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6 Best Online Deduction-Based Puzzle Games of 2024

Best Online Deduction-Based Puzzle Games
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Do you love a good challenge? Then why not take your skills to the next level and play a deduction-based puzzle game? These games are perfect for anyone looking to exercise their problem-solving muscles, and the satisfaction of mastering each puzzle is second to none.

Plus, these puzzles can be enjoyed solo or with friends; competing against someone else is always fun to see who can solve the puzzle first! If you’re ready to take on this uniquely rewarding challenge—or if you’re just curious about the fuss—keep reading for some of the best deduction-based puzzle games online.

Best Online Deduction-Based Puzzle Games in 2024

If you want to challenge the different functions of your brain, the games on our list are the best place to start! Find all the clues through deductive reasoning, and become a master of deduction-based puzzle games. Here are a few to try out:

1. Minesweeper

If you’re into simple logical puzzles where your deduction skills will be tested, then you should play a game of Minesweeper! It’s another timeless puzzle game where players must use their analytical skills to avoid the mines. Although it has a simple layout, the thrill revolves around its gameplay.

If you’re new, then it’s best you understand the principles of Minesweeper first. The goal is to avoid mines by clicking on the squares. However, how can you do that if you have no clue where the mines are? It depends on the numbers you uncover after clicking a square.

The numbers mean that a certain number of mines are present on the adjacent squares. By using your deduction skills, you should be able to avoid all of the hidden mines and win the game! If you forget where these mines are, place flags on the squares to avoid clicking on them accidentally.

Fortunately, you can play Minesweeper almost anywhere! One great example is browser-based platforms, allowing you to enjoy the game without downloading an app. It’s best for those looking for a quick puzzle game to solve!

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2. Cluedo (Clue)

Cluedo is an infamous British board game with thriller/murder mystery components designed for three to six players. Invented in 1943 by Anthony E. Pratt, the goal is for players to come together and deduce the murderer by searching for clues. They must also determine where the crime occurred and the weapon used.

Some basics of the game:

  • Six possible weapons: Dagger, Candlestick, Revolver, Rope, Lead pipe, and Wrench
  • Six characters: Miss Scarlett, Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard, Solicitor Peacock, Chef White, and Professor Plum
  • There are nine rooms in the mansion with secret passages

Due to its popularity and fascinating gameplay, Clued became one of the best mystery board games where players must utilize their best deduction skills. Can you solve the case and become a master detective? Try it today by purchasing the Clue: Classic Edition on the Google Play store today!

3. Hashi (Bridges)

Another stimulating puzzle game where your logical skills are tried is Hashi or Bridges. It’s derived from Hashiwokakero, which means “build bridges” by Nikoli. It requires pure logic and no mathematical skills, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to take on a stimulating challenge.

Hashi basics to remember:

  • The goal is to connect every island with as many bridges as possible
  • Players win when all islands are connected directly or indirectly with every other island
  • Bridges must not be crossing each other

The rules may be straightforward, but the puzzles are challenging to solve. It’s what made it so addicting, especially for those who love a good brain teaser. If you’re ready to take on Hashi and become a master of deduction-based puzzle games, get your gaming hat on, and let’s play! Download Hashi (Bridges) for free on your smartphone if you haven’t tried it yet!

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4. Nonograms

Nonograms is a fun picture logic puzzle game where you also need to utilize your deduction reasoning skills. It’s well-known and comes by many names, such as Picross, Griddlers, Hanjie, and more. The goal is for the players to decipher where they must color or leave blank on the grid.

Once the puzzle is done, it will reveal an image. However, every player must understand what the numbers on the sides and at the top mean. These numbers are discrete tomography, which measures the total sequence of uninterrupted filled squares in a row and column.

The rules are simple, but Nonograms is one of the best brain-teaser puzzles to master. Can you solve it using deduction reasoning and determine which squares should be colored? Give it a shot today by downloading it for free on your mobile device! Life: Color Nonogram is an excellent example with its immersive and colorful graphics that every player will love.

5. Hexologic

This hex-based deduction puzzle game is about relaxing with its calming background music. It takes the same ground rules as Sudoku but is based on hexagonal grids but on a different level!

Some basic guidelines to follow:

  • Each map is composed of linked hexagons
  • Populate the hexagons with one to three dots
  • The edge of the hexagons are numbered arrows
  • The goal is to fill the hexagons with arrows so that the sum of the dots is equal to the number on the arrow

This popular game is available on numerous platforms, such as well-known game consoles. Therefore, anybody can play this game at any time! Those who want to play it for free can download Hexalogic on their mobile device.

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6. LEAVES – The Journey

A challenging and highly recommended game from Steam is LEAVES – The Journey. It’s a paid game, but it’s worth shelling out your hard-earned money since it will keep your brain active and sharp. The background story is that you will be playing a nameless character in the land of Mononino.

The goal is to return the 30 lost leaves belonging to the Treefruities. Solving the puzzles during the game requires an array of deduction skills, but it will help you understand what kind of obstacles are in store. Although the graphics look family-friendly, it’s heavy on the logic & deduction side. Therefore, be prepared to give your mind a bit of a workout!

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If you want to test your mental prowess and find out if your brain cells can handle all the heavy deduction-based puzzle games, don’t hesitate to try these classic and modern titles. Challenge your friends or family members to a game of Clue, Minesweeper, Hashi, Nonograms, Hexologic, or LEAVES – The Journey and see who has the most logical skills! Let’s put our minds to work!

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