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5 ChatGPT Alternatives for Writing in 2024 (Free)

Best ChatGPT Alternatives for Writing
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In the world of content creation and marketing, ChatGPT has been making waves with its advanced natural language generation capabilities. However, there are many other AI-powered writing tools that are just as effective in helping writers and marketers generate high-quality content quickly and easily. In this article, we will be exploring the best ChatGPT alternatives for writers and marketers that can be used to create engaging content, streamline content marketing efforts, and boost overall productivity.

Whether you are looking for a tool to generate ideas, write blog posts, or create marketing copy, these ChatGPT alternatives are sure to provide you with the support you need to succeed in your content creation and marketing efforts. But first, you may also want to know a few important things about ChatGPT to make a better decision.

Research Reports Revealed Significant Findings

According to a report by Grand View Research, the global AI market is expected to reach $1,811.75 billion by 2030, driven by the growing adoption of AI-powered tools across various industries. Writing is no exception, and AI-powered writing tools are becoming increasingly popular among writers, bloggers, and businesses. These tools can help users generate high-quality content quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort.

In addition, HubSpot conducted a study that revealed that businesses that give priority to blogging have 13 times higher chances of experiencing a favorable return on investment. Therefore, having access to a reliable writing tool can be a game-changer for businesses and individuals alike, especially those looking to improve their online presence through content marketing.

What Are the Weaknesses of ChatGPT?

While ChatGPT is a powerful tool that has been proven to be effective in generating high-quality content, there are a few reasons why people may be looking for alternatives:

  • Limited access: ChatGPT is only available to a limited number of users, and access is often restricted and expensive.
  • Specific use cases: While ChatGPT can generate high-quality content, it may not be the best option for specific use cases or industries. For instance, ChatGPT may not be ideal for technical or scientific writing.
  • Need for customization: ChatGPT generates content based on pre-existing data and may not provide the level of customization that some writers and marketers need.
  • Privacy concerns: As an AI-powered tool, ChatGPT relies on large amounts of data to generate content, which may raise privacy concerns for some users.
  • The desire for variety: Some users may simply want to explore other AI-powered writing tools and experiment with different options to find the one that best suits their needs.

How Much Is ChatGPT per Month?

For a monthly fee of $20, OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus plan offers the following advantages:

  • Availability during times of high demand.
  • Quicker response times.
  • Priority access to newly added features.

5 Best ChatGPT Alternatives for Writing in 2024 (Free Included):

1. Copy AI (Free Version Available)

Copy AI Dashboard - ChatGPT Alternatives

Copy AI is an innovative writing assistant like ChatGPT. The company is based in the United States and was founded by Paul Yacobellis, a seasoned entrepreneur in the AI industry. Copy AI’s features are designed to help writers overcome writer’s block, enhance their writing skills, and improve their productivity.

Copy AI’s platform offers advanced writing tools that can assist in creating high-quality content for emails, blogs, essays, and social media posts. The platform’s AI-powered content generator can help writers generate unique and engaging content quickly and easily. Additionally, the platform’s language translation feature can assist writers in creating content in over 25 different languages.

Copy AI offers a variety of features that can assist in creating effective written content for different purposes. These features include:

  • Blog Content: Copy AI can help users write optimized blog posts quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort.
  • Sales Copy: By using this tool, you can create sales copy that is persuasive and effective in converting their audience into customers.
  • Digital Ad Copy: It can generate compelling ad copy that can grab the attention of the target audience and drive clicks and conversions.
  • Social Media Content: With Copy AI, you can produce social media copy that is engaging and resonates with your audience.
  • eCommerce Copy: It can help increase sales by improving product descriptions, making them more appealing to potential customers.
  • Website Copy: With Copy AI, you can overhaul their website copy and make it more compelling, informative, and persuasive to your target audience.

Copy AI Pricing

Copy AI’s pricing plans are flexible and affordable, starting from $36 per month. The company also offers a free version along with 2,000 words per month so that you can test out the platform’s features before committing to a paid plan. With unlimited usage, team collaboration, and advanced editing tools, Copy AI’s paid plans are well-suited for professionals and content creators.

