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How Do You Get More Views on YouTube without Paid Promotion?

How Do You Get More Views on YouTube without Paid Promotion

In this article, we will discuss how to promote a YouTube channel without paid advertising. All the described methods have been tested personally, so they are effective.

YouTube is a priority channel for a large number of businesses. This is not surprising since 77% of US users between the ages of 15 and 25 use it in research. Along with this, YouTube is popular among the adult population, and its rate is 73%. At the same time, the promotion budget grows annually, and it becomes more challenging to maintain a return on investment.

Today we are going to share how you can get free traffic from a channel like YouTube. With their help, you can attract even more subscribers than with expensive advertising. It all depends on several important factors that are taken into account by YouTube’s algorithms.

4 Steps to Get More Views on YouTube without Paid Promotion?

1. Choose Trending Topics and Headlines for Videos

YouTube best ranks popular video topics that collect the most views. The most popular are game strips, reviews of products and gadgets, travel, and instructions to perform certain actions. A lot of views collect videos for children, as well as blogs of famous bloggers.

Choose for yourself one of the current topics. You are unlikely to promote your video without advertising if its theme is not relevant and trendy. The algorithms of the service simply do not allow such a video to gain many views. 

The free video promotion’s main purpose is to fall into trends or is often offered to users of interest. The title’s topic and keywords should be selected using special services such as TubeBuddy,, SE Ranking, and Keyword Planner from Google.

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With these keyword research tools’ help, you will see which phrases and words users are most often looking for. Just enter a topic or a relevant word to select key phrases for the title. You can also specify the most popular topic. At first, you will have to shoot trendy movies, not just guided by your wishes. 

Choose Trending Topics and Headlines for Videos
Image source: Trending Us

Let’s consider the key query “Minecraft.” It is searched by tens of millions of users every week. Therefore, if you call the video “Minecraft,” it will be tough to compete with other channels. Try to find a key phrase that contains that word. This way, you can use it and avoid high-frequency keywords. For example, we have chosen the option “How to get diamonds in Minecraft.” This title will be relevant and will collect views faster.

The headline is critical in the promotion. This is a free tool that can play into the hands of your popularity! However, everything is not so simple here. To create a catchy headline, you need to look deeper and appeal to emotion. Special effects work well when we add triggers – money, authority, and the number of steps/ways/methods.

But the video will gather an order of magnitude more viewers if you call it “10 ways to get a visa to the USA with $200 in your pocket”. Compare two more options – “How to get a visa to the UK” and “8 main reasons for refusing a visa to the UK”. The second – in times stronger. 

According to Andy Smith of Tubular Insights, the most clinging header should be 40-70 characters long. 

2. Use Visualization, Tags and Description (including Hashtag)

Videos with exciting and bright covers attract more viewers. After creating a new account, you can’t choose a thumbnail yourself – this feature will appear later. Take a look at examples of trendy video covers. They are created using Canva, Crello, or Photoshop.

Choose the most exciting frame and video, add the caption. Previously popular were bright toxic colors, large contrasting letters, an abundance of graphic elements: red arrows, stars, bombs. Now the content has become more restrained because people are tired of screaming covers and do not react well.

Use Visualization, Tags and Description (including Hashtag)
Image source: Design Shack

The next step is adding a description with keywords. It will make it easier for other users interested in the topic to search for YouTube videos. The right keywords will not put the young channel at the top, but they will help collect organic views. YouTube will recommend such videos in the category of “similar videos,” and viewers will see them while watching videos of the same subject. 

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For example, if your channel is about SEO, it is recommended to add keywords like ‘higher rankings,’ ‘more traffic,’ grow your business,’ etc. That will automatically refer your channel to this category and, as well, trigger users to watch your channel to find out how exactly you grow website traffic!

Best Youtube channel description example
Image source: Backlinko

3. Use These Additional Video Creation and Promotion Tips

  • Shoot videos on popular topics under the medium and low-frequency requests to increase your chances of hitting the trends;
  • Don’t shoot videos with monologues or long previews;
  • Create catchy and vivid miniatures;
  • You can start by using free video editing software: Movie, Shortcut, Videopad, HitFilm Express;
  • Write a description of each video with the addition of keywords and phrases, and hashtags;
  • In the first 48 hours after uploading the video to YouTube, share it with all your friends through social networks. It is the early two days that are most considered by the service algorithms. The more activity during this time, the more YouTube will offer this video to other users;
  • Develop the activity by inviting viewers to subscribe and leave comments. Always respond to comments and enjoy them. 

There are several errors in promoting channels on YouTube without advertising. Beginners often do not pay due attention to the quality of video and editing. Over the past few years, the content has increased, and users have become more demanding in content design. Make sure that you know how to use free or paid software for editing. Do not use simple editors for video slicing. Master the skills of Photoshop or similar programs to create video covers or add special effects. 

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The second common mistake is to try to copy a successful blogger. You will never collect hundreds of thousands of views if you copy popular video ideas and titles. YouTube algorithms are ingenious, and they detect any cheating attempts. Your content must be unique, and the title and description must contain relevant key phrases. 

How to Track Your Promotion on YouTube

Tracking progress on YouTube is as important as implementing SEO tools. But where to get data on keywords and popular topics? For this purpose, there are special services on the example of SE Ranking. This all-in-one SEO platform is designed to track keyword rankings on websites accurately. The service has built-in tools for keyword tracking on YouTube as well. You can see which keywords and phrases competitive YouTube channels receive traffic and use these keys to promote your own videos.

How to Use the SE Ranking Service to Analyze Keywords on YouTube:

  • Identify competitive YouTube pages;
  • Specify the page name in the search string of the service to determine the main keys;
  • Use the most relevant keys to promote.

Similarly, you can do the same for your channel. Analyze your own video and YouTube page in its entirety to determine the relevance of the keys used. If necessary, make changes to SEO. 

This keyword tracker analyzes YouTube and other search results for computers and mobile devices. It helps to track the position of a site or individual video in search engines by selected keywords. You do not need to have special skills for this because the service has a convenient and straightforward interface, which can be handled even by a child.

How to Use the SE Ranking Service to Analyze Keywords on YouTube
SE Ranking Dashboard

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High-quality content is not enough. To be successful and get the desired user engagement, you need to think carefully. Continuous performance assessments will ensure this. To do this, use YouTube Analytics and analyze all your videos.

This will help you discover the most popular topics and understand which content is viral. The information obtained will enable you to develop a strategy that will bring maximum benefit to your business.

Remember, it’s better to choose one area and work in it than create content on topics that are completely unrelated to each other. This will only make matters worse, and it will be challenging for you to find dedicated viewers.

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