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8 Reasons to Start a Neon Sign Business

8 Reasons to Start a Neon Sign Business
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What are the things that make you stop when walking outside at night? With their vibrant colors and distinct glow, neon signs are just fun and irresistible things to look at. This is why many businesses use these colorful lights for branding and increasing foot traffic in their physical stores. 

Neon signs are some of the most popular forms of advertising for many businesses. They are everywhere—from cities that never sleep to small towns with successful, long-running family businesses. So if neon signs are that marketable, why not start your own neon light business? 

But in general, establishing a business is more complex than it sounds, and you probably feel uncertain about your decision. So, we’ve compiled a list of points to inspire you to take that leap of faith. A neon sign business is worth it!

Why You Should Start a Neon Sign Business

The neon signage industry has been around since the early 1900s. It is an industry that has long graced homes and businesses. And it’s still going strong today, evident with the flashing neon lights used in bars, amusement parks, and restaurants. 

The innovative technology of neon lights offers several key benefits, including the ability to customize colors, full control over brightness levels, and high energy efficiency ratings. The neon lighting also has an undeniably modern and stylish aesthetic that attracts different people. 

Why not benefit from its demand if neon signs are widely used? With the right combination of knowledge, passion, creativity, and commitment, anyone can start their own successful neon sign business!

8 Reasons Why Starting a Neon Sign Business Is a Good Idea: 

1. You’ll Gain a High Profit

Do you believe in your artistic skill in designing and building outstanding neon signs? Do you have several concepts for neon sign designs? Then go ahead and start making money out of it! 

You can make a lot of profit in a neon sign business because it’s a niche market with little competition. Additionally, the prices for these signs can range from $199 to $2000. You can also sell these neon signs at a premium price if they are custom-made or if the design is complex.

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2. It’s a Go-To for Startups

Neon signs are a popular form of signage for startups. Instead of using expensive billboards as promotional material, modern businesses have taken to neon lights as an affordable way to get noticed. This is why many startups invest in neon signs. 

These colorful signages are popular because they are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and can be customized however you want it. They can also be used to make brands leave a lasting impact. 

3. It’s a Popular Interior Design Trend

You can’t go wrong with a global trend; neon signs have proven their popularity with brightly lit stores, cafes, restaurants, and even living spaces. They are used as decorative interior pieces that add a splash of personality to any given corner. This is what makes a neon sign business profitable—people are always drawn to these colorful, glowing light bulbs.

They are also suitable for important events such as birthdays, weddings, and gatherings. For example, neon signs for weddings have become a popular decor and backdrop for receptions and after-parties. 

4. You Can Let Your Creativity Shine

Do you already have that creativity within you? Then you can start expressing it on small business ideas like custom neon signs. The neon sign business is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to be creative and independent. 

Additionally, your neon sign business can be done in various ways, from creating your own preset designs to customizing them for businesses or events. As long as you embrace your artistry, there are many opportunities for creativity in the neon sign industry.

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5. Neon Sign Is Easy to Store

Neon signs can be stored for long periods without losing color or brightness. You only need to keep the neon lights clean and rid of dust buildup. To keep them snug and shatter-free, place your neon sign products in a box or cardboard with bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper. 

6. It’s an Environment-Friendly Business

Neon signs are not only brilliant but also environment-friendly. Traditional ones are not that good for the environment. Compared to LED neon signs, they are not energy-efficient and may contain harmful byproducts. 

Since businesses nowadays opt for eco-friendly products, why not choose LED neon signs as a greener alternative to traditional neon signage? You’ll be directing your clients to cost-efficient solutions while taking a step towards a cleaner, greener world.

7. You’ll Meet People From All Walks of Life

A neon sign business is good because you can meet clients from all walks of life and industries. Some of your clients would be bar or restaurant owners and maybe individuals looking for the perfect neon light for their homes. 

You will be able to interact with a wide variety of people, which is a great way to build connections in your community. And if they’re satisfied with the quality of your products, these people can make your business known in the local or digital scene through word of mouth.

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8. You Can Help Local Small Businesses

As the owner of a neon sign business, you have the opportunity to make a real impact on your community. Whether you are creating signs for new establishments in your area or restoring old-time family businesses, you have the power to help shape the character of your city and neighborhood. 

Not only can neon signages attract potential customers and increase sales for local businesses, but it can also create a sense of interest and pride among residents. 

Start Planning Your Neon Sign Business Now

Neon signs are not just making a comeback; they’ve been an advertising staple hyped ever since. This trend in neon lighting is only continuing to grow, so there is no right time to start your own neon sign business but now!

With a creative mind and hard work, you may be well on your way to running a vibrant neon sign business. So what are you waiting for? Go and start brightening the world one glowing sign at a time!

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