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5 Best CCleaner Alternatives 2023 (Free, Open-Source)

5 Best CCleaner Alternatives (Free, Open-Source)

The alarming news of a CCleaner hack, compromising the security and personal data on no less than 2.27 million computers worldwide was confirmed in September 2027. And nowadays, it stops working on some PCs so computer users have started looking for alternatives to CCleaner.

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable way to keep your PC running smoothly? Tired of all the CCleaner hype but still want something powerful enough to get the job done? Look no further – this blog post will introduce you to 5 of the best CCleaner alternatives available in 2023. Say goodbye to slowdowns, crashes, lag, and memory-hogging!

After getting recommendations from the tech experts, we tested all these top-tier cleaning apps to ensure we only list working software and help you save time. Get ready for a dramatic improvement in your PC performance… it’s time to start optimizing with one of these awesome apps today!

5 Best Free Alternatives to CCleaner to Use in 2023:

1. BleachBit (Free, Open-Source)

I was a network engineer for years. CCleaner is a great product, and it works awesomely. But I have started to use BleachBit and really like it for some of its advanced features. It will do most of the same functions as CCleaner, but BleachBit has a file shredding feature that can write over the deleted files so they can never be recovered.

Bleachbit - CCleaner Alternatives - Free, Open-Source

I will have old PCs in our office; I don’t want to wipe their whole hard drives but want to make sure all the old personal data is fully removed from the systems. The shred and write-over feature is perfect for this and is included in the free version.

Compatible: Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), Linux

Free Version: Yes

Pricing: Open-Source (Ad-supported)

– Evan McCarthy, President & CEO, Sporting Smiles

2. Wise Care 365

One of the best utility programs that helps you get rid of unwanted files on your PC is Wise Care 365. Having used both this program and CCleaner, I can say with full certainty that Wise Care 365 offers virtually the same arsenal of features. Just like CCleaner, the free version draws a very clear line between standard and advanced options, but it still does its job well.

Wise Care 365 - CCleaner Alternatives

The option to reduce application idleness deserves special credit, as well as the overall design, which is more modern and slick compared to CCleaner. The scanning speed is more than acceptable and the registry auto-backup before cleaning is certainly useful. All in all, Wise Care 365’s an excellent alternative for CCleaner.

Compatible: Windows OS

Free Version: Yes

Pricing: $29.96 for 1-year on 3 PCs

– Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing & Outreach Manager, US Visa Photo

3. Outbyte PC Repair

Outbyte PC Repair is a program that deletes the files that are causing your computer problems, including temporary files, log files, and other useless information. The software also helps you keep your computer free of malware and other viruses by checking it for security issues. It’s easy to use and has a simple interface that makes using it simple.

Outbyte PC Repair - CCleaner Alternatives

CCleaner has similar functions as Outbyte PC Repair but is not as good because it does not have an automatic cleaning function or an anti-virus feature like Outbyte PC Repair does.

Outbyte PC Repair is better than CCleaner because it has an automatic cleaning function that can help you delete unwanted temporary files from your computer without having to go through all your files individually. It also has an anti-virus feature that helps remove viruses from your computer so that they do not harm it further down the line.

Compatible: Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7

Free Trial: Yes

Pricing: $29.95 for a 3-month plan

– Shaun Connell, Founder, Writing Tips Institute

4. Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is decent; it will quickly remove most of the files you “accidentally” download. It includes more features than most in even the most basic virus scan. Avast doesn’t just look for viruses and other harmful software and finds outdated programs, nefarious browser add-ons, network problems, exposed sensitive documents, and weak passwords.

Avast Cleanup - CCleaner Alternatives

Regarding usability, CCleaner and Avast Cleanup are simple to use and comprehend. You can navigate these apps’ tools and features without spending a lot of time learning how to utilize them. Both programs can find pointless registry entries and let you delete them with a single click, and both provide free trials and demo versions of their software.

Avast Cleanup offers Sleep Mode, which is a significant feature. It enables you to put apps to sleep by allowing you to monitor their background activity.

Compatible: Windows, Mac, Android

Free Trial: Yes (30 Days)

Pricing: $2.89/month (10 PCs)

– Tiffany Homan, COO, Texas Divorce Laws

5. Glary Utilities (Free)

Like CCleaner, Glary Utilities is available for Windows PCs. With 100 million users, it offers around 20 and more tools that help improve PC performance. Similar to CCleaner, it removes temporary files and offers a disk cleanup tool. Other tools include file shredder and memory optimization tools.

Glary Utilities - CCleaner Alternatives

All these can be utilized under the premium version, which comes with an inbuilt malware removal tool. Although Glary Pro is a pricier option and is limited across users, under the free version, its features are more and better than CCleaner.

Even though Glary has a tough UI, CCleaner requires more navigation and clicking. This makes Glary Pro easy to use and make sense of. In general, both are great options to prevent your computer from crashing.

Compatible: Windows

Free Version: Yes

Pricing: $39.95 per year for 3 PCs

– Michael Koh, Senior IT Director, PropNex


Is BleachBit better than CCleaner?

BleachBit is a free open-source software designed for cleaning a user’s computer system. It offers an array of features such as the ability to securely delete files and automatically clear browser history and caches.

On the other hand, CCleaner is an effective tool that can remove cookies, unnecessary memory dumps, and even broken shortcuts from your system. It also offers more customization options than BleachBit with regards to making changes in specific programs like internet browsers or even disc cleaners.

In summary, both of these programs have their pros and cons depending on one’s individual needs. Ultimately it will be up to you to decide which program works best for your system’s health and stability.

Is PrivaZer better than CCleaner?

Both programs have their advantages and disadvantages, and it really depends on user needs to determine which one is the optimal choice. In general, PrivaZer offers more in-depth cleaning features than CCleaner, but its premium version can be costly for users with a tight budget.

On the flip side, CCleaner Pro is an affordable solution for basic PC maintenance packages. Ultimately, both programs are powerful tools that can help anyone keep their computer running well and secure against digital threats.

Did CCleaner get hacked?

Reports of CCleaner being hacked first surfaced in September 2017 when Avast, the security company that owns CCleaner, revealed that around 2.3 million users had been affected by malicious code. The code was designed to collect data from a user’s computer and send it to hacker-controlled servers.

While Avast claims the attack was limited in its impact and quickly rectified, it is unclear what the real story is behind the hacking incident, if any data was stolen, or who exactly perpetrated the attack. As such, questions about CCleaner’s security remain open for debate and can be worrying for anyone relying on their program for virus protection or other services.

Why has CCleaner stopped working?

Many computer users have been surprised to find that the well-known CCleaner program appears to have stopped working at some point. The cause may be as simple as an outdated version or having another tool with overlapping functions installed on your machine, or more complex hardware-related issues such as corrupt files that need to be replaced and unresolved conflicts that arise from mismatched drivers.

Is CCleaner a threat?

CCleaner is a very popular computer optimization software that many users rely on to get their machines running smoothly. While it may seem like a threat to some, CCleaner is actually one of the safest programs you can use to clean up your PC. It will automatically identify and remove unused files, freeing up valuable storage space while also protecting privacy by removing personal information from your hard drive.


These CCleaner alternatives are powerful when it comes to junk and temporary file removal. All of them have a set of distinct features that make them stand out from each other. Some tools may be more suitable for advanced users while others might be better suited for beginners. It all boils down to personal preference in the end.

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