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7 Benefits of Text to Speech Converter

Benefits of Text to Speech Converter
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Text to speech is a trending assistive technology changing people’s lives. It reads the words loud and clear on your PC or Smartphone as per your preferences. You can use it to create videos and audiobooks for sales, training, and educational purposes for your clients or kids.

But when you are in the process of choosing the best text to speech converter for the first time, it may be tough to determine what to look for. But don’t worry! I’m here to help.

Make Sure the Text to Speech Converter You Choose Has the Following Benefits:

1. Versatility

To decide which text to speech platform to use, you should probably first identify how and when you are going to it. If you are on the computer, then an online text to speech converter website might work best for you without installing any software.

If you need it while you are on the road (traveling), then a text to speech converter software might be your best bet. Try to understand your needs and choose the best converter that supports versatility. You will get to use it anywhere you want.

2. Advanced Customization Options

If you are going to be spending hours and hours with a text to speech converter, you will want it to be as enjoyable as possible. Listening to a monotone and robotic voice will do no good.

Most text to speech converters can mess with little things like pitch, sound, and even the converter’s voice can be customized. Having a text to speech converter with human voices and the ability to adjust the pitch and tone of the voice is a game-changer and makes everyone’s experience better.

3. Reads Multiple Languages

Another fantastic feature of a good text to speech app is that it supports all popular languages. You can choose the language of your choice, type the text, and use the TTS feature to convert the text into speed with better pronunciation. In this way, immigrants and travelers can communicate with the locals more effectively and survive in foreign countries.

4. Helps Kids to Read

Some kids face difficulty while reading. So, with text to speech software, they can learn to read by following the TTS. An advanced TTS software allows you to customize speech’s speed, pitch, and voice for your kids to understand. This way, your kids can learn how to pronounce words and speak sentences. 

5. Reads Ebooks like Human

We all love to read novels, right? Over the past few years, people have started to listen to novels. Well, that’s because we do not have enough time to read novels. It indeed consumes hours to read them; however, reading is still impressive.

You can listen to an audiobook while traveling to school, office, or while exercising. It is super convenient, and all credit goes to TTS technology, which has been evolved so much that the tone and pronunciation hardly have any errors.

6. Works Great on News Websites

Another fantastic feature of TTS is that it helps the media industry a lot. Most of the authority news websites publish content in textual format, which undoubtedly has a lot of traffic, but many people prefer listening to news rather than reading it. 

Nowadays, almost every big news site has a TTS feature and allows the user to listen to the article rather than reading it. This feature is surely handy, and in the future, almost every site will be using this feature. 

Moreover, Google News already uses this feature in Google Assistant. You can get the daily news and even ask the assistant to narrate it. Isn’t that interesting? 

7. Helps You Reach Out to the Target Audience

Another key feature of the TTS technology is that it can help you reach out to more people along with the translator. This is mainly for bloggers and marketers who sell ebooks and publish content for a global audience.

Most of the users who aren’t fortunate enough to read and learn, vision impairment, and those who are learning a new language often find it easier to listen and understand the content. 


Text to speech is a fantastic technology that helps out almost everyone in one way or another. Be it learning or marketing, TTS technology is used almost everywhere. In this article, you learned about the features and benefits of text to speech software. Hope you will start taking advantage of the best text to speech website (app) in your daily life or online business.

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