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Top 8 Slido Alternatives (Free, Updated in 2024)

Top Rated Slido Alternatives Free
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Interactive presentations have revolutionized the way speakers connect with their audience, fostering real-time engagement and feedback. While Slido has been a popular choice for interactive Q&A sessions and live polls, exploring alternatives that offer unique features and cater to diverse presentation styles is essential. In this article, we’ll talk about the best free alternatives to Slido, enabling presenters to create memorable and engaging experiences for their audiences.

Is There a Free Version of Slido?

The free version of Slido provides event analytics, allowing you to gain valuable insights for your future events. However, its capabilities are somewhat limited and may not fully meet all your needs. While it can assist you in identifying important takeaways from your current event, there are certain limitations to consider.

8 Free Alternatives to Slido in 2024

Whether you’re looking for dynamic polls, real-time Q&A sessions, or interactive quizzes, these alternatives are designed to create immersive experiences that keep audiences engaged, informed, and eager to participate:

1. Kahoot!

Kahoot - Free Slido Alternatives

Kahoot! has emerged as the top free alternative to Slido in 2024, revolutionizing the way people interact and learn. It is an interactive game-based learning platform that allows presenters, educators, and hosts to create and share quizzes, surveys, and polls in a fun and intuitive format. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, it has quickly become the go-to tool for those seeking a dynamic and interactive audience engagement solution.

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Right now, Kahoot is offering an exclusive discounted starting price, with discounts of up to 20%, making it just $3.99 per month. By subscribing to Kahoot!+, you can unleash the full potential of the platform and enjoy access to a diverse array of interactive features that will take your educational journey to unprecedented heights.

Key features of Kahoot!:

  • Gamified Learning: Kahoot! brings an element of fun and excitement to learning and decision-making. Participants can join quizzes as players, compete with their peers, and earn points based on their correct answers.
  • Versatile Question Types: Whether you want to conduct a multiple-choice quiz, a word cloud survey, or open-ended discussions, Kahoot! offers a wide range of question types to suit your needs.
  • Live and Remote Engagement: Kahoot! caters to both in-person and remote audiences, making it ideal for all types of events and gatherings.
  • Real-time Results: Participants receive instant feedback on their answers, encouraging competition and enhancing the learning experience.
  • Collaborative Challenges: Collaborate with others to create and curate your quizzes, allowing for a diverse and varied set of interactive activities.
  • Analytics and Reports: Gain valuable insights into participant performance and engagement through comprehensive analytics and reports.
  • Integration-Friendly: Kahoot! seamlessly integrates with various platforms like Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and more, making it easy to incorporate into your existing workflow.

Why choose Kahoot! over Slido?

While Slido has been a popular choice for audience interaction, Kahoot! has emerged as the top alternative due to its gamified approach and more extensive set of interactive features. With Kahoot!, you can create engaging quizzes that turn mundane content into an exciting challenge. Its flexibility in question types and robust reporting capabilities offer unparalleled versatility for all kinds of events.

Moreover, the fact that Kahoot! is available as a free platform provides an accessible and budget-friendly solution for educators, presenters, and businesses alike.

2. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere - Free Slido Alternatives

In the dynamic landscape of interactive audience engagement tools, Poll Everywhere has solidified its position as the go-to alternative to Slido, catering to a diverse clientele ranging from Fortune 500 companies to educators worldwide. With an impressive array of features, enterprise-grade data protection, and a range of plans tailored to meet every need, Poll Everywhere stands out as the unrivaled choice for facilitating impactful discussions and enhancing audience participation.

Trusted by Renowned Corporations and Educators Worldwide

Poll Everywhere has earned the trust of over 75% of the Fortune 500, underscoring its reliability and effectiveness in empowering businesses to foster interactive engagement. Notably, more than 300,000 educators have also embraced Poll Everywhere to create dynamic learning environments that captivate and inspire students.

