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Should Players Be Excited for OSRS’ Desert Treasure 2: The Fallen Empire?

Should Players Be Excited for OSRS' Desert Treasure II: The Fallen Empire?
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Desert Treasure 2 is the fourth grandmaster-level quest in Old School RuneScape, besides Dragon Slayer 2, Monkey Madness 2, and Song of the Elves. Its launch date is July 26th after many teasers, polls, and community feedback.

While Dragon Slayer 2 sets you on an adventure at the end of which you’ll unlock new areas and new Dragons to kill, including Vorkath, Monkey Madness 2 gives you a new way to earn OSRS GP in the form of the demonic and maniacal gorillas’ caves.

Song of the Elves unlocks an entirely new city that’s especially good for Ironman because of the Gauntlet and the Zolcano boss. Desert Treasure 2 aims to continue the desert story and give you access to some fabulous rewards:

Ruinous Powers

Ruinous Powers is the first alternative prayer book in Old School RuneScape that stands out with new prayers that will give you even more offensive power. Jagex designed the new prayer book so that you unlock the prayer book and some of the prayers by completing Desert Treasure 2.

You need to work harder to unlock other prayers in this prayer book by getting them as boss drops or buying them from other players. Some other spells are directly linked to you having unlocked prayers from the regular spell book.

Regardless of how good this sounds, Jagex reconsidered and concluded that introducing Ruinous Powers with prayers in its final form, which is highly similar to those already in the game, is not good for the game’s long-term health.

Part of the argument relies on the fact that the Ruinous Powers’ prayers are similar to the existing ones but create a power spike because they are slightly stronger. As such, Jagex canceled this reward and heavily relied on the other rewards, which are still great and by no means underwhelming.

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Virtus Robe Set

The Virtus robe set is a magic armor set composed of a headpiece, chest, and leg piece.

While the set doesn’t provide much for other spellbooks, it gives a very generous bonus for those who choose to use it alongside the ancient magicks spellbook, which just happens to be the same spellbook you unlock with desert treasure 1.

Each piece gives a 1 percent magic damage and an additional 4 for Ancient magick spells for a 15 percent magic damage bonus on this formidable set.

Soulreaper Axe

For the player-designed Soulreaper Axe, you’ll need 80 Attack and Strength, and it damages users for 8 Hitpoints, granting a ‘Mighty Stack’ each time. Mighty Stack boosts Strength by 6%, stacks up to five times for 40 Hitpoints lost, and a +30% Strength boost.

The Axe’s special attack, Behead, consumes Mighty Stacks, increasing accuracy and healing 8 Hitpoints per stack. Mighty Stacks are lost after 10 ticks (6 seconds) of inactivity or weapon switching.

Tradeable Best-In-Slot Rings

While the robes and the axe are items meant for niche content and will not alter the game, the bosses you’ll unlock with Dessert Treasure 2 will change the way you fight in Old School RuneScape forever, regardless of the content you’re doing.

This is because these new rings will surpass the already best in slot rings, like the archers, seers, tyrannical, and berserker rings.

Jagex ensured that adding these new rings won’t affect the price of the currently best-in-slot rings you can obtain from the Dagannoth kings and involved them in crafting the best-in-slot rings.

You will need the Dagannoth Kings drop and the Dessert Treasure 2 drops and a sufficient magic and crafting level to forge these new BIS rings, which you can trade on the grand exchange.

Similarly to how the virtuous robes work, you must have completed Desert Treasure 2 to unlock the ability to wear any of these rings.

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Ring of Shadows

If you’re tired of looking up the OSRS gold price and are ready for an unreadable reward, you will surely be happy about the ring of shadows. This ring is the upgraded version of the ring of visibility you originally got during Desert Treasure 1, and it will allow you to teleport next to each of the four repeatable bosses once you unlock those teleports. This is an excellent quality-of-life reward that you will most likely love.

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