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7 Best Contract Management Strategies for Legal Teams

Best Contract Management Strategies for Legal Teams
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In the legal industry, contracts are the foundation for everything they do. Contract management software for legal teams is the most efficient way to create, organize, and process contracts. It helps maintain legal teams’ responsibility to ensure that no risks are at stake.

In the past, contracts were printed, mailed, or faxed back and forth to get all the parties’ signatures. With the emergence of contract management software, everything has changed because the entire process of contracts can be performed on a single platform. You no longer have to print or wait around for hours to process a contract.

If you are considering implementing legal contract management software or planning to make the switch, this article is for you. You will learn about the strategies for effective contract management.

Top 7 Contract Management Strategies for You:

1. Create Flawless Contracts

Before you start using any contract management software for legal teams, make sure that it can help you create a seamless contract. Some contract management software has a pre-signature phase. In this phase, you can create the contract on the platform, and even add clauses that are already installed on the system. With this feature, you can avoid errors, include clear details, and information, direct objectives for the third party, coherent actions, and intelligible purposes of the contract. All parties must understand all the terms and inclusions in the contract, to avoid confusion, delays, and legal risks.

2. Maximize Editing Tools

For anyone to create flawless contracts, one of the steps is for them to be reviewed and edited thoroughly. A contract management software for legal teams provides users the ability to edit contracts in real-time. Everyone on your team has access to the contract on the platform and they can edit it right away. They can make changes, add suggestions, correct mistakes, and improve the contracts. Maximizing editing tools on a platform is great for your team. You can save an incredible amount of time having to send the contract back and forth and it can be done wherever your team is.

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3. Organize and Store Contracts Securely

Today, technology makes this possible. Organizing and storing your contracts is as easier as ever. In one platform, you can upload your contacts, categorize them, sort them, and link them to your assets, suppliers, and customers as needed. You must know where everything is so that you can quickly find what you need and pull it up for your team or third party to review. Gone are the days when you flipped through papers, opened up file cabinets, and spent hours trying to figure out where particular contracts are. On top of this, storing your contracts assures you of safeness and secureness because today many platforms have layers of protection to assure you that no one can hack your contracts.

4. Choose the Best Legal Contract Management Software

You will find a lot of software out there to choose from to help you manage your contracts. The platform must apply to the needs and demands of your team. The best way to do this is to check the features.

Stages of Contract Lifecycle Management

Choosing AI-based software can help improve productivity and efficiency, as it lessens human errors and enables quicker performance. You want to be hands-on with your contracts and pay attention to details, so the software must have features that allow you to do everything a contract lifecycle management goes through. There are nine stages to CLM and if a platform can accomplish everything, then this is your best bet.

5. Never Forget to Use Search Tools

In the past, extracting data from paper contracts would be time-consuming. You would have had to re-read multiple documents to find out what you are looking for or to understand all the data. But with the AI features in contract management software, you gain the ability to search for data you need in an instant. All you have to do is type in what you are looking for and the data will automatically show. With this tool, you have just saved time and resources.

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6. Maximize Report Tool

A contract management tool also has tools to generate reports. Reports are useful in understanding what things you need to improve, how to improve your relationship with your clients, and what needs to change moving forward. You no longer have to make the reports manually. The reports are generated on the platform and everyone who has access to the platform can easily see how well the contract process is doing. Maximizing the reporting tools helps improve your services and relationships, so never take this tool for granted.

7. Contract Renewals and Reminders

If you’re still using paper contracts you may still be jotting down reminders on your calendars for when a contract expires or needs to be renewed. However, with contract management software, this can be done on the system. You can set automatic reminders to inform you about when a contract is expiring. This gives you time to draft a new contract in preparation for a new contract period or you can set automatic renewals. With automatic renewals, you don’t even have to think about the contract anymore, it will just renew by itself and you and your team can focus on other tasks.

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Finding the best software for your team might be tricky. But once you know what to look out for and understand how much you can benefit from a contract management platform everything else will fall into place. You can experience smoother transactions, fast processing times, more productivity, and better relationships with your company stakeholders.

Don’t hold back and start your search for the best contract management tool. You can try Revnue which is an AI-based software that provides end-to-end solutions for contracts. It recently released a pre-signature phase. You can now create your contracts on the platform and give access to everyone on your team. In this phase, you can search for clauses and add them to the contract, review, and redline, and get contracts approved in an instant.

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