Fortified Data Protection for Peace of Mind

The paramount concern in today’s digital landscape is data security, and Poll Everywhere addresses this with unparalleled commitment. Over 4 million customers have confidently entrusted their data to Poll Everywhere’s care. The platform’s exemplary security measures include certifications like ISO 27001 and ISO 27701, SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, and PCI DSS compliance. These certifications reflect Poll Everywhere’s dedication to safeguarding user information with the highest standards of excellence.

Plans and Pricing to Suit Every Requirement

Poll Everywhere recognizes the diversity of its users’ needs and provides a range of plans to accommodate various budgets and usage scenarios:

Business & Non-Profit Plans: From the cost-effective “Free” plan to the comprehensive “Enterprise” plan, Poll Everywhere offers options for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

  • Free: $0
  • Present: $120/year
  • Engage: $42 per month (billed annually)
  • Teams: $84 per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Get a custom quote by contacting their team.

Higher Education Plans: Catering specifically to the needs of educators and institutions, Poll Everywhere offers plans tailored to individual instructors, students, departments, and entire universities.

  • Free: $0
  • Individual instructor: $349 per semester
  • Student pays: Get a custom quote by contacting their team
  • Department-wide: $5,000+ (contact their team)
  • University-wide: Get a custom quote by contacting their team

K-12 Plans: With options like the free “K-12” plan and the enhanced “K-12 Premium” plan, Poll Everywhere ensures that educators in K-12 settings can facilitate engaging learning experiences.

  • K-12: free
  • K-12 premium: $50 per year
  • School-wide: $1,000+ (contact their team)

One-Time Use Plans: For special events, Poll Everywhere provides plans like “Events Lite,” “Events Plus,” and “Events Pro,” each designed to amplify audience engagement during important occasions.

  • Events lite: $499 (1 user)
  • Events plus: $999+ (contact their team)
  • Events pro: $4,999+ (contact their team)

Poll Everywhere Awards and Recognition

Poll Everywhere’s commitment to excellence is evident through its array of awards and recognition, including the prestigious Bronze Stevie® Award in the “Powering the Remote Work Revolution” category. Additionally, the platform has earned a 4.5-star rating across 60 reviews on G2, winning the “High Performer Summer 2023” award, and maintains a 4.5-star rating across 88 reviews on Capterra.

Rich Resources for User Empowerment

Poll Everywhere provides an arsenal of resources to empower users in maximizing the potential of their engagement endeavors. Their website offers an array of resources including guides, case studies, webinars, videos, and a comprehensive support center.

3. Vevox

Vevox - Slido Alternatives Free

Another top free Slido alternative is Vevox in 2024 which is gaining widespread acclaim and recognition for its excellence in live polling, Q&A sessions, word clouds, quizzing, surveys, anonymous feedback, analytics, and seamless integrations, including Microsoft integrations. With a solid track record, Vevox has garnered glowing reviews and ratings from over 2000 satisfied customers on reputable platforms like G2, Capterra, and SoftwareAdvice, earning the distinguished title of ‘Excellent.’

Vevox caters to various segments, offering tailored pricing plans to suit different user needs. For businesses, the options include the forever-free plan, Starter at $10.95/month, Presenter at $21/month, and Pro at $40/month. Additionally, for enterprise-level users, the Pro plan is available at $40/month, with custom pricing for larger organizations provided upon contacting the sales team.

For educators and institutions, Vevox is a go-to solution, offering free plans with essential features, as well as affordable paid options. Educators can choose from Free Forever, Starter at $6.75/month, and Pro at $10/month. On the other hand, institutions benefit from the Free Forever plan, Starter at $6.75/month, Pro at $10/month, and an annual Institution plan priced at $779.40/year.

What sets Vevox apart from the competition is its reputation for being the best platform for ease of use when it comes to polling and Q&A sessions. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design allow presenters and participants alike to engage seamlessly in real-time interactions, making it an ideal choice for events, meetings, and conferences.

Moreover, Vevox shines in the customer service department, ensuring a top-notch overall experience for its users. With a dedicated support team and responsive assistance, Vevox prioritizes customer satisfaction, making every interaction a positive one.

