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How to Turn a Simple Birthday Email into an Appealing One?

How to Turn a Simple Birthday Email into an Appealing One
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Every small business owner needs to shower some love on their customers for their birthdays to remind them that you care in order to retain customers. Even the smallest personal touches can help you make a lasting impression on them, and a simple happy birthday mail can speak volumes. So if you want your customers to feel special and seen, send a birthday wish for a client via SMS, email, or any other platform your customers use frequently.

Many organizations email birthday wishes to their clients so as to encourage repeat business. So to help you get started with sending a birthday wish for the client via email, here is a guide to come up with stunning emails for their birthday and avoid sending the same old boring texts.

1. Collect your client’s birthday details

Birthday campaigns cannot be run until you know your clients’ birthdays. You may collect them when the customers book their initial appointment or opt-in to your list. You can also add these dates to your online scheduler, and anytime the client makes contact, you will already have their birthday information on deck.

2. Sort your subject line

Remember that your subject lines will make or break your campaign. This is true for any sort of email offers. Since your clients will receive emails from multiple businesses on their birthdays, think about how your mail can stand out. The best thing to do is to keep the mail short, between 5-7 words, and make it personal by including words like ‘you,’ ‘your,’ or their names- this will make your message look more like a personal letter than an email blast.

Make sure that you sugarcoat your subject line language by adding words like ‘celebrate,’ ‘surprise,’ ‘special,’ or ‘treat.’ This will indicate that you are sending a birthday greeting without being too -in-your-face. Add lines that will work like a charm.

However, you should avoid any kind of marketing tricks. So do not use any sales language like ‘offer,’ ‘free,’ or include percentage, as it will make your birthday greeting feel like a straight-up sales message. Using such terms could accidentally get your message marked as spam. Also, do not craft subject lines that can spoil your surprise. Keep them short and vague to encourage the customers to open them up.

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3. Personalize the birthday wish

The key to engaging emails is personalization, not only for birthday wishes but also for a business. The important thing to consider is that your birthday message should feel like it is coming from a real person rather than a bot. So ensure you add personalization features in your email birthday campaigns and add a personal touch by addressing them by the clients’ names. This will make our emails look tailor-made for each customer.

4. Keep the copy short and sweet

Birthday campaigns are supposed to be simple and straightforward. The best way to create your email body is to use the ‘less is more’ approach. Just a headline with a couple of sentences is more than enough. This should include a ‘Happy Birthday,’ a message of appreciation or wishing them well, and a call to action. What actually matters is not the words but an idea that can drive your clients to click on your offer. Most high-end brands keep their birthday emails brief.

5. Slide in a brilliant birthday offer

You can provide some serious value to your clients through an amazing offer. This can be anything like a freebie, a free session, a birthday booking special, or a discount the next time they see you. You can use your birthday campaigns for heavy-hitter deals and discounts that will force your clients to book or redeem your offer. However, you need to make sure that you frame your offer as a thank you rather than a sales opportunity. This would be the last part of your birthday email.

The easiest way of providing birthday offers is coupons. But it would be best to see that you give your clients a reasonable amount of time to redeem the proposal so that it does not seem like you are desperate for sales. Overall, your birthday message offer should have open-ended language. This means you can insert any offer that you see that works. Birthday campaigns can be created in minutes.

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Birthday campaigns, whether made through text messages, emails, or SMS, are the best way to make a lasting impression on your clients and drive repeat business. It engages your clients in your business and shows them that you appreciate them. There are many software options that can make it extremely easy for you to roll your birthday messages. You may also be offered custom email campaigns which can make it easy to create templates to celebrate your customers’ birthdays.

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