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Top 5 Reasons Why Purchase of Property in Dubai Marina Is a Sustainable Investment

Top 5 Reasons Why Purchase of Property in Dubai Marina Is a Sustainable Investment
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Dubai has already gained incredible popularity among foreign investors and expats. It has happened for several reasons. The most important one is that it has no rivals in the whole world. Besides, the emirate is the destination in which neighborhoods are under constant development. Huge skyscrapers are built and grow like mushrooms after the rain every year, so it is only natural that Dubai is constantly under construction.

Foreigners should be prepared to see huge cranes in every area of the city. However, it is these developments that have made Dubai the city it is today and will continue to contribute to its development. The ongoing construction provides more and more beneficial housing units for foreigners at reasonable prices.

For example, flats costs in Dubai Marina are competitive and attract many buyers every day. In this article, we will set out 5 sufficient reasons to invest in property in Dubai Marina right now.

A Few Words about the Neighborhood

Dubai Marina in Dubai is one of the most popular neighborhoods for living and investments in the sphere of real estate. The area hosts new and impressive buildings, as well as interesting places, where guests are welcomed with refined splendor, perfect comfort, and views of the most breathtaking skyline in the country. Dubai Marina covers an area of 3KM long and 500m wide.

The neighborhood is ideal for fans of an active life or for family vacations and attracts crowds of foodies and photographers from all over the world. The residents and tourists are welcome to enjoy the following unique destinations:

  • walk along the sparkling Marina Walk with numerous tiny cafes and luxurious restaurants serving delicious dishes;
  • go shopping at the huge Dubai Marina Mall that hosts dozens of boutiques and brand shops;
  • explore the skyline on the XLine Dubai Marina that allows you to fly over the most picturesque area of the city at dizzying heights at speeds of up to 80 km/h on a zipline;
  • have a royal dinner at Pier 7, the culinary center of Dubai Marina.

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5 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Property in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina may appear a profitable destination if you have sound capital and want either to have a comfortable home in the advanced city or make your money work. Here is the list of crucial reasons why foreign buyers should pay attention to a property in Dubai Marina.

1. Economic Stability and Confidence in Future

The UAE is a calm and stable country, which is alien to any political unrest. Such a neutral position establishes stability and economic growth in the whole territory. Foreign investors prefer to buy property in Dubai`s neighborhoods due to the high demand for rental properties as well. Dubai Marina has become the tourism and commercial hub in Dubai which results in gross rental yields.

2. Opportunity to Get the Same Rights as Locals

This option is mostly connected with the sphere of real estate. By buying a home in Freehold, you get equal rights with locals. It means that you can dispose of the object at your discretion, and after your death, this right is given to the wife and children.

3. Transparent Transactions and Governmental Support

As the government strives to reduce the dominance of the share of oil in the economy of the country, it attracts more foreign capital to the real estate sector. The government of Dubai controls real estate transactions, so the buyer can feel protected by law.

In addition, all the major developers are involved in government tenders. The real estate market in Dubai Marina is actively booming with new buildings of developing companies with an impeccable reputation.

4. Gross Rental Yields

Dubai Marina is a destination appreciated by tourists and expats from various corners of the globe. Investing in local real estate means keeping up with the demand for rental property. Moreover, there is no income taxation in Dubai Marina. Renting property here is considered highly profitable, and unparalleled in the world.

Property in Dubai Marina offers ROI of up to 10% per annum. If you want to rent out your apartment or villa more quickly, choose the option of a more affordable cost.

5. Developed Infrastructure and Comfortable Living Conditions

Dubai Marina has the most comfortable living environment possible. Residents have access to all the modern amenities. They have access to quality medicine, ample opportunities for leisure activities, decent education, and more.

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The popularity of Dubai shows constant growth. Therefore, ownership of the real estate in Dubai Marina is an investment that brings no regrets. Affordable and stylish housing is available on the website Emirates.Estate. The website provides premium quality accommodation to meet the needs and desires of the most inveterate buyers. Here you can find the optimal variant for the purchase that will become either a comfortable place for a permanent stay or a responsible investment project.

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