One of Vevox’s standout features is its advanced AI-powered question generator capabilities, setting it apart as the best platform for hosting quizzes with automated grading and result tracking. This functionality enhances engagement and learning experiences in educational settings and corporate training sessions.

In addition to its feature-rich offerings, Vevox boasts a range of integrations, particularly with Microsoft products, further streamlining workflows and making it seamlessly fit into existing tech ecosystems.

Overall, Vevox stands as the leading free Slido alternative in 2024, renowned for its ease of use, outstanding customer service, comprehensive features including AI quizzes, and strong integrations. Whether it’s for businesses, educators, or institutions, Vevox caters to diverse needs and continues to excel as a versatile and reliable platform for interactive engagements, feedback gathering, and knowledge assessment.

4. Mentimeter

Mentimeter - Slido Alternatives Free

As of 2024, Mentimeter has emerged as the top free alternative to Slido, offering an unparalleled range of features designed to captivate and involve your audience in real-time. Whether you’re hosting a business meeting, a classroom session, a conference, or any event where audience interaction is key, Mentimeter has got you covered.

Moreover, Mentimeter allows presenters to conduct live polls, quizzes, word clouds, and open-ended questions. Furthermore, Mentimeter excels in real-time visualizations, turning audience responses into captivating graphs and charts, enhancing the overall presentation experience. With its seamless integration with PowerPoint and Google Slides, Mentimeter enables the effortless incorporation of interactive elements into your existing presentations.

So, what sets Mentimeter apart from the rest?

  • Seamless Audience Participation: With Mentimeter, you can easily create live polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&A sessions, and much more. Invite your audience to participate actively, providing valuable insights and feedback that help you make informed decisions and enhance engagement.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Mentimeter prides itself on its intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise. Crafting interactive presentations has never been easier!
  • Versatile Presentation Options: Ditch the monotonous slide decks. Mentimeter offers a plethora of presentation options, including multiple-choice questions, open-ended questions, image polls, and even fun emoji ratings, allowing you to customize your content and keep your audience interested throughout.
  • Real-Time Results and Analytics: Witness the magic of real-time feedback with Mentimeter. As your audience responds to your polls and quizzes, you’ll instantly see the results come to life, providing you with valuable data and insights to guide your presentation.
  • Device Compatibility: Mentimeter is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from any device, whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This ensures that both you and your audience can participate seamlessly, whether in-person or remotely.
  • Privacy and Security: Rest assured that your data and your audience’s responses are handled with the utmost care. Mentimeter prioritizes privacy and security, ensuring that your interactions remain confidential and protected.
  • Extensive Free Plan: In a market where interactive presentation tools can quickly become expensive, Mentimeter stands out by offering a generous free plan with ample features. This allows you to experience the power of Mentimeter without any financial commitment.

So, whether you’re an educator, presenter, event organizer, or business professional, Mentimeter is your go-to solution for creating captivating and interactive presentations that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

5. Miro

Miro - Slido Alternatives Free

In 2024, Miro has emerged as the top free Slido alternative, capturing the hearts of teams and professionals worldwide with its powerful collaboration features and user-friendly interface. Originally known as RealtimeBoard, Miro underwent a rebranding to better represent its mission of providing a dynamic digital workspace for creativity and innovation.

At its core, Miro is designed to break down the barriers of distance and enable seamless collaboration among remote and distributed teams. As a result, it has become an essential tool for project management, brainstorming, visual collaboration, and idea generation. Teams can gather in virtual boards to brainstorm, create mind maps, design wireframes, and collaborate on various projects in real-time.

The platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to add and manipulate elements effortlessly, making it accessible to both tech-savvy individuals and those new to online collaboration. With its extensive collection of templates and integrations, Miro further enhances productivity by offering ready-made solutions for various use cases, from agile project management to design thinking workshops.