Check the Copy AI’s pricing plans below:

Copy AI PlansPricingWordsUsers
Free$0 per month2000 words per month1
Pro$49 per month ($36/mo when billed annually)Unlimited words5
EnterpriseContact their sales team to get a custom quote

Signing up on the Copy AI website is a hassle-free process as you can easily use your Google or Facebook account. Moreover, Copy AI surpasses ChatGPT in various aspects, such as its chat interface, over 90 copywriting tools, unlimited projects, a Blog Wizard tool, priority email support, availability in 29+ languages, API access, a prebuilt workflows library, and a private company Infobase.


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2. ChatSonic

ChatSonic Dashboard - ChatGPT Alternatives

If you’re looking for a powerful AI-based writing tool, ChatSonic can be an excellent alternative to ChatGPT in 2024. One of the standout features of ChatSonic is its ability to generate high-quality, engaging content quickly and efficiently. This can be especially beneficial for businesses looking to increase their content output and save time on content creation.

In addition to its content generation capabilities, ChatSonic also offers tools for content optimization and analysis, allowing users to improve the readability and engagement of their content. This feature can help businesses enhance their marketing efforts and reach a broader audience.

However, ChatSonic may not always produce perfect output like any AI-powered writing tool. So, you may need to spend some time editing and refining the content generated by this tool to ensure it meets their standards.

ChatSonic is based in San Francisco, California, and was founded by Samanyou Gargis who is enthusiastic about utilizing AI to tackle intricate real-world issues. The tool’s user-friendly interface and powerful features make it a reliable option for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their content marketing efforts.

ChatSonic Pricing

ChatSonic provides a free trial that enables you to begin with 10,000 complimentary words without needing a credit card! Additionally, it offers three distinct plan options:

ChatSonic PlansPricingWordsUsers
Ultimate$12.67-$666 per month15,000 – 1,000,0001 -15
Superior$12.67-$666 per month30,000 – 2,000,0001 -15
Premium$12.67-$666 per month60,000 – 4,000,0001 -15

Each of the three plans includes priority support and access to new features while leveraging GPT-4 and GPT-4+ and utilizing various tools, including a complete article rewriter, API access, bulk processing, and Surfer integration, which can greatly improve content creation and optimization results.

Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful writing tool, ChatSonic can be an excellent ChatGPT replacement in 2024, although its pricing plans may be a barrier to entry for some users.

3. Jasper Chat

Jasper Dashboard - ChatGPT Alternatives

Jasper Chat is an AI-powered writing platform that is designed to help users create high-quality content quickly and easily. It is a good alternative to ChatGPT and offers several features that can be helpful for various types of writing projects. Headquartered in Austin, TX, and Co-founded by Dave Rogenmoser, Jasper is one of the most reliable AI-based content writing tools in 2024.

One of the main features of Jasper Chat is its ability to generate content based on specific keywords or topics. Users can input a topic and it will analyze the content and provide suggestions for related topics and ideas. This can be particularly helpful for writing blog posts, articles, or social media content.

Jasper Chat also has a built-in grammar checker that can identify errors and suggest corrections, making it easier to create error-free content. It can also generate outlines for essays or longer pieces of content, helping users organize their thoughts and ideas more effectively.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper Chat offers a comprehensive AI-powered writing solution with 50+ templates, a user-friendly browser extension, support for 30+ languages, email and live chat support, automated workflows, a Google Docs style editor, compose and command features, API access, and a dedicated account manager to ensure a seamless writing experience. Check the pricing details below:

Jasper PlansPricingWordsUsers
Starter$24-$332 per month20,000 – 320,000up to 5
Boss Mode$49-$500 per month50,000 – 700,000up to 5
BusinessContact their sales team to get a custom quotemore than 5

Overall, Jasper Chat can be a helpful tool for a variety of writing projects, including emails, blogs, essays, and social media posts. Its AI-powered features can help users generate ideas and create high-quality content more quickly and efficiently.

