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5 Websites like Fast Company (Fastcompany.com)

5 Websites like Fast Company

To help you identify the best alternatives to the authoritative news site, Fast Company, we asked CEOs and business leaders this question for their best recommendations. From Entrepreneur.com to Economist.com, there are many comparable sites that may pique your interest if you already enjoy Fast Company’s content.

Here Are 5 Websites Like Fast Company:

  • Entrepreneur.com
  • Inc.com
  • Buzzfeed.com
  • Economist.com
  • Forbes

1. Entrepreneur.com

Entrepreneur.com is a great alternative to Fast Company, and I am completely biased in this opinion. Fast Company is an amazing publication with great content, writers, and ideas. What I love about Entrepreneur.com is that they are accessible to new voices in the startup community. I am not a billionaire, and my current businesses are completely bootstrapped.

Yet, it wasn’t particularly difficult for me to get accepted into the Entrepreneur Leadership Program. Consequently, I’m able to share my thoughts and ideas with their huge, like-minded audience of fellow entrepreneurs. I’ve published several articles on their platform, and the process has mostly been joyful and exciting.

Fast Company has cast a narrower net for the voices they want to amplify on its platform. The criteria are more objective than subjective, and you end up with a narrower set of ideas, in my opinion. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just love the diversity of thought that I experience with Entrepreneur.com.

~ Dennis Consorte, Leadership Consultant at Snackable Solutions

2. Inc.com

Fast Company and Inc are pretty similar: both are online business journals focusing on technology, economy, and leadership; both offer newsletters and events; both use paywalls, and even both have simple black and white layout. Fast Company is unique thanks to the category “co.design” which includes topics combining business and design.

Also, their fonts and the overall website design are fancier. On the other hand, Inc provides more content specific for startups. Since both websites are created for innovative entrepreneurs, they are slightly different in the range of topics and user experiences.

~ Karolina Zajac, Community Manager at PhotoAiD

3. Buzzfeed.com

When it comes to rivaling Fast Company, Buzzfeed comes in first. Both companies deal in the publishing of diversified news and magazines. Both companies offer real-time updates via websites, social platforms, and premium subscription offers.

Buzzfeed comes in fast on how fast its ability to distribute its content and the customization of the content. National awards and recognition have compounded BuzzFeed’s reputation.

~ Yongming Song, CEO at Live Poll for Slides

4. Economist.com

I have read both Fast Company and The Economist, and I have found that there are both similarities and differences between the two. Both publications are well-written and informative, and they offer insights into the business world. However, Fast Company has a more modern feel, while The Economist is more traditional.

Fast Company covers a wider range of topics, including technology, culture, and design, while The Economist focuses primarily on business and economics. In terms of tone, Fast Company is more casual and accessible, while The Economist is more formal.

Overall, I would say that Fast Company is a good choice for someone who wants to stay up-to-date on all the latest business trends, while The Economist is a good choice for someone who wants a deep dive into the world of economics.

~ Ludovic Chung-Sao, Founder at Zen Soundproof

5. Forbes

If you’re looking for an alternative to Fast Company, Forbes is a great option. Forbes focuses on business and finance news, and offers in-depth articles and analysis. One of the things that sets Forbes apart from Fast Company is its global perspective. In addition to covering US businesses, Forbes also shines a light on businesses around the world.

As a result, you’ll get a well-rounded view of the business landscape when you read Forbes. Another advantage of Forbes is that it’s updated more frequently than Fast Company. While Fast Company only publishes new content once a week, Forbes is updated daily.

This means that you’ll always be up-to-date on the latest business news when you read Forbes.

~ Nick Cullen, Senior Editor at Solution Suggest


These five websites are just a few of the many that can help entrepreneurs like you stay up-to-date on the latest business & tech news, trends, and tips. As you continue to grow your own company, remember to keep an eye out for new sites (or even custom Google searches) that can give you the information and insights you need to succeed.

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