One of Miro’s standout features is its rich set of collaboration tools, such as voting, commenting, and live cursors, allowing teams to interact and share ideas seamlessly. This interactive nature makes Miro ideal for conducting virtual meetings, brainstorming sessions, and workshops, making it a top choice for teams looking to bridge the gap between physical and virtual collaboration.

The company behind Miro, “RealtimeBoard, Inc.,” was founded by Andrey Khusid and Oleg Shardin in 2011. With its co-headquarters in San Francisco and Amsterdam, the company has garnered a global presence and reputation for its commitment to empowering teams to work creatively and efficiently from any corner of the world.

6. Wooclap

Wooclap - Slido Alternatives

In the realm of interactive engagement, Wooclap has emerged as a powerful alternative to Slido, commanding the loyalty of over a million educators, trainers, and institutions worldwide. Offering unrivaled versatility, Wooclap seamlessly integrates into various educational environments, making it an essential asset for higher education, teachers, trainers, training centers, middle schools, and high schools.

A Cornerstone of Engaging Learning and Presentation

With Wooclap, the traditional boundaries of education and presentations are shattered. This robust platform empowers you to craft interactive presentations that transcend the norm, enabling seamless interaction whether in person or remotely. Wooclap’s ingenious features enable the measurement of comprehension, the reinforcement of learning, and the transformation of mundane presentations into captivating, immersive experiences that resonate deeply with your audience.

Integration Beyond Boundaries

Wooclap isn’t just a standalone tool—it’s an integrated solution. Seamlessly fitting into a range of tools and platforms, Wooclap enhances its adaptability and utility. Be it Learning Management Systems like Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, or Brightspace, popular presentation software such as Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote, or video conferencing solutions like Zoom and Microsoft Teams—Wooclap seamlessly integrates, enriching your existing workflow.

Diverse Features, Tailored for You

Wooclap empowers educators and presenters with an extensive array of interactive question types, ranging from multiple choice and word clouds to open-ended queries, polls, image labeling, brainstorming, and whiteboarding, among others. This diverse range caters to varied learning styles, enhancing engagement and fostering understanding. From timers to rating systems, audio/video integration, and even the thrill of spin-the-wheel—Wooclap provides an expansive canvas for engagement.

Plans to Match Your Needs

Wooclap’s plans are designed to meet a wide spectrum of requirements, ensuring that every educator, presenter, and institution can access the level of engagement they desire.

  • Free Plan: For explorers, offering up to 2 questions, accommodating 1000 participants, unlimited events, and real-time voting.
  • Basic Plan: At 6.99 € per month (billed annually, excl. VAT), this plan offers unlimited questions, participant-paced questionnaires, Excel/PDF export capabilities, and essential features tailored for student engagement.
  • Pro Plan: At 14.99 € per month (billed annually, excl. VAT), this plan unlocks the complete feature set, including collaboration with colleagues, SMS interaction, custom themes, and more.
  • Custom Plan: Tailored for institutions and faculties, offering unlimited access, SAML/SSO/CAS integration, and dedicated support.

Tailored Solutions for Businesses and Single Events

Wooclap also provides specialized pricing options for businesses and one-time events.

  • Business Plans: Ranging from free options to the Pro plan at 24.99 € per month (billed annually, excl. VAT), empowering trainers and presenters with a comprehensive set of engagement tools.
  • Single Event Plans: Offering Basic, Pro, and Premium plans, catering to specific event needs with varying participant limits and premium features.

In an era where engagement reigns supreme, Wooclap is an adaptable, comprehensive, and inclusive platform that elevates traditional presentations into interactive, memorable experiences. With its rich features, seamless integration, and flexible pricing options, Wooclap is poised to redefine how educators, trainers, and presenters captivate and empower their audiences in 2023 and beyond.

7. Beekast

Beekast - Slido Alternatives

In the realm of interactive meeting and workshop platforms, Beekast emerges as a robust alternative to Slido, offering a diverse set of features that enable seamless organization, facilitation, and decision-making. Beekast redefines the way teams collaborate, co-create, and ideate, irrespective of whether they are working on-site or remotely.