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4. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI Dashboard - ChatGPT Alternatives

ShortlyAI, now part of Conversion.ai, is a top-notch ChatGPT alternative designed specifically to help writers, freelancers, and content professionals overcome writer’s block and create exceptional content with ease and comfort. With ShortlyAI, users can achieve writing superpowers that help them to generate their ideas into fully fleshed-out text in a matter of seconds.

This powerful AI tool assists users in getting their thoughts down on paper with just a click of a button. Additionally, ShortlyAI’s cutting-edge AI technology can help users to turn their ideas into well-written paragraphs for various types of content, from best-selling novels to blog posts.

If you’re seeking a creative companion for brainstorming sessions or looking to enhance and cultivate an idea in an environment free from distractions, ShortlyAI is the ideal option for you.

One of the most impressive features of ShortlyAI is its ability to continue writing for you, transforming your initial idea into a fully fleshed-out text that is well-written and coherent. Moreover, ShortlyAI’s user-friendly interface allows users to make use of various commands to improve their writing, craft flawless phrases, and optimize their content for search engines.

ShortlyAI Pricing

With ShortlyAI, you can cancel anytime while enjoying the benefits of powerful commands that help you write faster, improve your writing and overcome writer’s block, and rest easy knowing that our AI is continuously updated to ensure optimal performance and results.

ShortlyAI PlansPricingWordsUsers
Annual Plan$65 per month (billed annually)Unlimitedup to 5
Monthly Plan$79 per monthUnlimitedup to 5

ShortlyAI is an excellent alternative to ChatGPT, providing a range of helpful features that cater to the needs of writers, freelancers, and content professionals. Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block or looking to enhance your writing skills, ShortlyAI is a valuable investment that can help you to produce exceptional content with ease and comfort.

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5. Smart Copy by Unbounce

Smart Copy Dashboard - ChatGPT Alternatives

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to ChatGPT that can help you with your writing, Smart Copy is an excellent option. The platform was initially founded as Snazzy AI by Chris Frantz in January 2020, but it was acquired by Unbounce and rebranded as Smart Copy in May 2021.

The platform’s AI engine uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand your input and generate coherent, well-structured text. You can input your ideas or keywords, and the tool will suggest relevant content that you can use as a starting point.

You can also use Smart Copy to check your writing for grammar and spelling errors, as well as plagiarism. Whether you need to write an email, blog post, essay, or social media update, Smart Copy can help you generate high-quality content that meets your needs.

Smart Copy Pricing

One of the best things about Smart Copy is that it’s free to use. If you need more advanced features, such as integration with third-party tools or premium support, you can upgrade to one of Smart Copy’s paid plans. The plans are affordable and offer excellent value for money, making them a great option for individuals and businesses alike.

Smart Copy PlansPricingWords/CreditsUsers/Projects
Free (Forever)$0 per month40 credits1 project
Essential$9 per month ($8/mo if billed annually)200 credits3 projects
Unlimited$49 per month ($40/mo if billed annually)Unlimited creditsUnlimited projects

Smart Copy offers a wide range of beneficial features, including over 45 templates, support for more than 30 languages, a Chrome extension, a desktop app, a built-in Grammarly checker, copy insights, a community, and priority support.

Overall, Smart Copy is an excellent alternative to ChatGPT that can help you improve your writing skills and produce high-quality content more efficiently. Whether you’re a student, professional, or blogger, this tool can make your writing tasks easier and more enjoyable.

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As we enter 2024, the need for top-quality writing tools continues to rise. While ChatGPT is a popular choice, the 5 alternatives highlighted in this article, including Copy AI, Writesonic, Smart Copy, ShortlyAI, and Jasper, are all great options to consider.

These tools provide a great range of features and benefits to help users generate high-quality content, including templates, multiple language support, grammar checkers, and copy insights.

As AI-powered writing tools continue to gain popularity and adoption, these alternatives will likely continue to evolve and improve, making them essential for anyone looking to streamline their writing process and create high-quality content.

If you have tried, any of these free ChatGPT alternatives, let us know how was your experience by leaving a comment below.

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