filled with lightsabers, desolate planets, assassins, x-wings, and everything any die-hard fan could want.

7. Mage the Awakening

Mage the Awakening is a game like Dungeons and Dragons that is all about magic and the mysteries of life. In the game, “mages” are people who can see through the hopeless lies of the world, and who can influence the arcane powers that set it, and keep it in motion. They “awaken” to the mysteries of life and learn to change the basic realities that govern the world as their powers grow.

Mages are given one of 6 “paths” when they first awaken, which is like a character class. They then join one of the “orders” of mages, which gives the character a purpose in the game. There are 9 orders from which to choose, though players can also choose to abstain from all orders, which is known as becoming apostate.

8. Mouse Guard

To end on a more humorous note, Mouse Guard RPG is based on a critically-acclaimed graphic novel series. Both the game and the graphic novels have a cult following. People love the twist that Luke Crane and David Petersen have put on the idea of traditional fantasy adventuring.  In this interesting games like Dungeons and Dragons, players become mice, adventuring in a world full of dangerous owls and deadly rattlesnakes. It’s a place where even a cat could be a dangerous foe. In this land, mice arm themselves with swords, lances, shields, and don heavy armor when the need arises. They have their own political structure, like in the middle ages. Mice are full of goals, dreams, and oppositions. It’s like playing a typical fantasy game, except players are – well, mice.

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Now you know about the top 8 popular games like Dungeons and Dragons that you can play to have some extra fun with your family and friends at home. I hope you liked the article. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave the comment below.

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