Beekast empowers you to set up meetings with unparalleled precision. Seamlessly integrate PowerPoint slides, PDFs, videos, and interactive activities into your sessions. This feature not only facilitates smoother presentations but also enhances participant engagement through dynamic content delivery.

Whether your team is physically together or dispersed across the globe, Beekast facilitates effortless collaboration. It acts as a virtual space where teams come together to collaborate, co-create, and generate ideas. Its intuitive interface fosters seamless interaction, empowering participants to contribute regardless of location.

The platform streamlines decision-making by providing tools to take decisions, track action items, and archive discussions. This comprehensive approach ensures that no valuable insights are lost and that follow-ups are seamless.

Beekast: Feature-Rich Environment

Beekast stands out with its feature-rich environment that caters to diverse needs:

  • Live or Asynchronous: The flexibility to conduct sessions in real-time or asynchronously suits various team dynamics.
  • Personalization: Tailor your sessions to match your brand and style, offering a cohesive experience.
  • Activities and Templates: Many interactive activities and templates cater to different learning and engagement styles.
  • Tabs: Organize your content efficiently using tabs, ensuring participants can navigate with ease.
  • Discussion Board: Foster thoughtful discussions with a dedicated board, enhancing collaborative brainstorming.
  • Moderation: Maintain control over interactions with moderation tools, ensuring a productive environment.
  • Attendance: Keep track of participant attendance effortlessly.
  • Projection Screen: Display key content for everyone to see, enhancing visual communication.
  • Actions / Decisions: Streamline action items and decision-tracking for effective follow-ups.
  • Reports: Gain insights into session engagement and participation through detailed reports.

Seamless Integrations

Beekast’s integration capabilities further elevate its utility. It seamlessly connects with platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Jitsi, Livestorm, Webex, and more, ensuring effortless incorporation into your existing workflow.

Tailored Plans and Pricing

Beekast offers tailored plans for educators, businesses, and events:

  • Educators: Save time, personalize learning paths, and track student progress with plans starting from 360€ HT per year, accommodating up to 500 participants per session.
  • Businesses: From Starter to Business plans, ranging from 39€ to 79€ HT per host per month, Beekast offers tailored solutions for day-to-day interactions, branding opportunities, and hosting larger audiences.
  • Event Organizers: Whether it’s a small, medium, or large-scale event, Beekast’s plans (starting at 990€ HT) cater to your interactivity needs.
  • Free Trials: Beekast offers free trials for teachers, students, event organizers, and businesses, allowing you to experience its power before committing.

In the education sector, Beekast offers customized support with an easy learning curve, enriching teaching practices. It enables hybrid courses to be dynamic and engaging, fostering tomorrow’s teaching methodologies.

8. ThoughtExchange

ThoughtExchange - Slido Alternatives

Are you seeking a top-notch alternative to Slido that takes audience engagement to new heights? Look no further than ThoughtExchange – a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize interactive presentations. ThoughtExchange goes beyond conventional Q&A sessions and live polls, enabling presenters to tap into the collective wisdom of their audience in real-time.

With ThoughtExchange, you can foster inclusive discussions and capture diverse perspectives, ensuring every participant’s voice is heard and valued. This powerful tool empowers presenters to gather valuable insights, identify emerging trends, and make data-driven decisions that resonate with their audience.

ThoughtExchange’s intuitive interface and seamless integration with various presentation platforms make it a user-friendly choice for presenters of all levels. Whether you’re an educator, corporate trainer, conference speaker, or event organizer, ThoughtExchange empowers you to create memorable and impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression.


Embracing interactive presentation tools can transform dull monologues into captivating dialogues, amplifying audience engagement and knowledge retention. While Slido has been a popular choice, exploring alternative platforms can offer unique features and experiences that cater to different presentation styles.

Whether you choose Mentimeter’s visualizations, Poll Everywhere’s dynamic question formats, Wooclap’s gamified quizzes, Beekast’s all-in-one capabilities, or Kahoot’s word clouds, these free alternatives will undoubtedly elevate your presentations and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

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